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  1. https://www.hindustantimes.com/cricket/india-vs-australia-sourav-ganguly-concerned-about-ambati-rayudu-at-number-4-position/story-bslXU9TXnDtChRercRprqJ.html
  2. Keep your expectations low please. The dissappointment will be way less painful.
  3. Saini and Rajpoot will get smashed in International Cricket as well. We just don’t have good pace bowling talent in LOIs
  4. This score is already too much for Thalia and Co.
  5. What are the names of these so called talents?
  6. Ok Lannister. By the way, how is KL Rahul doing?
  7. People complain so much about why Bhuvi is a sure starter in ODIs. Well I hope they got their answer. I am not a fan of Bhuvi but if our domestic bowlers are crap like Khaleel and Siraj, I’ll choose him anyday. Our pace bowling bench strength in LOIs is horrendous.
  8. People like @Mosher hype up every Tom, Dick and Harry “Phast” bowler in our domestic circuit. Take their views with a pinch of salt. Their hype has been proven wrong so many times.
  9. Jadeja’s bowling is so harmless in LOI’s. He never looks like taking a wicket.
  10. SecondSlip

    Garbage in Team India

    Dhoni, Rayudu, Karthik and Jadeja should not play for Team India
  11. SecondSlip

    Khaleel Ahmed

    BUMP! I think we all know why Khaleel has dropped his pace significantly! I had warned you guys a year ago about this
  12. All 3 of Shami, Chahal and Pandya can play. Bhuvi can be benched.

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