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  1. T50 sounds stupid. T in t20 stands for twenty.
  2. OpeningBatsman

    'I am no slouch' in white-ball cricket - R Ashwin

    Thats why he said, "I dnt play for numbers"
  3. OpeningBatsman

    4th ODI. Ind vs Aus at Mohali

    Bolne ke liye log kuch bhi bolenge..
  4. OpeningBatsman

    4th ODI. Ind vs Aus at Mohali

  5. OpeningBatsman

    4th ODI. Ind vs Aus at Mohali

    Bhuvneshwar getting pasted as usual.. Whats new
  6. Thats nt discrimination that's a fact.. A 22 year old can play much longer than a 28 year old.. Common sense... Where did i say shankar shouldn't be playing? It was just an observation . I'm a fan of his batting now..
  7. To be honest, I was really sceptical about Shankar's batting potential as a Ltd overs player, but boy Iam so glad to be proven wrong. Wish he was around 22-23... anyway, better late than never
  8. He's still pretty good in tests. But has always been absolute shyte in LOIs
  9. That doesn't sound right
  10. Has to be the do or die match for jadeja. He has to play a good innings and take India home or must be dropped for good. He's no where near chahal as a bowler, so has to make it up with the bat... Something he has never done in ODIs
  11. OpeningBatsman

    New kit for team India

    Two-toned jersey... Better than previous.. Though we could do much much better
  12. OpeningBatsman

    BCCI must seek to expand IPL and also obliterate PSL

    Meanwhile in Pakistan,
  13. Smtimes im not sure you support dhoni or just trolling him
  14. We have beaten not Just Bangla, but also Pakistan's sorry ass twice in Asia cup, without Kohli.. Its not logic. Its a fact. Smthng your small mind won't be able to comprehend, obviously.
  15. Pant doing a great job of showing everyone why he is not selected in limited overs side. Too many unnecessary reverse sweeps when he could have used his regular style of play.

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