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  1. acricketguy

    Introduction Thread for New members

    Hi guys, I am Nayan from Nagpur. I don't know how to introduce myself. Yeah so will try to tell the stuff I keep doing or what I find exciting. I like to find things out, getting around them, try to understand and know stuff. I like doing Physics, Maths, Astronomy, Photographing stuff to know them better or get more about them. I like Science. I like cricket the very way the game is, the stuff that makes cricket what it is. I found this forum in google search results and yeah just signed up. Looking forward to cool activities and discussions. Haha It's just hard to introduce, better you find what I am. And yeah if asking for my academics I possibly will be joining an undergraduate course this year
  2. acricketguy

    Jasprit Bumrah Bowling Action

    Haha sorry nothing much. I was just sharing something I shot and yeah a post to start with on this site and here in the forum. I don't understand the game that good, but yeah I like it more because the way the game is and things those fill it. But yeah something possibly different you can see in the video is in the follow through (where he end the arm motion or his hand going between thighs) , this is how I saw him bowling the whole day of test match. And in the last few matches and some previous videos (ODIs and T20Is) I haven't seen him bowling that way (if you find it of some interest haha). That inning (Ranji semifinal 2 Gujrat and Jharkhand Day 4 4th inning) was amazing and specially the wicket of Rahul Shukla.

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