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  1. OpeningBatsman

    India tour of England : 1st Test at Edgbaston | 1st Aug 3:30 PM

    hwo d fk cn u expose the tail to legspinners.. stupid moron pandya
  2. OpeningBatsman

    India tour of England : 1st Test at Edgbaston | 1st Aug 3:30 PM

    kohli should start farming strike.. like from right now....
  3. Asia cup, right after the test series ends. Qualifiers – September 13-17Group Stage – September 18-21Super 4 Round – September 23-30
  4. the tweet was made by a nobody with 1/2 likes per posts... how can we create a thread based on that. ankit sharma should retire from icf
  5. as per the age certificate leaked by his wife he was 28 years old in 2010
  6. considering the real age of Shami, who's the father n who's the son?
  7. OpeningBatsman

    Speculation about Dhoni 's retirement

    Oops..didnt see....good on him.
  8. OpeningBatsman

    Speculation about Dhoni 's retirement

    Announcement will be that he is gonna make himself available for tests and gonna replace DK as first choice WK
  9. this is how modern day ODIs are played. not grafting till 48.5 overs and then waiting for thr flourish like it's 1989
  10. Sharduls hitting style reminds me of better version of six hitting Shami. How I wish we could have had shami in our Odi team.
  11. doesn't matter how much talent you have, what matters is the intent to fight it out.
  12. this is awsm from shardulnew no. 4 found
  13. thakur can clearly hit better than msd these days...

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