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  1. sergio04

    ICC events program till 2023

    Virat ko bhi bula liyo
  2. sergio04

    ICC events program till 2023

    But bhaai it doesn't look like so.
  3. sergio04

    ICC events program till 2023

    Bhaai mai to icf fans ko troll krta thaa Tum serious le gyee
  4. sergio04

    ICC events program till 2023

    India won't win any t20 trophy with odi team. So we will be dominating only bilaterals in odi, during next 4 years.
  5. https://www.indiatoday.in/sports/cricket/story/virat-kohli-set-to-travel-to-west-indies-for-t20is-odis-tests-1570467-2019-07-17 Virat Kohli, disappointed with India's World Cup semi-final defeat, will travel to West Indies for the full tour from August 3 to September 3. Earlier, it was reported Kohli along with Jasprit Bumrah would be rested for the T20Is and ODIs.
  6. His PR team has pumped money everywhere.
  7. The Greatest Maafia created in cricket history. Dhoni still ruling more stronger than before. Salute this thug. #Khelo dimag se .
  8. sergio04

    Why didn’t Tendulkar retire after WC2011?

    Dhoni 2007-13 ---- ATG player 2014 -present -- match looser player
  9. https://mumbaimirror.indiatimes.com/sport/icc-cricket-world-cup-2019/news/kohli-unlikely-to-skip-wi-tour/articleshow/70220131.cms
  10. sergio04

    Ben Stokes - hero of WC 2019

    Pandya -- Andho me kana Raja
  11. sergio04

    Expect Kohli to cling onto Karthik if Dhoni retires

    I hope kohli changes his mentality. And backs youngsters at position of 4 and 5.
  12. sergio04

    What was the point of grooming Rayudu and Jadhav

    Dhoni, virat does not want any new superstar in team. It will decrease their brand value. Money make a person do crazy things. Top 3 will continue to make irrelevant records in bilaterals where teams don't even play their best 11. And Fans will consider these choker better than viv I don't think pant will be given fair chances in future too. 2-3 failure he will be out of team. Same with Subhmann.

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