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  1. nospam

    Mumbai Indians Fan Club - 2018

    tbh, our auctions cost us this years IPL... overdependent on Pandya Bros, missed out on alot of our good players to other teams - Rayudu, Buttler, Nitish Rana, Shreyas Gopal
  2. nospam

    Relationships and Marriage

  3. If MI wins, Indians will celebrate. If DD wins, ICF will celebrate.
  4. nospam

    Bye bye punjab !!!

    thanks for coming! adios
  5. nospam

    Mumbai Indians Fan Club - 2018

    MI + Ambani = IPL Trophy
  6. nospam

    Mumbai Indians Fan Club - 2018

    10 more matches remaining for trophy #4.
  7. nospam

    Mumbai Indians Fan Club - 2018

    time to win the remaining matches and get trophy #4.
  8. nospam

    Ashwin's captaincy in this IPL season

    Should have a proper IPL 2018 Captaincy watch thread. Ashwin's captaincy >>> Rahane/Rohit if we ever decide to rest/drop Virat.
  9. nospam

    Mumbai Indians Fan Club - 2018

    So once again, I nominate myself to open the final thread between Mumbai Indians vs whothef cares ....
  10. nospam

    Suggest me a new mobile phone, budget INR 40,000

    If you can get the S8 from Dubai, then you could also get the other phones(except 6) from Dubai?
  11. nospam

    Saeed Ajmal is a legend

    was this picture taken with a toaster?? so many pixelsssss
  12. nospam

    Poor Bumrah

    Our current lot of players are pansies starting from the top.
  13. nospam

    Virat Kohli opens up about Anil Kumble's resignation

    If Kumble was leaking information to the media to put pressure on Kohli, wouldn't Kohli step down instead of Kumble? Is Kumble so dim-witted that after leaking all the bad things in the press, he is the one resigning???
  14. nospam

    Site Feedback

    Is ICF the only website that is having this issue? Check your browser settings - maybe you have checked on "delete history/cookies/data on exit".

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