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  1. Why has no young batsman developed and flourished under Kohli's captaincy? In fact, I see a pattern that our batting is actually regressing under him in all formats. Vijay, Rahul, and Rahane are all regressing in test cricket. Pujara was also regressing but the Australian test series put him back on track. Kohli basically ended Nair's test career before it even began by favoring a proven failure like Rohit over him with no justification. In ODIs, he is yet to nail down a proper #4 batsman despite having over 2 years to do so. Majority of us posters on this forum know that Pandya is an important member of the ODI team but even his batting hasn't developed under Kohli. I give lots of credit to Kohli for building a good bowling attack in ODIs and Tests, but we should also acknowledge that our batting is going downhill under him. Not even one young batsman like Pandey, Iyer, Nair, Rahul etc. has flourished under Virat Kohli.
  2. SecondSlip

    Who will bat at #4 for Team India at the World Cup?

    You need to contribute to the thread instead of being a troll and derailing it. Who do you want to bat at #4 in the World Cup for us?
  3. SecondSlip

    Who will bat at #4 for Team India at the World Cup?

    So you have experience in sucking both to make a comparison?
  4. Vijay Shankar seems to be the obvious choice!
  5. Lol this will seal Jadeja's spot in the team for the next 15 games
  6. How the F does Jadeja always sneak back into the team?
  7. SecondSlip

    Rayudu vs Pace !!!

  8. SecondSlip

    Why doesn't India end all contact with Pakistan?

    What are some of the best and effective methods to achieve this?
  9. We should treat Pakistan just like how South Korea treats North Korea by ending all relations.
  10. This is it boys, we are at war! It’s time to take this to the next level. We have brotherly relationship with Afghanistan and need to use it to our advantage. We should deploy our boys there and attack Pakistan’s western border. Surround them from both sides! RAW also needs to step up its game and activate its Afghan agents to attack. Time to show the enemy some JOSH! May god bless our armed forces and grant them victory. Jai Hind
  11. I want to see bomb blasts in every corner of Pakistan. It's time for RAW to step up their game
  12. SecondSlip

    Top 3 teams by each area of strength.

    Team India has the best bench strength. India A just walloped England Lions 4-1 this past month. Before that, India A whitewashed New Zealand A 3-0 in NZ. How can you say that these teams have better bench strength than us?
  13. Disagree. They would have sent Rahane to New Zealand instead of Gill if that was the case!
  14. Bring back Yuvraj and Ashwin as well. Chanpions Trophy disaster all over again Deja Chu

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