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  1. LOL...Great riddance that...And your quality of company speaks about your quality as well!
  2. Afghanistan 1st innings 109 + 2nd innings 103 = 212 = Vijay's 105 + Dhawan's 107. Baptism by fire for the debutantes.
  3. Ideally professional/elite sportsmen should be cautious about all aspects of the game regardless of the caliber of their opposition. That approach will keep them in the right frame of mind and will take care of any surprise that their opposition throws at them. There is no place for casualness in competitive sports. The much maligned 'following the right process' is the way to go and the outcome will take care of itself 9 out of 10 times.
  4. AK007

    Arjun Tendulkar breaks into India Under-19 squad

    Good luck to the kid in case of a genuine selection over his peers. Else, the title would read: Arjun Tendulkar breaks pushed into India Under-19 squad
  5. The saddest thing for Bangladeshis about their losing to Afghanistan or other new comers is that they can't even claim their usual ' lost the match but have won hearts' as the new comers are rightfully entitled to it
  6. AK007

    Save the farce and just give the cup to CSK

    Can't believe that the IQ level of our masses is so low that they cannot comprehend Bhogle's word play about the match being a thriller and the fact that the match was being played in the Bollywood city Mumbai. Never in his wild dreams would Bhogle go to the level of insane gutter level people on this forum who do the opposite - make serious allegations in the disguise of trolling. It just proves that it is the burden of high IQ people that they will be constantly misunderstood by the masses and their communication will always go above the head of the masses.
  7. AK007

    an outsider's appreciation for CSK fans

    Not seeing the evidence of the self-proclamation about yourself so far. You are rushing to display your 'machoness' to a post unrelated to you. Triggered much?
  8. AK007

    Save the farce and just give the cup to CSK

    Agree with you broadly, but there is a difference between harmless/funny trolls and hateful trolls. I am sure you can judge where this trolling falls.
  9. AK007

    an outsider's appreciation for CSK fans

    Nah, just to get a glimpse of you 'life'. I am not surprised that you like me visiting you though, Bernard Shaw was spot on: "I learned long ago, never to wrestle with a pig. You get dirty, and besides, the pig likes it." - George Bernard Shaw
  10. AK007

    an outsider's appreciation for CSK fans

    One need not go through all your posts to know who you are...your posts stink quite bad from a distance...no washrooms in the basement? How many months are u holed in there through?
  11. AK007

    an outsider's appreciation for CSK fans

    That's called reality. Get out of your dirty basement often and breathe some fresh air now and then to connect with the real world.
  12. AK007

    an outsider's appreciation for CSK fans

    Sorry man, replied to the wrong context and have already edited the post.
  13. AK007

    an outsider's appreciation for CSK fans

    No idea, but would expect both as they cater to the local audience.
  14. AK007

    an outsider's appreciation for CSK fans

    Looks like the accidental and undeserved mod is suddenly scared that he has messed the reputation of ICF one too many times and super mods might strip him of his coveted title. LOL.
  15. AK007

    an outsider's appreciation for CSK fans

    It's funny when a guy on your ignore list follows you to religiously troll vote and analyse the posting patterns. Worthy of a mod indeed!

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