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  1. The true Delhi fan sad story.

    Yes and DD will start winning magically? Too many of young inexperienced players is also not good for winning a tournament like IPL. Problem with DD this year is two fold: 1) Weak bowling 2) Inexperienced (international exposure) batting lineup. Hence unpredictable. They have addressed the the first one a bit to an extent by getting in Avesh. Only a bit better though. They can still win matches with this team when their batsmen click and bowlers do just about decent job.
  2. How is that choke if you don't even know the right score for the pitch? Did not the game get close even with this score? If that is choke then many innings in ODIs and T20s are chokes. On the other hand, Mustafizur and Bumrah overs were pure choking under pressure.
  3. Only bumrah choked. He is making it a habit now.
  4. Dhoni type innings by Pollard. Pollard and Mustafizul should be thrown out.of playing eleven. Bumrah's bad form looks ominous.
  5. Betting,fixing, Buying umpires is normal for CSK. Been doing that since season 1. What I find amazing the losers even fix to get fair play award.
  6. Even Mandeep having fun against this crap bowling lineup of Delhi.
  7. This guy H Patel screwed RCB for years. Let him compensate as a sign of repent.
  8. DD needs to score around 180 atleast. Their bowling is crap. But then RCB is also full of chokers except kohli.
  9. Shreyas completed his quota. Time to go now. :bye:
  10. Who is aaku? Kuch samjha nahi. Only compared because the OP starts with deepika vs Richa I apologise if I come across offensive.
  11. Delhi girls vs bangalore girls. No competition: Delhi girls win. DD vs RCB : Great competition for who is the worst. Supporting RCB to win the battle of being worst.
  12. What's wrong in his captaincy today? Gayla and Rahul can smash anyone. Nothing will work against them when they are in flow except expecting them to mistime.
  13. KL Rahul is the next batting superstar from Asia

    Anyone with a keen eye for talent knows how terrific K L Rahul is. I have never hyped or shown such confidence about my judgement of a player as much as I do for Rahul. Unfortunately he needs to have a very good IPL season or else his future looks bleak as long as kohli is captain. If Rahul performs consistently and at a stage where everyone's eyeballs are like IPL, kohli will be pressurized to pick him.
  14. It's simple. One needs someone who can give terrific advise to bowlers like : Jo bhi dalna hai dal..Dande pe daal...Ye nahi, wo wala daal...
  15. Indian fan accepts Dhoni is God of Cricket

    I would have agreed if cricket consists only of ODIs. One cannot leave out test format. God of cricket should atleast be great in both format or great in one and very good in other format. Dhoni is an Indian ODI great.
  16. RR and DD would compete for wooden spoon this year.
  17. I am loving this....

    I would replace SRH with MI. CSK would as usual contact Srinivasan for help to reach the finals where they would get beaten black and blue by the team with utmost level of integrity and honesty :
  18. Most probably dropped for experimenting with playing eleven since they already had good start to tournament.
  19. Yeah but tbh apart from bhuvi bowling is just ok. Rashid can be taken apart by quality batsmen.

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