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  1. huge improvement in kedar's fielding since his comeback in Asia Cup. Not many fumbles and catching safe.
  2. Don't think all of cricbuzz staffs are as pro-dhoni as everyone seems to think..
  3. 12th time umesh has gone for 70+ in an ODi
  4. excellent stuff by Shami bhai
  5. It's pretty low to throw personal insult at the players, no matter how poor they are. But such is the state of this forum.
  6. that was some hopeless running
  7. such a pathetic bowling performance by Chahal. consistent bowling on the legs.
  8. even at this advanced age, shami bhai is steaming in and bowling well over 140... As i have always maintained, he should never have been left out of the Odi setup. Shami was Our best Odi bowler before bumrah's emergence. He had the best avg and wicket to match ratio amongst any fast bowler in our odi history. just as i type that he has been hit for a boundary, but it just looks like lack of enough match practice. He should be in our world cup team. no doubt.
  9. shai hope is india's hope
  10. OpeningBatsman

    Rayudu turned out to be a batting monster !!!

    tattoo of ambati rayudu on that fan's body... I have seem it all..
  11. OpeningBatsman

    Bilal Asif Bowling Action

  12. jadeja plays Tests like ODIs ODIs like tests and t20s like ODIs

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