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  1. ... and shastri the first coach
  2. Holding can't hold back his tears
  3. Phekululuwas fooled completely
  4. 4 mnths ago when I posted Iyer is a clueless player against genuine bowlers, ppl were making fun of me saying he is a 'next gen' batsman.. Lmao.. My azz
  5. Gavaskar struggling for words as he can't blame either of them as they are from Mumbai
  6. India vs South Africa 1st ODI, February 1, 2018: Durban

    Hum jeet gaye
  7. ICF Fantasy Hub 2017 | One notch Higher!

    enjoy ur 15 mints of fame ..I've been extremely busy since last month team change hi theek se krne ni milta tha...ab tu gya
  8. ICF Fantasy Hub 2017 | One notch Higher!

    Its good to have diffrnt LKCs now n then.. Tired of seeing zak finish second last
  9. ICF Fantasy Hub 2017 | One notch Higher!

    Oh no no noo second hogya... Zakk
  10. Latham's innings remind me of Strauss' innings in 2011 wc against us.

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