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  1. Why mention broad along with those two. Blasphemy it is.
  2. After transformation into an all format batsman which he wasn't before he has a range of shots now to toy with and an improved power game.He relies on those instinctively rather than strategically. That makes him play one shot too many which is the cause of throwing away. In other words he has made it his natural game.Asking him to be more cautious means he has to shrink his set of shots.He will always play positively unless the situation demand absolutely otherwise.This is akin to changing a bowler's action when he has found right amount of success with present just to twitch some glitches. For not' throwing away' ,he needs to be the old Rahul and he goes back to being it we may loose Rahul the ODI and t20 player because he hasn't played enough to switch comfortably between formats. As time progresses and he becomes a secure member of all formats and importantly play more matches across formats he would naturally become more responsible.
  3. I am not worried about Rahul. I am more concerned if he now curbs his natural game to counter allegations of throwing away his wicket which will mess up his game further.We need to come to terms that he bats the way he bats. Maybe we can change his position from opener to down the order one above Rahane or one below rahane depending on match situations since openers cannot be boom or doom in tests.
  4. The pitch has no demons as such. Even I felt pitch was bad but watching highlights don't feel so.We will chase down or at least be very close to target whatever it be. Also Australia has played spin comfortably so why can't we?SOK is no Monty Panesar or Swann.
  5. Review making is poor. They should only review when they are sure.Its as simple as that.Kohli likes to take adventurous reviews.
  6. Rahul and kohli are the key in the second innings along with support from one of either Ashwin or Vijay. Pujara is a hopeless against quality bowling (Yeah I know his average!).Rahane is mentally gone case against spinners. Saha may go either way. Yadav too much to expect from him facing Stark,hazzle and legendary Steeve O'Keefe.
  7. No dude. Noway. That is too much! Ishant over those two any match any day.
  8. Finally managed to watch on TV and it was Ishant bowling.As usual absolutely toothless bowling.
  9. Kohli should use pacers also in between. But then he only has one. Still Umesh needs to bowl more here.
  10. A very good test bowler called Ishant isn't getting to bowl. May be he will be too good to handle.
  11. Ansolutely with exception of Rahane.
  12. Then jadeja is bowling poor.Should mix it up to create doubts in batsman's mind.