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  1. Brendon Taylor from zim. An excellent player.
  2. Previous one was a 100-0 decision lol.
  3. Rashid khan Tamim Shakib(overrated a bit) Shahab khan Fizz & Amir (debatable)
  4. Whoa, Carrom_ball bhai??? What a pleasant surprise. Glad to meet u buddy :D :D
  5. Doesn't matter whether yasir is overweight or not. He's extremely fit and easily one of tge best fielders in the Pak team.
  6. Smith is easily the better captain.
  7. He also lost couple of his best players just before the knockout matches. Personally I'm feeling sad for him. He's just brilliant.
  8. Imran Daylight .............. Botham Sobers Kallis Shakib Kapil
  9. None of of the above Indian captains were that good to be completely honest. All of them r almost nothing infront of the great imran Khan.
  10. And I m talking about Dhoni's overall contribution as a captain. As a batsman kohli shouldn't be judged based on his dismal batting display in England. Similarly Dhoni shouldn't be judged based on his last couple of years' performance as a captain. Kohli won a test series at home against a team like England. That same England team almost got whitewashed by a team like Bangla. Similarly Australia also got steamroled by Lankans in their previous series. Just because kohli won couple of serieses against teams who r notorious at playing in subcontinental pitches doesn't necessarily mean he has already become a better test captain than Dhoni.
  11. First let kohli win a test series in Newzealand, win an odi series in Australia, win a World Cup in South Africa, win a champions trophy in England, Draw a test series in South Africa. Then we will talk. The comparison between kohli and Dhoni as the captain of the Indian team is so absurd that I don't even wanna talk about it. Kohli Is a nobody infront of dhoni.
  12. It won't happen this time.
  13. Kohli will have to born again to be as good of a captain as Dhoni in any form of cricket. Dhoni is totally in a different league. He shouldn't be compared with someone who loses his composure and acts like a mindless chicken on the cricket field.