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  1. India are now #1 in ODIs as well

    Pointless achievement. India Got humiliated by the arch rivals in a match which mattered the most.
  2. Kohli is the king of ftbs. A bit of swing in the air or a bit of seam movement from the pitch and he becomes as good as a tail ender. Highly overrated.
  3. Oppps, Austin has exposed me........ Koi to mujhe bacha lo........
  4. A moment of silence for laaloo's clueless post
  5. Form is temporary, class is permanent.
  6. U know, It was inevitable Some of them were drooling over amir and I just showed them his mesmerising average of 41 in tests against top 8 outside England. All of them got triggered and bam....... U know the result. Those delusional idiots love to live in their own bubbles and aren't matured enough to accept the reality.
  7. I'm fine brother, how r u. U r still active in Green ghetto, right?
  8. Good innings from PANDYA. Now, it'll be difficult for India to reach 280 from here on. India needed Pandya to stay there till the end of the innings.
  9. Why r u ignoring your hero '' DHONI ", huh? Show ur respect.
  10. Anything below 300 and it'll be a cakewalk for the aussies. Nevertheless, good innings from PANDYA.
  11. Clueless captaincy from Smith. Why on earth would u expose ZAMPA in front of PANDYA. Everyone knows he's a spin basher. Bring back the pacers.
  12. What do u mean by this '' u and me ''? Who r u? Who am I? We shouldn't derail the thread with irrelevant points The point I'm trying to make here is quite simple. A nobody like '' COULTER '' is making the Indian batters dance to his tunes on a belter of a wicket, just imagine what '' AMIR '' would've done to this lot on a lively wicket
  13. No, I'm not laughing at all. My heart bleeds every time see the sad demise of Indian loi side. U know how how much I love India, don't u? BTW, u know that I m still ready to kick out my current gardener for someone like u, right? Don't get disheartened, my door will always remain open for u :)
  14. It's not Sri Lanka guys, it's Australia who's playing against India. India is expected to get hammered in every single match. But no worries, SL is again visiting India very shortly.

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