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  1. Pollack

    Time is running out for KL Rahul

    He will be fine in swinging conditions too. Atleast no indication so far that he is as bad as Rohit when it swings. He needs a kick on his arse to take his game a bit more seriously.
  2. I will be pissd off if we manage to lose from here.
  3. Pollack

    Bumrah set up English collapse today

    Rest assured I am not putting him down. Bumrah is a champion LOI bowler. I have my doubts about bumrah the test bowler which would eventually be cleared for good or worse as he plays more.
  4. Pollack

    Bumrah set up English collapse today

    Shami was rubbish bro. Ishant was very good and trust me I have no love lost for Ishant.He was the one who set up for a collapse.
  5. Short of a good length is shorter end of good length. In any case what constitutes a good length is not dependent on where it pitched alone. Pitch, bounce, batsmen and bowlers height etc all alter what is a good length even if pitches in the areas designated as good length. That is why I rely on my eyes to guage what is a good length rather than having a look at Hawkeye. Bumrah bowled short of a good length.And yes your definition of short of a good length being over than 8m is wrong.
  6. How does it help? When did I say 6m-8m is not a good length. Debate is about short of a good length. According to rKT it's back to good length that is over 8m. According to me, its meaning is shorter end of a good length i.e 7m-8m. In any case, where a ball pitch is not the sole determinant of a good length.
  7. Pollack

    Bumrah set up English collapse today

    Not convinced yet. Bumrah was overall decent today. However it's Ishant who bowled beautifully today and setup the collapse not bumrah. And of course Pandya Sobers was brilliant for a change.
  8. Back of length = Back of a good length = Back end of a good length = short of a good length = Short end of a good length.
  9. Short of a good length is 7m to 8m which is also called back of a length. Over 8m is short. I am sorry this is how it is. You can have your own version.
  10. Bumrah hasn't been bowling many yorkers. Did not see him bowling many during IPL and even after it. Seems like he has cut down the frequency of yorkers himself or feels less confident of bowling them consistently.
  11. Pollack

    First 5-fer for Pandya

    Meanwhile Holding right now :
  12. Well nobody expected Pandya Sobers to prove his worth this sure. I am sure not even he himself. But at the end of the day I am happy since I am a staunch supporter of project Pandya.
  13. Holding must be scratching his head off.
  14. Man, you just debate for the sake of it. 6-8m is good length and 7m-8m is considered back/short of a good length. Most balls in the pitch map are closer to 8m in-between 7m bad 8m. Only few are between 6m and 7m. Please just don't argue just for the sake of it. He has bowled short of a good length.

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