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  1. This dumb bowled like a moron and now this. Kick this jaduu faddu out of the odi squad
  2. Jaduu should've run himself out. What a selfish a$$h0le
  3. Losing wicket to a half tracker. This has just summed up India's day
  4. Rr will soon jump to 8. Idiot Saurav is talking about India's long batting lineup
  5. Kohli is the key. If gets in in, I think we'll win
  6. Sharma just pushed at a wide delivery. Lol, his time in the middle will soon come to an end.
  7. Bangladesh should've scored 340 in the semifinal against India. They were well on their way to put up a massive score on the board. But idiot bangla batters gifted their wickets to a nothing bowler like jadav and payed heavy price for that. If they didn't gift their wickets, India wouldn't have made it to the final in the first place.
  8. India should look for a respectable score in the second half. If they go for the target they might get bowled out cheaply. 240/9 would be a good respectable score. Game is almost over for them.