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  1. Oldhere

    2019 Lok Sabha elections thread

    Sometime back Modi was all about its Modi vs others but if we see now, BJP is in more collations than Congress.
  2. Oldhere

    This will be India's 15 man world cup squad.

    Looks OK except for holes in rayadu nd MSD.
  3. Oldhere

    2019 Lok Sabha elections thread

    If India goes to war with Pakistan now then BJP to win Majority else it will be below 200. Yogi has dented BJP in UP. Raj, MP and CH will be 50/50 between congress and BJP. Hence, a loss of almost 50-80 seats to BJP. Initially they were expecting clean sweep in NE but now that doesnt seem to be the case. Overall BJP struggling with below 200 as target.
  4. Chutiye Politicians hain hamare. BC waise hi yeh sab CRPF ke jawans the and most of them come from poor families and lots of dependents. Salla, firstly families have lost there bread earner and secondly, this country has lost there shield. Still politicians will play politics. BC IWT ko maaro goli nd bhosdi ke pakistaniyo ka paani bandh karo. I was always someone who believed in peace but bahut hua. BC, paani bandh karo apne aap maa chudate aayenge. Sorry, mods for the language but just couldnt control.
  5. Krunal is some one who will look good if in T20's we dont have MSD instead play another bowler. That way we will have 7 batters as well as 5 bowlers with Pandya brothers alongwith Shankar as 5th bowler. In Odi's too if we are playing Jadhav then Krunal as 5th bowler is really good.
  6. Agarwal has great ranji record but not a great odi/t20 record in comparison to a lot of other players. I just so hope that Pant and K Pandya becomes that wild card as Elder Pandya is better option than Jaddu.
  7. Just read Shastri's interview on cricbuzz and he has made some good points but 1 interesting piece was of him saying that Kuldeep is now no.1 spinner outside India and not Ashwin or Jadeja.
  8. Oldhere

    The All-rounder Watch Thread

    One thing i have noticed with Pandya is learning. Till last year he didnt used to swing/seam the ball that much but since Africa tour he has been consistently getting movement. In England in some spells he was getting more movement that our specialist fast bowlers.
  9. Oldhere

    What has RaGa achieved when he was in power?

    You shld go nd ask people frm there. They are not worried abt roads etc that much but they want jobs and if u will see specially in rai barreily rail coach factory types have provided lots of jobs. This is just 1 example im giving. Similarly lot of such things have come up in both the places. Problem with lots of people on this forum is that most of u are not staying in India or are bought up in big cities and you are not close to what people in villages want. 2014 everyone liked Modis corruption free talks, 15lac, black money etc etc but since nothing came up they have understood what he actually is i.e a feku. Most of the India isnt even bothered abt Ram or Ram mandir but BJP always overdoes it and in the end it impacts them negatively
  10. I have noticed that whenever Pak loses, they make green bro forum to be not visible without login. Not sure why
  11. Oldhere

    Get Dhonified !!!

    I was blocked by Chetan Narula today. He is a dhoni bhakt and consistently tweeting abt MSD and his brialliant inng. I just posted "Bhai tum bhakt ho" and he blocked me. Hahahaha
  12. Shldnt have mentioned his aspirations of middle order. Politician would have heard it and now wont let him play.
  13. As much as i dont want MSD to be in wc2019 but wld still be able to bear him scoring runs. Biryani i hate him
  14. Well done Jhye and Jason. Keep up the work in the whole series. You might help Indian WC bid.

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