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  1. Time for more CSK old farts Rayudu, Jadhav & Jadeja to make a comeback for the next ODI series
  2. Are the likes of Jadhav, Karthik, Raina & Rayudu seriously the best we have in the domestic circuit? Why not give chances to promising youngsters instead of wasting it on these oldies who have short shelf lives?
  3. So what did we achieve by bringing Raina back?
  4. Bigger chance of has-been Gambhir being in the team instead of Shaw under Captain Kohli
  5. Anybody who thinks this loss will change anything in Indian cricket is fooling themselves Its only going to bring back more useless has-beens like Jadhav & Jadeja
  6. I never want to see Raina in the ODI team again
  7. SecondSlip

    Umesh Yadav - As brainless as ever

    BUMP! Is this guy honestly the best we have in our reserves? He gets smashed and leaks runs in every game he plays. Our pace bowling bench strength is piss poor if Umesh is our greatest option after Bhuvi & Bumrah.
  8. I think that Virat Kohli will be the best man to bat at #4 for Team India. We have been struggling to find a permanent #4 batsman for a really long time. We have tried countless options but none of them has clicked. I believe that Virat Kohli should take responsibility and bat at that vacant #4 spot. There are a few advantages for this as well. The first advantage is that by shifting Kohli to #4, it will allow Team India to fit KL Rahul into the team in a perfect manner. Rahul is a fantastic prospect and should be able to lock down the #3 spot as his own. The second advantage is that it lengthens our batting line up by having Kohli at #4. In the past few years, all our batting strength was relied heavily on our top 3. It was either boom or bust for Team India depending on how they fared. But by having Kohli at #4, our misfiring middle order has a massive cushion now. Kohli can dominate the opposition teams while batting in the middle order and strengthening it by a long way. The third advantage is that we will get to see so many match winning partnerships between Kohli and Dhoni when they bat side-by-side. Kohli at 4 & Dhoni at 5 can win so many matches for Team India with their batting. This will allow Dhoni to play much more positively and freely which he couldn’t do before since our middle order was misfiring. But batting with Virat Kohli at the other end will help unleash MSD of old! Having Kohli batting at #4 is a win-win for everybody. Rahul gets a permanent spot in the team, our middle order gets strengthened and Dhoni gets to bat much more positively as well. A top 5 of Rohit, Dhawan, Rahul, Kohli and Dhoni is a potential World Cup winning combination!
  9. Calling it right now! If Kuldeep plays all 5 tests against England this August, he will be man of the series and win it for us 3-1. Team England won’t know what hit em’
  10. After a very long time we have finally found a destructive batting all-rounder that bowls fast. Hardik should bat at #6 for India and play every single match in every format. This guy is a match winner and should be a permanent member of our starting XI. Give him a massive rope, even if he fails in a few innings, he should have full backing from the captain and team management. This guy is a gem
  11. SecondSlip

    Hardik Pandya should bat at #6 in every format

    Hardik should be promoted to #6 in LOIs. This will let us include his brother Krunal who is also a match winner in the team at #7.
  12. All other T20 openers such as Roy, Finch, Guptill, Munro, Kusal Perera etc. go hard at the ball in the first 6 overs and try their best to give their team a flyer. Whereas we have this so called “Hitman” who wastes the first 6 overs almost every game because he “can catch up” later on in the innings. This is a very negative mindset because most of the time, Rohit will not be able to catch up and make up for the wasted powerplay. So as a result, he ends his innings with a poor strike rate and Team India short of potential runs.
  13. SecondSlip

    Why does Rohit always waste the powerplay?

    He barely does that nowadays. His innings' are causing more harm to Team India instead of our opponents.
  14. @Switchblade & @The Unrealist = Gambhirfan
  15. SecondSlip

    Why does Rohit always waste the powerplay?

    I think age is catching up with him. In the past, he could hit sixes to improve his strike rate and make up for the wasted powerplay. But now he’s getting old and his hitting ability and strength is not the same. He failed in the IPL as well this season.
  16. SecondSlip

    Shivam Dubey

    He should play in the IPL next season
  17. SecondSlip

    Virat Kohli is the solution to our vacant #4 spot

    BUMP! Looks like Captain Kohli is going to go ahead with the idea. Virat Kohli happy to play the 'cushion' role as KL Rahul inflates India's ambitions
  18. When will we move on from Axar?
  19. The team management and selection committee are not learning anything. They did the same mistake last year as well when they brought back Yuvraj Singh for the Champions Trophy. Fast forward 1 year and Yuvraj is nowhere to be seen. Why not give these same chances and opportunities to young batsmen who will play for Team India on a long term basis? Selecting HasBeens on a regular basis is pulling Indian cricket backwards.
  20. In the past few years, the following players made a comeback into the Indian team under Kohli's captaincy: - Harbhajan Singh (Tests in 2015) - Amit Mishra (Tests in 2015) - Gautam Gambhir (Tests in 2016) - Parthiv Patel (Tests in 2016) - Yuvraj Singh (ODIs in 2017) - Dinesh Karthik (ODIs in 2017, Tests in 2018) I am not a Dhoni bhakt but I don't ever remember these many has-beens making a comeback into the Indian team under his captaincy. Dhoni always backed and supported young talent to shine at the highest level, with Virat Kohli being one of them. None of the names mentioned above have cemented their place in the team across formats. Captain Kohli should have used this time to groom young exciting talent instead of wasting it on these past it cricketers. Our cricket is going nowhere by giving countless chances to these has-beens. Where is the blueprint for the future of Indian Cricket? Oh wait, I guess there is none!
  21. Love how everyone is blaming the selectors but not even 1 word about Captain Clown Kohli. Have you people ever wondered why these same selectors pick good India A squads? It’s because “King” Kohli has no relevance for India A selection! Had Kohli also been in charge for India A, then I guarantee you that those squads would also consist of has-beens like our senior squad.
  22. SecondSlip

    Captain Kohli and his love for past it cricketers.

    BUMP Raina makes a comeback out of nowhere into the ODI team in year 2018.
  23. SecondSlip

    Kuldeep Yadav has to play all 5 tests against England

    People are seriously overrating Ashwin’s batting. He only scores big against WI from what I have seen.
  24. SecondSlip

    [ IPL ] Girls Talk | #OrangeArmy Ladies

    @UrmiSinhaRay thinks Shadab Khan is hot
  25. Dinesh Karthik should replace him. Pappu has had enough chances and wasted them. Time to move on

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