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  1. Saw this coming even when I read Kumble gave a power point presentation regarding roadmap to whatever. Our egoistic players like laid back approach. They are Shupastar. Anyone having vision or trying to do something actively or bring some radical changes has to meet this fate. No wonder Fletcher was amazing according to them.Still just hoping this is a misleading article on behalf of bully BCCI and is not actually truth.
  2. Where do you want to see dhoni bat. At no 4 : Yuvraj will have to bat at no 5. And there might be occasions where he needs to slog from ball one. Yuvraj is struggling to time nowadays. Also Kedar at 6 will be a bit wasted. Because I think he is a busy player and more suited for no 4 or at Max 5. At no 5 : Yuvraj will bat at 4. Dhoni at 5. Seems comparatively better. But again Kedar at 6 will be wasted and also how much can you trust dhoni to slog from ball one. No 5 is the most crucial position in my opinion and batsman at this position can make or break matches. At no 6 : Want him to bat at this position. One of Yuvraj or dhoni should bat at this position i.e if yuvraj at 4 , dhoni at 6; if dhoni at 4, Yuvraj at 6 and depending on situation send even Pandya if playing ahead of the one at 6. Discuss.
  3. Shahrukh may be an intelligent, witty and humourous person. He may have a SOB life story. He may be charming for many. He may be a great human being. But let's talk about his work. His movies. Many of which are trash just like Salman's. Amir is the only actor among the three khans to bring some good content, acting and story.
  4. Kumble is the best choice. Clear attempt to tarnish Kumble because he has difference of opinion with BCCI on something? Typical BCCI bullying others not toeing their line. Hope COA screw BCCI as much as possible.
  5. Don't like this game though. Teams should've been anonymous. Only after all matches it should have been revealed who owns which team. But then team owners would've used PM feature. So its not possible, I guess.
  6. Weather is poor. Rain gonna play spoilsport.
  7. Perth! Pace : Both teams equal. Spin: Unstable Joe Batting: Only Rohit and Guptill are weaker comparatively. But even Rohit enjoys pace and bounce. Batting undoubtedly goes to Unstable Joe since its WACA,Perth. Overall : Unstable Joe.
  8. You did not abuse Rahane enough. Guess you are liking him now.
  9. Rahane's end should've been after WC2015. But that innings against SA deceived selectors. The worst decision was to include him in playing eleven at Wankhede in semifinal of t20wc dropping dhawan. He would've been a good batsman had ODIs been the same like a decade before. Karthik's failure was expected. Not really surprising for anyone.
  10. Oh so its dhoni's name that is pricking. Comfortably neglected Yuvi. I wanted Pant to be selected. Dhoni is not the only keeper in India and I know your exact post in reply to this now. Not falling for you divergence tactic. This is final reply to you. Let's not spoil match thread. Finally a big LOL at your belief that Raina was competing with Rahane for a place in squad. Raina's competitors were Yuvraj,dhoni,pandey,karthik etc basically middle order batsman.
  11. You obviously know how he entered into picture. Not just your logical abilities but your comprehension abilities are also not sound. You said Raina being better bet than Rahane and I replied back saying Raina's competition was with Dhoni and Yuvraj since he bats in middle order and is not an opener and so if you want to cry about Raina's selection then you shouldn't take out your frustrations on Rahane because Raina was not competing for a position in the squad with Rahane. But either of dhoni or yuvraj could've been dropped to accomodate Raina. Gosh. The level to which I have to spoon feed. Indians prefer Wren and Martin BTW. Focus on comprehension passages since grammar is not an issue.Just a suggestion.
  12. I had full faith on your comprehension skills. But this looks intentional.
  13. Jadhav has not adjusted to t20 format. He can still play match winning innings in t20 here and there but the best format for him is ODI.It suits the type of batting he does. Expecting him to have a good CT. Rohit will be OK. Hopefully. Good batting conditions overall. Dhoni don't know. Can be good or bad. Most probably at his screwing best.Yuvraj same. Rahane shouldn't get a game unless one is 100% sure of swing on offer. Karthik-- a gone case.Let's hope for the best.