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  1. "He does not move with the ball, instead dives at the last moment." Wtf I have a complete opposite view. He moves with the ball far too early and eventually has to deal with it with dives because of misjudgements. He actually needs to stop moving a lot and trust his reflexes a lot more.
  2. Pollack

    Harbhajan fighting for Nair - Much respect

    One has to be delusional to think of dropping Pujara or Rahane as of now. Kohli, Pujara and Rahane form the core of our test batting. So it was basically Vihari Vs Nair. Maybe they lost faith in Nair. Nair hasn't really set things on fire after his 300 to make them feel otherwise. But then why was he selected in England to begin with? Cut long story short there is no regionalistic angle (fans from south are annoying.always play this victim because from south card) but mere no vision,plan or organisation in selections. We already know selection committee's credentials to show any sense.
  3. Looks like Dhoni's PR machine is stepping up instead knowing Dhoni is done and dusted already.
  4. Pollack

    Kedar Jadhav - Fan Club - Player with X Factor

    Horse crap. Even southies on this forum would agree Rayudu is sh!t. Sachin didn't need Bambi mafia. Sachin was mafia himself Just like Dhoni mafia today. Kedar is not from Mumbai so no support from Sanju Manju. Kedar giving tough fight to Sachin. OK bro. Get well soon.
  5. He doesn't save much runs.He takes only safe chances . Only good thing he does is the occasional brilliant stumping out of nowhere. He is very street smart as far as getting batsmen stumped. But such opportunities would not be in every match either.
  6. Mayank seems to be not very balanced facing Pacers. I would keep low expectations from him. In fact I would rate him below Pandey. One cannot say his selection is undeserved though. Apart from Thakur Sahab who somehow sneaked in its a very good squad.
  7. 95% of LOI matches are or will be played on flat tracks only.
  8. Bumrah comes across arrogant prick. Dude you just choked almost 80% yet again in the finals. It's just your good luck that opposition was even greater choker. In fact the greatest choking team against India. Stop behaving like an immature kid and focus on not balling no balls in crucial matches and showing some mental strength in the finals.
  9. Pollack

    manjrekar says tone down expectations from dhoni

    Jadhav remained not out, no?
  10. Pollack

    manjrekar says tone down expectations from dhoni

    Takes a nothing match down to the wire with his super slow batting. Idiot.
  11. He can take a few deliveries here. Problem is keeps that doing taking the game far too deep which in the meantime put a lot of pressure on non striker end to hit out or get out. So either dhoni can succeed or India loses. Clever guy.
  12. Lol Now it's sure going to last over. Dhoni stays or not.
  13. Even Ambani's team with so much money looks saintly than this crappy and mischievously shady team CSK.

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