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  1. Why are people making such a huge deal out of this? This guy plays the most number of matches in a year for our country and it's completely fine if he needs his wife by his side. He doesn't need to be a people pleaser. Stop making a huge deal out of irrelevant ****.
  2. Who are Rohit and Ritika infront of Kohli?? any way Anushka has successful career unlike others also I think Kohli made this request behalf of team not for himself only
  3. Kohli has won ODI series against SA which far greater than winning Asia Cup
  4. Welll Kohli didn't had Chahal and Kuldeep during that time
  5. It also heard so many unfaltering things about Rohit from reputed people working in the sports management industry!!
  6. Such a *ing stupid theories going on here ?? If Kohli wants He can kick out Rohit from the team !! Who is Rohit infront of Kohli?? He not even 50% batsman Kohli is, It is another thing to captain strong teams compare the weak teams Rohit gets to captain. Rohit can get angry who cares ?? If he cared that much He would had practice hard to be better batsman not flat track bully Rohit fans can write any rubbish they want or can write many conspiracy theories He can't never get captaincy till Kohli himself resigns !! Just always be jealous of Kohli's fame and success
  7. Biggest joke of century someone here thinks Rahul is better batsmen than Kohli
  8. Jealous Sachin fan .. I mean u hate hate Kohli all you want He will break most of Sachin's records and He is already Legend Anyway Hardik thinks he is Kohli nor he has talent like Kohli nor looks or any personality
  9. lunigirly

    The Unpopular Cricket Opinions Thread

    KL Rahul is most overrated player
  10. lunigirly

    KL Rahul should be given a long rope !!!

    Wow KL is so overrated here

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