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  1. Suggest me a new mobile phone, budget INR 40,000

    If you can get the S8 from Dubai, then you could also get the other phones(except 6) from Dubai?
  2. Saeed Ajmal is a legend

    was this picture taken with a toaster?? so many pixelsssss
  3. Poor Bumrah

    Our current lot of players are pansies starting from the top.
  4. Virat Kohli opens up about Anil Kumble's resignation

    If Kumble was leaking information to the media to put pressure on Kohli, wouldn't Kohli step down instead of Kumble? Is Kumble so dim-witted that after leaking all the bad things in the press, he is the one resigning???
  5. Site Feedback

    Is ICF the only website that is having this issue? Check your browser settings - maybe you have checked on "delete history/cookies/data on exit".
  6. Looks like an episode from House of Cards, "PR team of Rohit Sharma feeding truths/lies to Media to undermine Kohli's captaincy so that he could become the next captain. But BCCI/COA decides to make Pujara as captain." ROFL KLPD This is our Indian media milking this issue to get viewership, finally some masala news from Team India which has been untouchable since Chappell fiasco.
  7. Virat Kohli opens up about Anil Kumble's resignation

    The guy has no composure controlling his emotions on the field but gives the perfect press responses...
  8. Virat Kohli opens up about Anil Kumble's resignation

    or Kohli's Movie "Abuse like Kohli". You guys do know there is a PR team behind Kohli which helps him decide what to say to the press... How do you think Kohli - Kumble's problems got to the press? Most likely Kohli's PR leaked it to the media to pressure Kumble to change his tunes or quit.
  9. Except for Dhoni, I accept Yuvi, Ashwin, Jadeja, Rohit and Jadhav should only be selected based on performance. We will never have a wk like Dhoni in the near future and we should use him till he asks himself to retire. All other teams would love to have a WK like Dhoni and we are very lucky to have him.
  10. wtf is wrong with this forum... Beautiful gesture from the players for fulfilling the kids wishes, this shows the amount of respect the opposition has for our players. I remember Yuvi and other Indian youngsters getting tips and autographs from Wasim Akram during early 2000s.
  11. Positives from the match

    I haven't been following cricket much, but what is the purpose of having a player like Jadhav? Ashwin, Yuvraj, Dhoni are all match winners But who is Jadhav?
  12. Some great content from MIPALTAN twitter handle:
  13. Match Winning last over from Mitchel Johnson https://streamable.com/s/nymvh/pfyhnz
  14. It's lonely at the top.

    Time to retire this thread...

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