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  1. If we had chased, then there would have been another section of people asking why not bat first and test our bowling for future.
  2. Amd the crowd goes booobiee.. Booobie
  3. But dew could make it hard for our wrist spinners
  4. DK looking good
  5. DeGramdhomme
  6. Dhawan has very good record in England. Especially world tournaments. What are you on about? England pitches for limited overs matches are thr flattest in the world. You want rahane to be in the team. Even on his best day his strike rate will be below 100 which is just not ideal when playing in England. Almost every game in England these days, you see 300+ scores.
  7. So first the selectors and captain insisted they are looking at Rahul as a no. 4 option. Now they are saying he is an opener and should not be playing out of position
  8. They did defend couple of low scores last time around. 260 and 240 odd.
  9. Sri Lanka's cricketers refuse to tour Pakistan

    Just In Upul Tharanga has pulled out of pak tour
  10. Exactly and watch their fans explode on social media
  11. India vs New Zealand 2017

    In ODIs I think it's gonna be a clean sweep for us. NZ traditional always played poorly in Odis, in India. I think the last series was the closest they have ever competed with us. Im worried about t20s though, we have never beaten them, ever.

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