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  1. NO need for that buddy. These discussions are something where you will never be able to change perspective of another person. Neither you nor me. For, me it will always be that Modi is a PR machinery since his gujrat days but on ground dont feel changes as such. Be it poverty, education or healthcare.
  2. I think i heard same before 2008 Perth test where they were to unleash Tait on us. That pitch was also termed as paciest that India will ever see. We shldnt fall into the trap and bat first if it isnt that green.
  3. Oldhere

    Will the tail once again torment India ?

    Starc and Cummins are good batsmen and cant be termed as tail. They both have good defensive technique and have good attacking shots too. So, we need to curb our expectations. The situation we were in yesterday and where we are now. A close 1st inngs is good expectation to have.
  4. Typical Indian mentality.. If someone is flashy, people think of it as someone who doesn’t work hard.
  5. Bjp isnt anywhere in Telegana. They are gonna be a distant third.
  6. Not sure but how come Modi is still so popular among expats, nri’s or online public. When in reality he hasnt done anything on ground and is losing support of low income/ farmers/rural areas.
  7. Oldhere

    Mithali Raj in a letter to BCCI

    I somehow doubt it. By now i have seen that a lot of senior players just feel that its there birth right to be in the playing eleven. I have seen this with quite a lot of seniors specially in Asian countries and they feel disrespected if they are dropped. Same happened with Ganguly also and he was one of the main reasons for India going in such low morale to WC2007.
  8. UP selected him as there MP. Do you really think we are that smart. This guy was big superstar alongwith Jadeja but they both played with whole of India. I used to love Gambhir and wanted him as captain in 2012 but unfortunately nowdays its clear he is speaking with an agenda else wont have been in KKR with Akram
  9. Why has gambhir suddenly raised this? wasnt it him who was working with Ajay jadeja when jadeja was the coach or selector. Dont clearly remember. Similarly in KKR wasnt he who was working with Wasim Akram. I think South Delhi ticket is getting him to do this.
  10. Grt Play Him till Australia tour and i have full confidence that he will * himself up. Dont worry, he isnt gonna play wc
  11. Oldhere

    Your preferred ODI squad for WI series?

    I want chahar, thakur, kaul, msd, rayadu nd kartik to play all series till WC as i have full confidence that by then all of them will have proven themselves to be not suitable for odis and that way WC19 cld be saved.
  12. We just have a fascination with chasing with such shitty middle order, its bound to fail like CHamp trophy. You cant expect your bowlers to always help you. Another defeat like champ trophy will put some sense in these idiots.

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