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  1. SecondSlip

    2019 Lok Sabha elections thread

    Can someone tell me what is going on in Amethi? Pappu getting defeated in his home would be a massive blow!
  2. BUMP! Sometimes I think that Indian leaders committed a massive blunder in letting so many of these people remain back in India during partition. A lot of people from this so called “peaceful” community are showing their true colours on Twitter ever since the poll results have come out. Very ungrateful and selfish group of people that care about nothing but themselves.
  3. @vvvslaxman The England commentators have been repeating these 4 things all series: - Kohli - Dhoni - IPL - Team India
  4. SecondSlip

    Which girls are hotter? British Indians or American Indians?

    They are at bottom of the barrel as far as the world’s opinion matters.
  5. Complete silence from @Alam_dar
  6. That person will never ever blame Kohli, no matter how badly he does. Sometimes I think that the poster is Anushka Sharma herself
  7. https://www.crictracker.com/virat-kohli-backs-dinesh-karthiks-world-cup-selection-over-rishabh-pant/
  8. https://www.crictracker.com/world-cup-2019-kedar-jadhavs-participation-in-doubt-axar-patel-possible-replacement/
  9. https://www.crictracker.com/kl-rahul-should-bat-at-number-4-in-the-world-cup-gautam-gambhir/
  10. Dhoni was huffing and puffing on these same pitches last year during our tour of England where these guys Buttler and Bairstow are hitting match winning centuries at ease
  11. SecondSlip

    Dhoni choked in the final

    BUMP 2(8) in the finals! Couldn’t even put bat to ball against youngster Rahul Chahar
  12. @UnknownGenius what happened to your “winning mentality”

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