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  1. Since leg spinners are considered as wicket takers, then how come they aren’t as popular in test cricket as they are in ODIs & T20s? Other than Yasir Shah and Devendra Bishoo there are no leg spinners playing test cricket as their team’s first choice spin bowler. Aus - Lyon Eng - Moeen NZ - Santner BD - Mehdi Ind - Ashwin SL - Herath SA - Maharaj All the bowlers listed above are finger spinners!
  2. BUMP! Indian selectors need to learn from their Pakistani counterparts. They are giving their youngsters such as Imam Ul Haq & Asif Ali chances while we keep bringing back old discards such as Raina & Rayudu.
  3. SecondSlip

    Dhoni took to ball to show it to bowling coach - Shastri

    I always knew he was never retiring. He thinks he is bigger than the team. I mean the guy is totally mediocre in T20 cricket yet he’s clinging on to our T20 side like a mosquito even when there are at least 4-5 other WKs such as Karthik, Pant, Kishan, Samson, KL Rahul etc. Who deserve to be selected instead of him. Yet he won’t retire from the format Retiring from ODIs is a very far fetched idea.
  4. SecondSlip

    Team India reminds me of Royal Challengers Bangalore

    Not under Kohli's captaincy
  5. - No middle order - No lower order - No batting depth - No 6th bowling option - No match winning pace bowlers - Useless Captain - Useless Coach
  6. Time for more CSK old farts Rayudu, Jadhav & Jadeja to make a comeback for the next ODI series
  7. So what did we achieve by bringing Raina back?
  8. Bigger chance of has-been Gambhir being in the team instead of Shaw under Captain Kohli
  9. Anybody who thinks this loss will change anything in Indian cricket is fooling themselves Its only going to bring back more useless has-beens like Jadhav & Jadeja
  10. I never want to see Raina in the ODI team again
  11. SecondSlip

    Umesh Yadav - As brainless as ever

    BUMP! Is this guy honestly the best we have in our reserves? He gets smashed and leaks runs in every game he plays. Our pace bowling bench strength is piss poor if Umesh is our greatest option after Bhuvi & Bumrah.
  12. SecondSlip

    Hardik Pandya should bat at #6 in every format

    Hardik should be promoted to #6 in LOIs. This will let us include his brother Krunal who is also a match winner in the team at #7.
  13. SecondSlip

    Why does Rohit always waste the powerplay?

    He barely does that nowadays. His innings' are causing more harm to Team India instead of our opponents.
  14. @Switchblade & @The Unrealist = Gambhirfan
  15. SecondSlip

    Why does Rohit always waste the powerplay?

    I think age is catching up with him. In the past, he could hit sixes to improve his strike rate and make up for the wasted powerplay. But now he’s getting old and his hitting ability and strength is not the same. He failed in the IPL as well this season.

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