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  1. Fk u uthappa.. Sanjay makin a bit of sense atleast
  2. And then in the last over he will deal in dot balls..
  3. Ganguly too.. I remember him once taking more than 10 balls to get to 100 from 99
  4. Dhoni has really upped his tempo.. From 50 to 52.6 in no time
  5. OpeningBatsman

    We need to replace Rayudu from his #4 slot ASAP !!!

    One thing that is atleast remotely good about him is that atleast he tries to score by stepping out, hoicking, hacking etc.. Intent is there he is just not good enough .. Now our legendary Wk...
  6. Kohli gng on attack mode knowing he has to score 95% of remaining runs in 40% of remaining deliveries
  7. What you gonnaaa doo when dhoniconda's gonna run wild on you broootherrr... What you gonnaa doooo

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