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  1. NO, not until cross border terrorism emanating from Pakistan stops. Regardless of how tempting it is to see us crushing them in the vast majority of matches and set the head to head record right, can't really enjoy it while my soldiers are getting ambushed and killed by those same bunch of cowards.
  2. Guha resigns from COA

    Guha has not spared Ganguly either...This egomaniac clueless historian seems to have had expectations to play 'god' in his role in COA. Bitterly disappointed that he is not able to do that.
  3. Shashank Manohar Resigns As ICC Chairman

    If this devious traitor is stepping down meekly and instantly, summon must have been from the highest powers...my respects for whoever that might have f****d this scumbag, who had been hellbent on hurting his own country. PS: The highest powers must have been waiting for the elections to go out of their way(and in their way) before dealing with this relatively minor issue.

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