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  1. And if management still have problem then he should score so so much. Still not then so so so much...not yet.... So so so so much....
  2. So consistent 40s and 50s are not enough in t20s to be in t20i x11?
  3. Great innings by Dhoni. Hope this isn't false positive. Apart from Dhoni, Rayudu is also serving some humble pies while we all thought he could only serve biryani.
  4. Hardik Pandya...

    This defensive strategy shouldn't work in t20. One of the major reason dhoni has been a pathetic t20 player is he has similar defensive mindset. It does work in ODIs but in t20 every ball is important. If you are losing anyway go for your shots defending good deliveries and taking calculated risks on others.
  5. IS Tom Moody the Best IPL Coach

    There is a reason they say: God save the Queen. No human being can save Queens 11 from being at the bottom of the table. Although this year they have two kings in Queens 11. So may be this is the year.
  6. Still not convinced. But Siddharth Kaul's success remains a mystery for me.
  7. Let's all laugh at Mumbai Indians thread

    Rohit: "We didn't show character while Sunrisers showed a lot of character" [chusky troller]So MI was characterless today just like CSK is always. [/for chusky]
  8. Hardik Pandya...

    3(19) is inexcusable in any situation in t20 though I didn't watch this horrible match today. Lucky me .
  9. Can someone explain how Kaul almost always ends up picking wickets.
  10. The true Delhi fan sad story.

    Yes and DD will start winning magically? Too many of young inexperienced players is also not good for winning a tournament like IPL. Problem with DD this year is two fold: 1) Weak bowling 2) Inexperienced (international exposure) batting lineup. Hence unpredictable. They have addressed the the first one a bit to an extent by getting in Avesh. Only a bit better though. They can still win matches with this team when their batsmen click and bowlers do just about decent job.
  11. How is that choke if you don't even know the right score for the pitch? Did not the game get close even with this score? If that is choke then many innings in ODIs and T20s are chokes. On the other hand, Mustafizur and Bumrah overs were pure choking under pressure.

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