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  1. Was kohli the captain for 2014, 15 and 16?
  2. It can either be Shami or kuldeep. looking at Shami, he is easy fodder after 35th over as his length allows batsmen to attack which we saw against bangla nd eng. So bhuvi has to play specially for death overs. Also kuldeep doesnt seem like taking wickets. Personally i will go with 3 pacers than 2 spinners as our pacers specially Shami is a wucket taker in middle overs
  3. I feel we need bhuvi in place of a spinner which i feel should be kuldeep as he still isnt in full form. Reasons for bhuvi: - we are missing a death bowler as Shami isnt a death bowler - With Shami in middlevers, we have a wicket taker - Pitches in england seems to be slow which somehow doesnt support Kuldeep’s bowling
  4. Oldhere

    Uproar against Aleem Dar

    Tahir catch was not out but over the last 3 yrs or so Aleem dar has made lot of mistakes from his earlier standards
  5. We are going Pakistani route. Even earlier too we were nationalistics and from common people to celebrities everyone used to support armed forces but now like Pakistani we are trying to wear armed forces support even in fields we dont need to.
  6. Oldhere

    Rate Thala's knock from today's game.

    This was a match and situation made for msd. Chasing smaller total and when he came in, run rate below 6. He played to the situation. His problem starts when we have to chase above 320 and he is coming when rr is already above 6. This is happening since 2014.
  7. Oldhere

    2019 Lok Sabha elections thread

    Haryana has changed. What looked like 7-3 to bjp. Suddenly seems to be 5-5 easily and cld even become 7-2-1 with only Karnal as sureshot for bjp and Hisar becoming tight with Dushyant winning and Bjp second. My seat gurgaon has changed with heavy voting in mewat, rewari and bawal.
  8. Oldhere

    2019 Lok Sabha elections thread

    His wife confirmed he is a hardcore modi supporter and cant hear anything abt modi
  9. Ok and what abt last year when his ipl form got him in team. GG to me seems to have gone into senile mood in his quest to sound different nd anti establishment
  10. Oldhere

    2019 Lok Sabha elections thread

    Bhai before believing any predictions from this guy. Just check his previous predictions. He always overestimates bjp by huge numbers
  11. Oldhere

    2019 Lok Sabha elections thread

    Dont think so. Exit polls can only come after all phases are over.
  12. Oldhere

    2019 Lok Sabha elections thread

    Thats why i said Congress and SP. I somehow feel Akhilesh and Congress wants Mayawati to not become a bigger player. But Mayawati is also smarter and thats why a lot of her candidates are from upper castes.
  13. Oldhere

    2019 Lok Sabha elections thread

    Bhai for UP have heard a lot from local leaders and ground reporters and not your Arnab's, Barkha, Rajdeep etc. In UP, Jat belt specially rural Jats have gone against Modi mainly due to Yogi and his Gau Raksha. It has destroyed there crops as Cows just dont let any crop stand. This is a major issue this time in sugarcane belt. Besides, congress and SP has played a very nice game. If you will analyse all seats. Congress is only putting up Vote katua's against BJP wherever SP is putting up a candidate. Like in Ghaziabad, A Sharma is standing from congress and a baniya from SP which traditionally have supported BJP but against VK singh both these castes will vote some share to there candidates and hence, denting VK Singh's base and Yadav's which last time were split between BJP (due to modi wave) and Muslims are again voting with SP. BJP is facing huge loses mainly due to Yogi and anti- incumbency against there MP's in UP. Thats why BJP has changed lot of MP's so far across India. Similarly, a lot of you are not close to the villages and in villages again the situation isnt same as it was in 2014. In the 2014 wave villages enbloc voted for Modi and hence, you might not believe now but below 200 is real possibility.
  14. Oldhere

    2019 Lok Sabha elections thread

    BJP below 200 as of now. Majorly Impacted in phase 1 in West UP and Vidharbha. Even gadkari getting good fight as Modi, Shah and Fadvnis not supporting him. Dont be surprised if BJP loses all 8 to MGB as Jats have moved back to Ajit.
  15. What about Ram mandir which has been in BJP's manifesto since 1996?
  16. Can someone please tell me what GG's problem with Kohli is. I know Kohli has many issues as captain but i always seem to think that GG is bitter towards Kohli and MSD. MSD i can understand but why KOhli. 1 IPL fight cant be the reason. Infact GG seems to be bitter towards Sachin too.
  17. No Contract for Prithvi and Mayank?
  18. How it changed from 'what a diplomatic win' to 'OIC doesnt matter'.
  19. Oldhere

    2019 Lok Sabha elections thread

    Sometime back Modi was all about its Modi vs others but if we see now, BJP is in more collations than Congress.
  20. Oldhere

    This will be India's 15 man world cup squad.

    Looks OK except for holes in rayadu nd MSD.
  21. Oldhere

    2019 Lok Sabha elections thread

    If India goes to war with Pakistan now then BJP to win Majority else it will be below 200. Yogi has dented BJP in UP. Raj, MP and CH will be 50/50 between congress and BJP. Hence, a loss of almost 50-80 seats to BJP. Initially they were expecting clean sweep in NE but now that doesnt seem to be the case. Overall BJP struggling with below 200 as target.
  22. Chutiye Politicians hain hamare. BC waise hi yeh sab CRPF ke jawans the and most of them come from poor families and lots of dependents. Salla, firstly families have lost there bread earner and secondly, this country has lost there shield. Still politicians will play politics. BC IWT ko maaro goli nd bhosdi ke pakistaniyo ka paani bandh karo. I was always someone who believed in peace but bahut hua. BC, paani bandh karo apne aap maa chudate aayenge. Sorry, mods for the language but just couldnt control.
  23. Krunal is some one who will look good if in T20's we dont have MSD instead play another bowler. That way we will have 7 batters as well as 5 bowlers with Pandya brothers alongwith Shankar as 5th bowler. In Odi's too if we are playing Jadhav then Krunal as 5th bowler is really good.
  24. Agarwal has great ranji record but not a great odi/t20 record in comparison to a lot of other players. I just so hope that Pant and K Pandya becomes that wild card as Elder Pandya is better option than Jaddu.
  25. Just read Shastri's interview on cricbuzz and he has made some good points but 1 interesting piece was of him saying that Kuldeep is now no.1 spinner outside India and not Ashwin or Jadeja.

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