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  1. So you think Ishant is good?
  2. Ashwin does bend may not be great at low catches but still miles better than Kohli who drops even the ones that comes at waist height often Kohli is butter fingered but Ashwin is lazy. You don't have to defend all TN players. ;)
  3. I root for a good contest.
  4. On paper yes. But he always play half fit. You can see through his run up.
  5. I don't think Shami is being handled well by management. Shami is a better ODI bowler than a test or t20 bowler. Add to it his never ending injury woes. He should be allowed to play more ODIs than tests. Dropping him from ODIs is pointless and playing him in tests against SL is even more so. I can understand if one needs him for tests against SA.
  6. Good selections overall with whatever they had. Made the right moves. Bancroft better than Rainsaw. Paine, lol they can't do much about it. Wade and Nevill are worst.
  7. Kohli pick KL Rahul - so much for ICF conspiracies

    Agreed. But I can understand he is taking a risk and I bet he will switch back to VJ soon if it doesn't work.
  8. Dhawan is in a best form of his life again. It's not a bad try. Match practise? Over rated excuse. I can understand if someone is coming from a serious injury and a very long break. But otherwise it's just over emphasized or rather just used as an excuse after failure.
  9. Kohli needs to improve in seaming tracks. Not a FTB but not an all condition batsman either.
  10. Kohli pick KL Rahul - so much for ICF conspiracies

    He wants to and expects to cash on Dhawan's form. It's a good trial.
  11. Dhawan and Rahul is the right choice for a start. If Dhawan fails in 2 matches bring Vijay back in 3rd.
  12. Kohli pick KL Rahul - so much for ICF conspiracies

    And Virat continues to be on point as far as captaincy and selections in Tests is concerned. So what happens in ODIs? need hints? A certain player has great influence...
  13. Dhoni ke thumke!

    Can I unsee this?
  14. Kohli probably asked for Shastri and Sachin obliged.

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