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  1. Pollack

    Err...Virat Kohli the panauti.

    How is anushka a mumbai girl?
  2. Dont know what is your gripe with Prithvi Shaw. Most people on ICF will be more than happy if Prithvi is fast tracked. But knowing our selector's I see zero chances of it. Note: I don not support Prithvi or Shubham Gills fast tracking as of now. Pant can be because we need a middle order hitter desperately. K Gowtham can also be tried to have a look at.And few others can be given more chances too : S Iyer, V Shankar.
  3. Pollack

    Countdown to 500 !

    These countdown threads have never gone good. OP is jinxer.
  4. Not sure with the form Rohit is in. Atleast with Rahane we know he just doesn't have the capability. But this guy has some serious potential to play selfish innings.
  5. Anyway, keeping aside the debate of usefulness of yo-yo test, why is this sharma always a pampered kid. It's annoying how there are different standards for others and this talentless hack.
  6. Compared to approximately 6 hrs on field which includes plenty of relax time, yes it is. You are missing the point anyway.
  7. He has played 200+ innings in ODIs. Also whenever he plays a long innings, he clears the boundaries easily and runs decent too. Don't know how YOYO test is a test of stamina. It may be a test of stamina in one burst but not over a period of time which is sufficient for cricket.
  8. He will easily clear yo yo test. He may be chubby but doesn't move around in field like an unfit. Has always fieldes well. Neither is he very slow while running between the wickets.
  9. Pollack

    ESPN Cricinfo ODI eleven of the last 25 years

    Gilchrist (wk) Tendulkar Kohli Ponting (c) ABD Bevan/Dhoni Klusner Pollock S Warne Saqlain Mcgrath

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