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  1. Not setting any standards to begin with. Just stating facts. Ganguly, dhoni, kapil were all good captains. Dhoni is best ODI captain for India. But he is no strategic genius (which he is wrongly assumed) nor a visionary.
  2. Painful. So close yet so far.
  3. I like this team. Each match a new superwoman. Poonam is playing a top notch innings.
  4. Yes. She's considered allrounder.
  5. Veda can certainly bat at good strike rate since it would be necessary at some point now.
  6. Hope Mandhana isn't thrown out. She's very young. Always difficult to perform at such grand stage without much experience.
  7. Well Kohli tried to be brave against Pakistan giving Ashwin over in Asia cup. But he lost. So what you are implying is not true. Not about brave moves. The moves I discussed came off luckily. There are many instances where Kohli didn't get the benefit of fancy phrase: Fortune favours the brave.
  8. Captaincy which is mainly a abstract (to audience) parameter is different from batting or bowling. But to answer your question: Carlos Brathwaite's was some clean hitting. He was standing deep inside the crease and Stokes missed yorker every single time. Those hits were no way lucky. Pakistan's opener indeed played a lucky innings. But other players played excellen cricket. You are missing the point anyway. Intention is not to discredit Dhoni's achivement but to show he is not that great strategically as his fans or bhakts portray him. This is specially in the context of 'great captaincy' being made as an excuse for his failure to contribute as a batsman in big ICC tournament save one inning of WC2011 which I didn't criticise because it was a great innings. You can see I talked about WC2007 and CT2013. Although as a batsman he wasn't great in CT2013 also. Neither Wc2015. Neither CT2017. Neither numerous t20s world cup. As a batsman he has failed to contribute significantly in big tournaments. And whenever you point this out we are sold stories of Great Strategic genius dhoni's captaincy as his contribution which is already over rated to hide this factor.
  9. When did I put his achievements down? He had made wrong choices at crucial junctures but got away with it. There is definitely luck factor involved at those moments. Regarding bhajji. Who says he should have given it to bhajji. Why didn't he managed bowlers so that you are not left with bowler like Joginder Sharma who will lose you matches 9/10 times and yet we won it thanks to Misbah's atrocious shot.Isn't that part of a great 'captaincy'.? Nobody is saying he is not a good captain. But there is an attempt to attach some mysterious greatness about his captaincy skills especially strategic skills as if he has some sort of Chanakya nitis on his minds is not true. He is just a very good captain who is street smart but also relies on instincts. Success of such instincts without much logic or strategy is dependent on luck which is what is emphasised by me.
  10. What was so great about Dhoni's captaincy in WC2007. Like bowling Joginder Sharma last over. Dhoni just got lucky with it. Or CT2013 final against England wherein Ishant bowled 18th over inspite of being crap throughout that match. And guess what even that over was technically poor. Don't believe me? Watch it again. Ishant got lucky wickets which turned the match. It was a classic England choke. Yet again Dhoni got lucky with a bad choice of bowler at crucial stage.
  11. Currently Rohit Sharma is a polarising figure. One can see people defending him to lunacy regarding him as some sort of great talent. On the other hand others just troll him. Dhoni is also polarising on ICF(undoubtedly) as well as outside ICF(to an extent)
  12. Yeah. Confused Thampi with Nataranjan.Realised after posting but lazy to edit.