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  1. Dont have that much expectations from Selectors....... Just hope that they drop Rohit from Test team and have KLR in all 3 teams.
  2. Never go by licenses. In India most of the people would have got license with fake age. i do agree that Shami isnt 28 but cant be 36.
  3. Oldhere

    RW wins/losses this week

    I dont know about others but somehow i feel that over the last 6-7 years (since twitter and other social media apps have become norm), we have suddenly become too much involved into Hindu's this, muslims that. Somehow our society has become intolerant whether any of you agrees or not. I was one of those who used to watch news regularly but i just dont remember when was the last time i watched any news channel.
  4. Thanks that means good chance for players like Aveesh, Khaleel, Ankit Rajpoot to get a team which can play them.
  5. How will these mid season transfer work and what will be the window for same?
  6. Oldhere

    ICFers you have met in real life

    We have met too in UK Geebs
  7. Oldhere

    Why is Jaydev Unadkat playing for India?

    I want him to play all matches in this series and get destroyed here. THis will mean him not into the team for future series.
  8. Oldhere

    Michael Holding - Anti Indian commie

    Pre and Post match shows. Also, dont know why Sony is doing this crap but every session for half an hour they would have Harsha, Manjerekar, Kartik and Rhodes commentating from there Mumbai Studios. Nice way to save money.
  9. Losing series badly and somehow think that will be better for longterm
  10. Listening to Pre show as this ass hole for last 30 mins has been saying only 1 thing and that is “is the pitch tough or dangerous” Sunny said tough pitch but he is disagreeing and saying dangerous and has been going on on and on about it being dangerous.
  11. Its all about new ball and overhead conditions. we need to make full use of new ball ie first 20 overs and secondly hope that it remains cloudy as that might help in some seam/swing. Above all just hope that its our good day and we are able to tame ab, de kock and amla.
  12. But a lot of people blame players specially haters
  13. Dont think kohli was anywhere in removing Bhogle else Harsha might never have been invited to kohli wedding. Might be MSD but somehow think those stories were also wrong.
  14. Weather app is mentioning about rain now as well as whole day. so, that would mean difficult day to bat?

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