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  1. I am loving this....

    I would replace SRH with MI. CSK would as usual contact Srinivasan for help to reach the finals where they would get beaten black and blue by the team with utmost level of integrity and honesty :
  2. Most probably dropped for experimenting with playing eleven since they already had good start to tournament.
  3. Yeah but tbh apart from bhuvi bowling is just ok. Rashid can be taken apart by quality batsmen.
  4. Wasn't SRH supposed to be best bowling unit of IPL . Anyway SRH is a boring team. Warner was the saviour as far as entertainment factor but he is not there too.
  5. 1 finishes match for his own country while other for the opposition. Nonetheless two great finishers.
  6. Mumbai Indians Cheating Tracker

    Match lost : RCB Butthurt :Chusky Lungis.
  7. RCB - another year of disappointment?

    Being a CSK fan you must know a lot of under the table dealings. No wonder CSK was banned for 2 years.
  8. Big hitting ability of Indian all rounders

    @vvvslaxman 59(35) 5 fours 4 sixes.
  9. Vijay Shankar performance watch

    V Shankar's bowling is sh!T. I have always emphasized this while people were far more optimistic. He definitely has some talent with the bat. I read about his interview after the screw up against bangladesh and was thoroughly unimpressed with his answers and attitude. I can see why if he doesn't improve much in future. Let's see which way he goes.
  10. DHONI '79(44)' the phinisher!!!

    Savage. Trolls both Sachin and dhoni fanbois.

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