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  1. India's over reliance on top 3

    Most teams in the world would gladly take a situation of 230-2 after 40 overs. Reason is simple - they have the hitting power that India does not. We should stop justifying the philosophy of playing 20 balls before being able to attack. Guys like Maxwell, Stoinis, Miller, Morris, Butler, Morgan etc. don't need it. I can't understand why we are trying to defend scores of 50-60 runs in the last 10 overs?
  2. India's over reliance on top 3

    Usually teams convert a situation of 170-2 after 30 overs to at least 320 runs after 50 overs. India is becoming a bit of exception and there are no excuses. No. 4 not being able to hit immediately is ok but most good teams have no. 5,6,7 batsmen who can strike well. We have only Pandya and though he has the potential, he is still not consistent enough. In fact, Yuvraj's biggest strength at No. 4 was that he could hit 35-ball 50. In the current middle order, only Pandya (and perhaps KL, if given a chance) is capable of that. While most other No.4 and 5 batsmen would enjoy coming in at a position of strength, our middle order is clueless with regards to pacing an innings.
  3. Bhuvneswar Kumar averages 100 in this ODI series

    Shami is not as good an ODI bowler as people in this thread have made him out to be. Though I hope he does well, I suspect he will go for plenty in the last ODI. We need a bigger pool of fast bowlers for ODIs and T20s.
  4. Bhuvneswar Kumar averages 100 in this ODI series

    Yes, hasn't bowled the tight lines in the first powerplay as he usually can. Served some freebies to Amla/Markram. I think Shami and/or Shardul will replace Bhuvi and/or Bumrah so let's see how it goes. Shami can take early wickets but if he doesn't (and SA can work past the wristies) our bowlers will go for plenty in the last 10. The only match in the Australia series where Shami and Umesh played, that's what happened - Aus ended up with 330+ and we lost the match. Really hope Shami can develop his death-overs bowling. Will be great if we have a pool of 4-5 fast bowlers can bowl well upfront as well as towards the end.
  5. Indian batsmen seem to be struggling with stroke-making. Either lack of quality or pitch is not really a 330-par. 310-315 may be enough.
  6. Pandya's bowling in the 1st 2 ODIs

    Biggest concern is that I am not sure if our Bowling coach is working with Pandya and how much can he help him. This is where having a good seam-bowling coach like Zaheer or Shane Bond would have been so useful.
  7. Pandya's bowling in the 1st 2 ODIs

    Vijay Shankar, I think, will go for plenty in ODIs. He is slower than Hardik and from what I saw during SA A series, lacks control. The only place he might do well (with the ball) is in England with a red duke ball that swings in overcast conditions. I am afraid he does not have the pace or skill to contain in ODIs.
  8. That ball to Gill was very good. Inviting flight, dipped, gripped and turned.
  9. Manjot reminds me of Yuvi. Plays spinners much better though.
  10. Below are four links (Each innings divided into 2 links). You can usually find the links to highlight by searching on Reddit. SA innings: https://streamable.com/ptzgo https://streamable.com/ax722 India inns: https://streamable.com/v0yii https://streamable.com/accfw
  11. Bhuvneshwar Kumar should be dropped from the ODI team

    No he is not. If in this day and age, if a bowler can't bowl yorkers and good slower balls and control the runflow in the death overs, he is not a good bowler. I think you have conveniently forgotten the time (not too long ago) that teams used to plunder 80-100 runs in last 10 overs. And do you really think he has the fitness to play 2 formats? There was nothing in the wicket today for fast bowlers. any seamer hardly got wickets. So can't understand the timing of this thread. Should Bhuvi get more wickets? Yes. We know from his performances in test matches that he definitely can improve that average. Should he be dropped? No. The guy is ranked 15th in ICC ranking. Thankfully, the wider wisdom at ICC realizes the importance of both average and econ. I have no doubts that his average will drop and he will be in the top 10 soon enough.
  12. Bhuvneshwar Kumar should be dropped from the ODI team

