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  1. This exposes you as an hater. Anyone who thinks Sehwag more talented than Sachin is either a hater or a poster with an agenda. Hypocrsiy of you calling others agenda posters who doesn't agree with your agenda. You can call Sachin selfish. That's fine because he was selfish in the last phase of his career like most subcontinent greats including your pet Dhongi.
  2. Pollack

    Tips and suggestions to stop the CSK juggernaut

    Like someone said : When baba blesses then it stays blessed.
  3. Pant as an opener isn't a bad suggestion. Maybe not for this world cup but in future. Pandya to open is ridiculous idea.
  4. They gone with Jadeja instead of backup seamer because jadeja is an "all-rounder".
  5. Choking? It's a two batsmen team. Warner and Bairstow. Ok, maybe three now with Williamson.
  6. Rohit is a hybrid similar to butler, bairstow, Stokes etc..
  7. Shankar is not a power hitter. So I won't back him at no 6. No 5, 6 and 7 should be of brute force batsmen not those who rely on timing.
  8. Two Internationally proven destructive batsmen exposing Chahar. And few said he is a good trundler. In today's era there are no good trundlers like Vaas, McGrath or Pollock.
  9. Fake all-rounder Jadeja showing his worth. Idiot sneaked in somehow. Ofcourse being Dhoni's paramour helps.
  10. Shankar as a potential batsman >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Rayudud. No contest. Rayudud was a fraud just like most CSK players who made into the team based on IPL performances like Gony, Mohit Sharma etc..
  11. Wear 3d glasses while watching him bat today.
  12. Even Bangladesh can tonk him. No pace, no variations + pattas = Disaster.

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