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  1. Assuming that he is banned from IPL if proven guilty for the multiple crimes committed on his wife.
  2. Deodhar Trophy 2018

    Neither Rahul or Pandey will play in the Deodhar Trophy. They will be playing for Team India in Sri Lanka in the Nidahas Trophy
  3. K11P Playing 11

    1. Mayank Agarwal 2. Aaron Finch 3. KL Rahul (WK) 4. Yuvraj Singh 5. Marcus Stoinis 6. David Miller 7. Axar Patel 8. Ravi Ashwin (C) 9. Andrew Tye 10. Mohit Sharma 11. Ankit Rajpoot
  4. KKR Playing 11

    1. Robin Uthappa 2. Chris Lynn 3. Shubman Gill 4. Dinesh Karthik (C) (WK) 5. Nitish Rana 6. Andre Russell 7. Sunil Narine 8. Mitchell Starc 9. Vinay Kumar 10. Kamlesh Nagarkoti 11. Kuldeep Yadav
  5. Most likely team: 1. Rohit (C) 2. Dhawan 3. Rahul 4. Raina 5. Pandey 6. Shankar 7. Karthik (WK) 8. Axar 9. Unadkat 10. Thakur 11. Chahal
  6. Time to get Jadeja back in the ODI mix

    These are Jadeja's bowling averages against the top 8 teams that played in the recently concluded Champion's Trophy: 56.22 vs Australia (23 matches)47.14 vs Bangladesh (9 matches) 24.27 vs England (22 matches) 73.00 vs New Zealand (8 matches) 36.00 vs Pakistan (8 matches) 36.90 vs South Africa (9 matches) 41.83 vs Sri Lanka (27 matches)
  7. The great Nidahas Trophy 2018-Pre Tournament Discussion

    This exact same T20 squad that is in South Africa will go to the Nidahas Trophy. Keep expectations low.
  8. Changes for the sixth ODI

    1. Rohit 2. Dhawan 3. Kohli (C) 4. Iyer 5. Pandey 6. Dhoni (WK) 7. Pandya 8. Kuldeep 9. Shami 10. Thakur 11. Chahal
  9. Batsmen are to be blamed for this loss. 275 is a below par target in modern day ODI cricket
  10. This no ball issue is going to hurt us big time at the World Cup next year
  11. Can Krunal Pandya bat at #6 in the ODI team?

    BUMP! How is his form in domestic cricket? Is he ready for a call up? We desperately need firepower in the middle order
  12. I really like the idea of having both Pandya brothers bat at #6 & #7 for us in ODI cricket. Since they are both batting all-rounders, we can count on both bros to provide much needed firepower in our lower order since batting will be their main strength. Both Pandya's are big hitting attacking batsmen and can help take the game away from the opposition and help India win countless matches with their willow. Another plus point with this idea is that Krunal is a very tidy left arm spin bowler and his bowling will be very useful in the subcontinent where we play 90% of our cricket. Krunal and Hardik can both chip in with 4-6 overs each and complete the 5th bowler's 10 overs quota whereas our 4 front line specialist bowlers can complete the other 40. Having 2 batting all-rounders in the top 7 is a great luxury, they can balance out the team in a lot of ways. India can use Krunal and Hardik similarly to how Team England use Ben Stokes & Moeen Ali. But the question remains; Can Krunal Pandya bat at #6 in place of Jadhav/Shankar/Raina?
  13. He is a much better investment at #4 than tried and tested failure Rahane. He should be in the ODI squad when we play England this summer
  14. TEAM INDIA: Top order ✔️ Lower order ✔️ Spinners ✔️ Fast bowlers ✔️ The only area of concern for us is that our middle order has been short of runs. Harvik Desai (#4) and Riyan Parag (#5) have failed with the bat so far in this World Cup. Otherwise, Team India is firing in all the other departments.
  15. @Cricketics I would greatly appreciate it if you could sticky this thread
  16. ICC U19 WORLD CUP IN NZ : Jan 13- Feb 3 , 2018

    TEAM INDIA: Top order ✔️Lower order ✔️Spinners ✔️Fast bowlers ✔️The only area of concern for us is that our middle order has been short of runs. Harvik Desai (#4) and Riyan Parag (#5) have failed with the bat so far in this World Cup. Otherwise, Team India is firing in all the other departments.
  17. Why are these 2 still in the scheme of things for ODIs? Does the captain and team management actually believe that these 2 tried and tested failures will help us win the World Cup next year? We definitely have better players than these 2 in the country yet they don't get a chance because of these undeserving guys. Does anyone actually believe that these 2 are match winning ODI players? Doubt it. Team India needs to build strong batting bench strength in the next year and a half before the World Cup. This is one big area which we are clearly lacking in and needs to be improved fast. We need to try out players like KL Rahul, Manish Pandey, Shreyas Iyer, Rishabh Pant, Krunal Pandya etc. and give them lots of matches rather than wasting time on these 2 proven failures. These guys are so bad that they can single handedly cost us the World Cup. We have ODI's lined up in South Africa, England, Australia and New Zealand before the World Cup. Plenty of opportunities to give some deserving batsmen chances and build our batting bench strength. I hope that we don't repeat the same mistake that we did in the Champion's Trophy when we had these 2 and Yuvraj Singh as pure passengers in the squad. All 15 players in the final squad should be match winners! Let's see how it goes!
  18. Krunal Pandya will be a much better option than Jadhav in the long run.
  19. Virat likes Rahane at #4 in ODIs :((

    Karthik is yet to score a century in his 10+ year Odi career. I know Khatmal is a bullshit cricketer but even he has 5 centuries to his name. Yet this guy is in the scheme of things for the World Cup
  20. Ajinkya Rahane: Innings: 82 Average: 35.27 Strike rate: 78.71 Centuries: 3 Azhar Ali: Innings: 53 Average: 36.90 Strike rate: 74.45 Centuries: 3 Nothing seperating these 2. Neither is a match winner that will win their team the World Cup
  21. All this valuable time and exposure that we are wasting on failures like Rahane and Karthik should have been used to build batting benchmark strength for the upcoming World Cup. Our team is going nowhere in the batting department if we continue like this. Rahane has gotten so many chances at #4 and blew it. He doesn’t deserve to get more chances again
  22. Virat likes Rahane at #4 in ODIs :((

    99% of pitches in odi cricket are excellent to bat on where 300 is par. You will very rarely get a pitch like the one we got in the first odi against SL in dharamshala last month. That’s why players like Azhar Ali and Ajinkya Rahane are liabilities in modern day odi cricket.
  23. Your username matches very well with this post.

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