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  1. SecondSlip

    What is Jadeja doing in this Indian team!!

    BUMP! Looks like the CSK quota has worked its magic once again just like it did with Raina in England.
  2. Just a matter of time before Rahane, Yuvraj and Raina all make a comeback as well.
  3. Krunal's big hitting and tight spin bowling will be very useful in the Asia Cup. Send Hardik home, he should have been rested like Kohli in the first place.
  4. Literally anyone can see that Team India needs younger batsmen except for our dumbass captain and coach
  5. I would have accepted this batting had it been done by 2 youngsters since they would have gained experience and become better cricketers. But what will these uncles learn? If they didn’t learn anything when they were younger, then what the hell are they going to learn at the fag end of their careers?
  6. Rayudu is going to screw us hard in the World Cup if he’s selected
  7. Sarfraz Ahmed really wants to screw Team India over. Bowling Zaman to Rayudu & Karthik! F me
  8. Bhuvi got smacked by Hong Kong of all teams. What the hell will he do against Pakistan? Nothing
  9. That last over by Soumya Sarkar in the Nidahas final has screwed us. Now we are stuck with this Karthik until the World Cup
  10. SecondSlip

    Shocking: Rahul dropped again...Rayudu will bat at 3

    If they want Rayudu so bad, he could have batted at 4 with Rahul’s at 3. I don’t understand how Karthik keeps getting chances. The guy averages 29 from 80 games yet is playing as a pure batsman
  11. Seeing a proven failure like Dinesh Karthik with a mighty batting average of 29 in 80 matches play as a pure batsman is very nauseating

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