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  1. Congratulations to Rohit Sharma - champion captain to win IPL 4 times.
  2. nospam

    All time IPL XI : Voted by INDIAN FANS

    David Warner, Gautam Gambhir and Shaun Marsh over Chris Gayle, Virender Sehwag and Dwayne Bravo
  3. nospam

    Site Feedback

    how to post iframes on this board?
  4. The first team to win 3 IPLs, Countdown begins now...
  5. Sarkar 3 - avg because of Jackie and AB, otherwise meh yawn at Manoj's lines, he had the worst dialogues and also worst background score. Govinda Govinda in the first movie was okay but RGV has overused it in this one.
  6. BCCI is playing Kho Kho and ICC and their chunnu munnus are playing 4D Chess
  7. Looks like someone has leaked BCCI blueprints for IPL's expansion and the only way to stop it is to prevent foreign players playing in them.
  8. nospam

    Which cities deserve to be the 9th and 10th IPL teams

    Karachi and Kabul
  9. nospam

    Star writes to ICC, expresses 'deep concern'

    Hence, the perfect tournament to boycott or send your C team.
  10. nospam

    Sachin, Dravid want India to play Champions Trophy

    ESPNCricinfo - pissing their pants since they have bought cricket rights for Americas/Caribbeans. Now they are trying to convince their major readers/commenters (Indians) to side with them.
  11. What about Sanju Samson? Isn't he a keeper but unable to keep because of R. Pant?
  12. nospam

    Should BCCI send the Indian team to CT or No?

    Do you think Indian C team will go far in the tournament?
  13. nospam

    Should BCCI send the Indian team to CT or No?

    Add another option, send C team.
  14. nospam

    It's lonely at the top.

    why always us??!! This thread should be sticky-ed.
  15. Please register me for the Final IPL Match between MI vs whogivesafck Match Thread.
  16. nospam

    Site Feedback

    is there an option to change the theme to dark or a night mode?
  17. nospam

    IPL Quiz

    They play cricket too ?!?!
  18. nospam

    Turning point of the match !!!

    I don't understand why other Indian wicket keepers don't learn from Dhoni. Parthiv missed such easy chances of a stumping and a run out against Gujarat.
  19. nospam

    Pandya brothers vs Pathan brothers

    The Waugh Brothers > [insert lame bros here]
  20. nospam

    Despicable Umpiring in IPL

    After Uthappa's shocker yesterday, I feel all Indian umpires are selected based on their friendlier relationship with the local team.

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