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  1. Pollack

    Short term fix for 3rd test

  2. Pollack

    Why no practice?

    Are you mad? Shopping kab karenge?
  3. Pollack

    Short term fix for 3rd test

    Itna Dimag mat lagao. Hona kya hai sabko pata hai: Rahul will be dropped for Dhawan. Umesh/Thakur will replace Kuldeep. These will be the only changes
  4. Pollack

    Time is running out for KL Rahul

    You should have first had a look at what I was responding to when you quoted my first post: So what I wrote what was definitely correct. rKT seems to feel woakes batted in easier conditions. I responded just few minutes later of Woakes batting in so called easier conditions, Indian batsmen were dancing to England bowlers tune. Maybe he meant in the previous day. But honestly I believe Indian bowlers failed to exploit conditions properly. And yes he looked comfortable to me the next day too. A few play and misses are not a big deal here.
  5. I actually kinda like to watch KiKi challenge. It's fun. But obvioisly people shouldn't do it on highways.
  6. If you find nothing wrong with the song, I sincerely hope you get such angels.
  7. You forgot 'Insaan' . Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singhji Insaan.
  8. Rather listen to Tahir Shah's angel than hear Sunil Shetty the legends view on cricket.
  9. Sunil Shetty just trying to see how it feels to speak nonsense like drake. Drake Calls Suniel Shetty Legend on Birthday https://www.news18.com/amp/news/movies/drake-calls-suniel-shetty-legend-on-birthday-throwback-picture-by-athiya-shetty-1841311.html
  10. Pollack

    Time is running out for KL Rahul

    So Shami bowled 8 Jaffas in 4 overs and still conditions were better for batsman. conditions were decent for both batting and bowling. Oh yeah! We were unlucky to get wicket. Age old excuse. Truth is Woakes survived and to me looked pretty comfortable. This is because we bowled filth. Shami was obviously decent throughout the match. But Shami was not the only bowler.
  11. If you don't trust a 'fast' bowler like Yadav because he is erratic then you don't have to go back to trundlers. You don't have to call back your holidaying buddy for trundling.He should have kept trying some fast medium Pacers from domestics.
  12. Kumble was effectively sacked even before CT loss.

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