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  1. After his wicket Pujara and Rahane had a small partnership and then Pujara got out and triggered a mini collapse. So maybe you should blame Pujara rather than Rahul for throwing it away.
  2. I am confident about him making it on big stage for India. Just praying injuries keep a bay. Made him bowling star in my IPL fantasy squad already.
  3. Day 2: Bear is nervous and doing some crazy things
  4. You should have stopped following cricket after World cup 2011.
  5. Brilliant innings from Rahane, Rahul and Pujara today. They could obviously have stayed more but not everytime batsmen are going to score hundreds and two hundreds. That is why you have 11 players in the team. Neither in all innings you should expect team score to be 500-600. India is to doing decent.Australia too has been decent.
  6. No it wasn't selfish. That's the way he tends to pace his innings. He can certainly do a bit better. He is still our most valuable batsman in India.
  7. Who got out trying to up the run rate? Pujara Nair Vijay everyone was taking their own sweet time and still got out. From where does IPL come here? Your assumption that those complaining about run rate want IPL style batting is completely foolish.
  8. Brainfade, Idiot, Immature Rahul still ended up scoring more than mature Pujara. Timing to get out is also equally disastrous as Rahul's was as nice partnership was building.
  9. Actually right from the beginning I want him to play in the lower middle order. He can do the work that Kohli expects from Rohit Sharma in that position. In tests I don't want him to change his game or attitude and so opening would not be the right positon for him.
  10. Thanks god! Atleast few understand. Nobody is saying Pujara is bad but that he could be awesome if he plays according to the merit of the ball.
  11. Bro calm down! By 'people like you' ,he meant those who are critical even when he was boom or burst or now when he is atleast not bursting.
  12. Playing dot balls is grinding the bowlers? Strike rotation along with respecting the good balls is the key and occasionally if there is a shot to be hit it has to be hit.
  13. Yes there are cracks which are gonna open up later. Fourth and fifth day would be bowling friendly and Kuldeep could be dangerous.
  14. Rahane is looking awesome today.ICFers are unnecessarily critical. One thing I have noticed that any time batsman gets out early all I see is posts saying batsman being immature. Like seriously! Batsman may have all the maturity in the work. He may have hairs on all his body like Anil kapoor yet get out due to error in execution of totally valid shot or just due to amazing delivery from the bowler.
  15. That's the way he is. I like him that way only. Ofcourse there would be instances like today where he would look like a fool. But he would also have his days due to same attitude in future. He is not technically sound against short balls and he is someone who would learn to tackle it sooner rather than later. Just don't expect him to play 'sensibly' which BTW is only sensible according to others.