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  1. Dhoni is respected for his cool and calm personality whereas kohli is feared due to his childish behaviour. Every player knows that they might get insulted by kohli if they go against any of his foolish decisions. Dhoni's incredible personality and his ability to remain calm under immense pressure was the reason why India have won so many close matches under him. I don't see that same thing happening under kohli.
  2. Op is absolutely right. Kohli has destroyed the morale of the whole team with his pathetic onfield attitude. Just look at how he behaved with the match referee in the last test and needlessly got fined for that. Can u even imagine Dhoni to behave like that?
  3. Wrong. The gulf in quality between the two sides isn't as much as op is trying to portray here. This southafrican team is weaker than it seems on paper and they were there for the taking for India but sadly India couldn't do so due the arrogance of their captain. India haven't played a single practice match and they r expecting to beat south africa in south africa? R u kidding me? Besides this, How on earth do u expect to win a test against a team like SA in their own backyard after dropping 3-4 catches per Match.
  4. Absolutely spot on. This is exactly why he also dropped Rahane from the team. He wanted to deliver the message nice and clear to the rest of the team that everyone is dispensable under his authority. Otherwise, why would anyone wanna drop the vice captain of the team who's also possibly the best batsman when it comes to playing in overseas condition. As muloghonto bhai rightly said, he acts like a typical boss and wants his teammates to be subservient towards him. Why would anyone want to play under a captain like him.
  5. Pujara is trying to do do something which isn't natural to him to impress the current Don of Indian cricket and his cheerleader.
  6. Yes, yes, the only thing that needs to be done right now is kicking out the only player in the whole team who has the temperament to grind it out in the middle...... Zzzzz Leave him alone and allow him to play his natural game. Taking quick singles or turning 2s into 3s isn't his game. Don't force him to do something which isn't natural to him.
  7. How vital was the toss to the fortunes of India ?

    Exactly. Besides this, today's pitch wasn't that bad for batting either. Barring few exceptions almost all the batsmen from the Indian top order gifted their wickets to the bowlers.
  8. As well as a ct and a test in SA.
  9. What an idiotic response. Someone needs to knock some senses into kohli. He should've known that safers have always been quite competitive in India.
  10. How long virat's captaincy will last ?

    Kohli is too powerful right now. I Don't think his position in the team as a captain will come under scrutiny anytime soon. There's a reason why he's filling the whole team with his buddies and cheerleaders, right?
  11. Tailunt is playing quite well and might as well remain not out at the end of India's innings. Don't know whether that's a good it bad news for India.

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