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  1. sergio04

    Rohit should be dropped.

    Rohit will tuk tuk in mumbai indians too. he should be dropped from mumbai team also.
  2. india will be knocked out from group stage, if they don't play Rayudu
  3. virat is very poor captain for LOI
  4. throw out Rohit and dhoni but Rayudu is a class player... he will be man of the tournament in WC
  5. There is only one message from the 7th century.
  6. Muslims want to kill non muslims ,whats new?
  7. kitni bhi try karlo, you can't change muslims
  8. sergio04

    Ind’s batting = Kohli

    kohli should have scored 150 runs of 120 balls. Selfish inning
  9. sergio04

    A Mig21 Bison bringing down a F16

  10. sergio04

    Shame on Imran khan & Pakistan

    dekha to kitya aapni rishtedaari hi likd jaave aapni
  11. sergio04

    Shame on Imran khan & Pakistan

    bhaai mne jindigi me aaj sb kuch dekh liya
  12. sergio04

    Shame on Imran khan & Pakistan

    proper sonipat t ya fer gaam t

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