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  1. Oldhere

    Your preferred ODI squad for WI series?

    I want chahar, thakur, kaul, msd, rayadu nd kartik to play all series till WC as i have full confidence that by then all of them will have proven themselves to be not suitable for odis and that way WC19 cld be saved.
  2. We just have a fascination with chasing with such shitty middle order, its bound to fail like CHamp trophy. You cant expect your bowlers to always help you. Another defeat like champ trophy will put some sense in these idiots.
  3. Oldhere

    ICF gossip thread !!!

    After going through this thread what i have understood is that most of the gossips are already on Internet on a site the opinionated Indian something. So seems like Urmi's uncle either runs that site or she reads that site and consider it to be her uncle.
  4. Oldhere

    D2 Predictions

    This time our batsmen will play well, just hope we get last 3 wickets quickly.
  5. For all those wanting to drop Shami, just wait for shami to win one of the last 2 match.
  6. Oldhere

    First 5-fer for Pandya

    Kid has shut up a lot of ex players like holding, manjerkar, chopra, gavaskar. Also, we need to appreciate Kohli nd Shastri here as today they proved y we need 5 bowlers with Ashwin’s injury. If it wld have been a batsmen instead of Pandya, Eng would still have been batting something which we always faced outside India.
  7. Seen it multiple times with India i.e wasting such a good start on 1st day. blom 2001, melbourne etc etc. this is where we will miss bhuvi. Needed 375 but think we will be getting arnd 330. just want Pant to survive 15 mins tomorrow and then go bersek with Ashwin
  8. Oldhere

    Pitch for Lords

    When Shastri was a player, he was fit....... Infact except Gary all our coaches have had a belly be it Duncan (the one who taught Kohli about Fitness), John, heck even kumble had a belly. I'm not sure how does a coach having a belly impacts his work.
  9. I just want Rahul to play all matches as i know he is gonna come good whereas i know Dhawan will surely fail even if its a flat track but with Kohli i have found out that any day of the week he will consider Dhawan as his first priority pick and then Sharma. Rahul isnt his pick and also Rahul also with not scoring runs is giving this team management chances to drop him.
  10. Rahul is surely gonna get dropped. BUt i also want Dhawan to be dropped. Or i want Dhawan and Vijay to be given 3 tests and if they dont work then both to be dropped or who ever fails in first 3 tests.
  11. Its all about Czech for meeeeeeeeeeee
  12. No from me.. Would have supported if Dhawan was picked in place of Rahul.............. Pujara and Dhawan were both in same place. Happy to give dhawan this test or infact another too as that would mean him either getting finished or getting through difficulties and helping India.
  13. Im not sure on this as have seen multiple experts saying that Tendu had better technique than Dravid and lot of others. Its a myth which gets created around defensive batsmen that they have better techniques. Infact Dravid had gaping holes in his technique.
  14. Oldhere

    Teenagers are no longer making debut for India

    I completely agree about weird nd bad preferences for sure. My above response was only about teenagers nd not about bad selections.

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