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  1. Because bumrah is not a new ball bowler. His first 6 overs are wasted at the start. More of his overs can be saved for death bowling and thus not requiring bhuvi's few overs in death. Let wicket taking bowler bowl with new ball and bumrah be our late(or death) overs specialist. Let's say a lineup like this: 1) Shami 2)Siraj/ any wicket taking pacers 3) Hardik 4) bumrah 2 wicket taking bowlers bowling with new ball. Hardik is the filler in middle overs along with spinners. May also thrown in a over or two of bumrah in middle. At death Bumrah and few overs from Shami/Siraj.
  2. Aa gaya bhuvi fan. Bhuvi ke wickets ginao sandeep bhai. P.S: Agreed. Hardik>bhuvi statement is harsh. But I made it out of frustration. On flat pitches bhuvi is still Sh!t. No wickets which allows opposition to build partnerships and pile up huge scores.
  3. Hardik shouldn't be bowling at death to begin with. Bumrah is for death bowling specially. Shami can bowl a few in death and won't be much bad.
  4. B I said Hardik is better than bhuvi on flat pitches. Not overall. Everyone knows bhuvi is a beast in helpful conditions. Anyway it was more of a frustration. Look Bhuvi should be in loop for selection whenever we know pacers are going to get some help. But on flat pitches he is sh!t. If your spearhead, a new ball bowler does not pick wickets he is useless. Sorry. The only wicket taking bowler in this lineup is Kuldeep and he is showing just that even if he is put under pressure.
  5. On flat pitches, now even Hardik > Bhuvi. Thoroughly impressed with the way he has bowled today. Few mistakes today by captain(most probably dhoni) : Kuldeep's bulk of overs after nearly 30 overs. Kuldeep is an attacking but usually expensive bowler. For what he was saved for long. To bowl to well set batsmen? He should have bowled much earlier maybe even before 'economical' chahal who still ends up being not so economical because its a patta.
  6. This is the first match after IPL where bhuvi is facing good batsmen(for flat tracks) on a flat deck.
  7. Wickets are important. This is looking scary. Thankfully we have an attacking Chinaman.
  8. OK.Absurd though. Each match is a new match. I don't support Australia. India always.
  9. Pant smashing a decent attack. 46*(25)
  10. Pitch looks a belter. First true test for Indian pacers especially Bhuvaneshwar Kumar who goes missing on flat decks against good batsmen. Also we will get a sneak as to expect from wrist spinners on flat decks.
  11. One cannot compare God's blessings to mere humans like Dravid, dhoni, kapil and gavaskar.
  12. A quick fire century from Rahane on its way for you today.

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