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  1. No kudos to Edulji here. She is doing this for her own sifarishi Powar.
  2. It was clear for anyone neutral and closely following all this drama. Kohli badly wanted Shastri. However management wanted to continue Kumble.
  3. Honestly, don't bother. There are people here who think every evil is due to Sanjay Manjrekar, Sachin tendulkar, Sunil Gavaskar, Ranane, Rohit etc basically anyone from or having strong association with Mumbai. They will try to twist anything to put the blame on these people like beetle is doing above.
  4. Lol. The extent to which one goes to prove his/her stance correct. It's clearly written there. Kumble was to continue but Kohli was crying for Shastri. This is ridiculous level of defending Kohli and spewing hatred for Tendulkar.
  5. I would rather pick Ashwin over bhuvi. Better batsman and better bowler too. Kuldeep is no mug with the bat either and should do well in bowling in Australia logically speaking. So kuldeep over bhuvi too. Kuldeep>Ashwin>Vihari>bhuvi
  6. Pollack

    Perth Test: Would you drop the openers?

    Shaw won't be available. Shaw and Rahul should be interesting. For now, Rahul and Vijay is a safe option.
  7. Pollack

    Congratulations Bhai log for the win!!

    Congratulations Bhai log for the win!! What about some behnas? Male chavunist.
  8. Pollack

    The real unsung hero of the team

    No denying that he has played some crucial innings in our victories. But he leaves task only half done. This and his pathetic form overall explains why he remains 'unsung'
  9. This is a great post. Post of the day.
  10. Damn ! I forgot Hazzlewood can score some quick runs. There is no tail here. Compare that with Indian tail.
  11. Why is Ashwin still bowling?
  12. 71 needed. Now we need to worry a bit.

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