    Shami lacks control and will go for plenty in the last 10 overs of the innings as he does not have a good slower ball or yorker. Problem is that people only recollect a few good unplayable deliveries of Shami that get wickets but not all the in-between balls that drift down the leg or are short outside the off. He is not consistent enough for limited overs. There is a lot of focus on Average and not on Econ rate - both are important for ODIs. So while his high average is pointed out, his exceptional Econ is conveniently ignored. He is India's no.2 seamer in ODIs after Bumrah.
  13. Virat likes Rahane at #4 in ODIs :((

    Let us wait to see how he accelerates when India need to put on or chase 330. Can he score a hundred in 70-80 balls? Because after Rohit (first 40 overs) and Kohli, don't think India need another consolidator in the top order. We need a stroke-maker at 4. On green/bowler-friendly wickets or when you chase 250-270, he can be an asset. Question is if we should expect that in WC 2019? if not, we need to find our stroke-maker at no. 4. In my view, only Iyer and KL have that Yuvi-type potential to take the game away. And I am not sure they have been given enough opportunities.
  14. Should have continued with the wrist spinners and finished the match then and there.
  15. If the pitch is 250-par, guys like Rahane/Dhoni are useful. If the pitch is 300-320 par, then the same players have SR issues. So, the success of these two players depend entirely on the pitch. Biggest problem is that it does not help in our preparation of WC 2019. England are almost guaranteed to prepare batting beauties (330-par) as their aggressive batting style will fall apart on wickets that aid bowling. In such a scenario, you need players who can maintain good SR. But yes, I guess it is ok to try Rahane as a short-term "horses-for-courses" pick if the pitch aids fast bowling.
  16. Future schedule between now and England tour

    Feb: 6 ODIs & 3 T20Is vs SA Mar: 4-5 T20Is vs SL & Ban (depending on whether India reaches final) Apr/May - IPL June - One-off test vs AFG (home), 2 T20Is vs IRE (Away) July - 3 ODIs & 3 T2OIs vs Eng (away) Aug/Sep - 5 Tests vs Eng (away)
  17. There you go... http://www.espncricinfo.com/story/_/id/22273135/rahane-strong-candidate-no-4-virat-kohli
  18. We can perhaps add Mavi and Nagarkoti to the list as well. Especially excited about them due to the allround skills (including fielding). Need to find a way for some of these bowlers to go play County Criket or A-tours much before the England Tour. Unfortunately, both Pandya's and Vijay Shankar's bowling is behind the curve otherwise it would be a devastating attack. Could Shankar be more appropriate for England with his swing and solid batting while Pandya more appropriate for Australia with more pace and batting-friendly pitches?
  19. Shami bowling short when he can create tons of opportunities by bowling fuller.
  20. The one thing you can do even on the flattest of pitches is to bowl in good areas and restrict run-flow. Your strike rate may go up but you can still come back with a good average. To me, Ishant managed to do that today. Going at 2 rpo per over for 16 overs creates pressure and make the difference between 260/6 or 300/6. Struggling is when you can neither take wickets nor create pressure by restricting runflow. Bumrah was a little inconsistent but will learn with time. Shami did struggle today but I think he is playing with an injury. Again, the only point I am debating is your saying that Bhuvi struggled in 2nd innings of 1st test. 2 Wickets for 33 runs is NOT a 'struggle'.
  21. When did I say Ishant struggled today? was the pick of the pacers. Second day of 1st test - all 3 Indian pacers struggled (best conditions for batting). Overall second innings, I would not say Bhuvi struggled. So yes, I do not agree with your statement that 'Bhuvi struggled in 2nd innings'. Stop making up things to prove your point.
  22. Not sure how 11 overs, 5 maidens, 2 wickets for 33 runs is "struggling"? He bowled tight lines.
  23. What's Up With Shami.

    A fit Shami would have made such a difference. Imagine Shami at his peak when South Africa were 12/3. This is not the Shami we know, he is definitely playing with an injury.

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