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  1. Team for 1st test vs SL

    Rahul Dhawan Pujara Kohli (C) Rahane Rohit Saha (WK) Ashwin Jadeja Shami Umesh
  2. Indian Actress/Models/Celebrities(Pictures Only)

    Ridhima Pandit
  3. Indian Actress/Models/Celebrities(Pictures Only)

    Pia Bajpai
  4. Indian Actress/Models/Celebrities(Pictures Only)

    Simran Kaur Mundi
  5. Indian Actress/Models/Celebrities(Pictures Only)

    Ankita Srivastava
  6. Indian Actress/Models/Celebrities(Pictures Only)

    Sonarika Bhadoria
  7. Indian Actress/Models/Celebrities(Pictures Only)

    Ruhi Singh
  8. What is your ideal ODI line up?

    1. Rohit Sharma 2. Shikhar Dhawan 3. Virat Kohli (C) 4. Manish Pandey 5. MS Dhoni (WK) 6. Hardik Pandya 7. Krunal Pandya 8. Bhuveneshwar Kumar 9. Kuldeep Yadav 10. Jasprit Bumrah 11. Yuzvendra Chahal Shami/Thakur/Siraj can replace one of the spinners when we play outside Asia
  9. Shikar Dhawan bigger liability than MSD in T20

    Challenger XI has a poor bowling attack. Easy whitewash for Team India
  10. Why is Dhoni still playing T20s for India?

    Can this please be a reality after the 3rd T20 against Sri Lanka
  11. Sri Lanka series is horrid scheduling . But let’s use it

    Kohli, Dhawan, Rahane, Pandya and Bhuvi should be rested for the Sri Lanka Odis & T20s. Send them early to South Africa with the rest of the test squad so they prepare well. Rohit to captain in the SL LOIs and opens the batting with Rahul.
  12. Bhuvi Kumar exposed

  13. Been saying this for a while as well, Hardik is not a 10 overs bowler. We need a 6th bowling option that can combine with Hardik to make up the 5th bowler’s quota. I think Krunal is the best option for this and I hope that he plays in the upcoming series against Sri Lanka. For the series in South Africa, I would like to see a bowling attack like this: Krunal Hardik Bhuvi Shami Bumrah Chahal This gives us 3 proper pace bowlers with Hardik as the 4th choice. No way can Hardik play as a third seamer against SA, it’s a massive risk.
  14. Best death overs pair currently?

    1) Bhuvi-Bumrah 2) Starc-Hazlewood 3) Amir-Junaid I believe that these 3 pairs are currently the best death overs bowlers in the game. But which pair do you rate more in the death overs to perform better than the others consistently?
  15. Point of Axar Patel?

    Kuldeep Yadav over Axar anyday and anytime. Both our wrist spinners deserve long ropes.

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