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  1. Yup, very bad decision from the management. Indian batters have yet again got badly exposed and got humiliated in front of the whole world. Iden should've been a highway just like every other Indian grounds, so that kohli can score another useless ton against Lankan trundlers. But sadly this pathetic pitch made him look like a schoolboy in front of the mighty lakmal. That pitch curator should get fired
  2. Yup, excellent performance from the Indian batters.
  3. Expected performance from the indian FTBs. If this is how kohli and his hopeless bunch perform against rubbish Lankan trundlers, what will happen when they will have to face the likes of morkel and Rabada, lol. Now it's quite clear that this Indian team doesn't deserve to be the no 1 team. They r no 1 because they have been continuously playing in Asia for quite some time now. The only series they played outside Asia during this time was against minnow West indies. If they had played couple of serieses outside Asia during this period they would've got whitewashed in each every single of them.
  4. Play Kohli at 4 , for the overseas ODIs

    Only way to save kohli from the moving ball is to let him bat as low as possible. But not too low because it will expose him to the second new ball. I'd put him at no 5 position.
  5. Abdv is miles ahead of kohli from every single position. As far as natural ability, technique and versatility are concerned, ABDV wipes the floor with KOHLI. Kohli looks good only on flat roads whereas ABDV bat's like a champion regardless of pitches and conditions. No comparison.
  6. CSK, Srini, Ojha, Ashwin, KOHLI...... these names came to my mind after reading those three words u mentioned in ur post. I wonder why?
  7. Zimbabwe and Afghanistan won't become a top team if tomorrow ICC announces that all the teams that r ranked below 11 will be allowed to play all 50 overs tournaments. But I got ur point though. There is nothing wrong if a weak team like Pakistan considers minnow srilanka as a top team. Keep crying for tuk tuk misbah Bro. But fact remains the same. Pakistan just got humiliated by minnow west Indies and srilanka at home. As long as he's not hurting anyone physically on the cricket field i m OK with his idiotic behaviour. After all we need some entertainment and sarfraz always plays his role as a clown perfectly on the cricket field. His idiotic barking is quite entertaining to be completely honest. That's the spirit Bro. There's nothing wrong in being optimistic. Hopefully this time the outcome of a wc match involving India and Pakistan will be different, I won't mind it. A change is always better. I can't even remember the last time Pakistan beat India in a world cup tournament. Bit for the sake of u, I hope this time India won't embarrass Pakistan in a world cup tournament like they always do. I don't think Indian fans would've compared Pakistan to a minnow if Pakistan hadn't got whitewashed and humiliated by a minnow srilanka. Glad to see that u've finally realised that some Princes indeed live outside Pakistan border Hasan just got humiliated by the minnow Srilanka Team just like his team in the recently finished test series between Pakistan and srilanka. He was so terrible that he was dropped from the squad for the second test. If this is how hasan performs against batters like dickwella at home, just imagine what would've happened to hasan if he had to bowl against players like ABDV and De Kock in their own backyard. I m giving u a hint. 444 would've happened. Now go and take a look at the name of the bowlers who made that 444 possible
  8. And no, Bangladesh team don't need a big overhaul. They r a new team. They have been playing test for just over 16 years now. But they have already manged to develop a good cricketing infrastructure back at home and they have already developed a set of core players who r World class. 16 years is a small number for a team to gain enough experience to perform regularly against top teams, especially in tests. There r many teams in the past who took 30-40 years to win their first ever test series. Compared to them babgla have already achieved things in cricket that many top teams took years to achieve. But bangla needs to play more tests if they wanna improve in this format. ICC needs to look at that matter. Even after playing such a small number of tests per year they have managed to draw test series against teams like srilanka, Australia and England. If they had played the same number of tests that other test playing nations play in a calendar year their performance would've been even better.
  9. When did this pathetic srilankan team became a top team, lol? The srilankan team that's currently playing against Pakistan is a terrible team. But yes, strength wise they r almost similar to Pakistan which is why they might be considered as a top team by Pakistani fans, but to the rest of the world they r as good as a minnow. Guess what, Pakistan just got whitewashed by this terrible Lankan team I agree with u. Sarfraz indeed acts like an angry chicken on the cricket field. If u call it intensity then good for u. But rest of the world considers him as an idiot who unnecessarily shouts at everyone surrounding him. BTW, I really don't know how u came to the conclusion that sarfraz would give WWE promo to his opposition if the match was played in Pakistan. Only thing that will get intensified by the presence of home crowd is Sarfaraz's barking, nothing else. He just got humiliated by a minnow Lanka in UAE where Pakistan had a decent record. Who knows, if Pakistan played their home matches in Pakistan perhaps they would get humiliated by Zimbabwe( after all Pakistan was humiliated by Zimbabwe in the past) Whether I'm a Bangladeshi or not won't make any difference to the point I just mentioned above. But just for ur information, no, I'm not a Bangladeshi fan. BTW, bangla has a decent bowling attack. U can't judge them by their performance in south africa. Go and take a look at amir's performance in Australia.
  10. Thank almighty Allah that pak isn't playing in Pakistan. Or u can thank the terrorists to make that country a living hell(pun intended). PAK would've been thrashed left, right and center if they had played their home matches In Pakistan instead of UAE. Take a look at PAK's record in Pakistan. PAK is lucky that they r playing in UAE now. Their record in test is somewhat respectable in UAE than that was in Pakistan
  11. Have u forgotten the hammering PAK have been getting in UAE ? When was the last time Pakistan won an odi series against a major team in UAE ?
  12. This kuldeep guy is so overrated, it's unbelievable......... He bowls 2/3 short ball in every single over. There's no doubt that he'll get slaughtered outside India.
  13. U gotta watch the highlights of the last CT final if u wanna get a glimpse of India's bowling prowess.
  14. Especially against Indian bowlers.
  15. Don't start crying.

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