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  1. as per the age certificate leaked by his wife he was 28 years old in 2010
  2. considering the real age of Shami, who's the father n who's the son?
  3. OpeningBatsman

    Speculation about Dhoni 's retirement

    Oops..didnt see....good on him.
  4. OpeningBatsman

    Speculation about Dhoni 's retirement

    Announcement will be that he is gonna make himself available for tests and gonna replace DK as first choice WK
  5. this is how modern day ODIs are played. not grafting till 48.5 overs and then waiting for thr flourish like it's 1989
  6. Sharduls hitting style reminds me of better version of six hitting Shami. How I wish we could have had shami in our Odi team.
  7. doesn't matter how much talent you have, what matters is the intent to fight it out.
  8. this is awsm from shardulnew no. 4 found
  9. thakur can clearly hit better than msd these days...
  10. the legend of thakur begins...
  11. lol bhuvi leaving ain 47th over
  12. and the booing starts...
  13. But taker never choke slammed his team mates
  14. MSD settling down and waiting for the second new ball to arrive after 80 overs....oh wait..
  15. OpeningBatsman

    MSD will score a ton today

    I have a feeling he will score 50+ today because he has overs to bat. But the problem is when chasing anything above 225 his batting style is no longer suited.
  16. are my eyes deceiving me ..Dhoni is rolling Back time ...still striking at 100 SR after 4 balls .. legend
  17. 2 off 2 ..this is absolute madness
  18. Dhoni smashing it at a SR of 100
  19. Really love Dhawan but he always always throws it away after getting to 50-60..gets too excited, wish he could bat 50 overs for a change. Would definitely get a double hundred if he can bat 45 overs

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