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  1. Shami is India's best Test bowler, could fit into SA pace attack very well: Fanie de Villiers https://m.timesofindia.com/sports/cricket/india-in-south-africa/shami-is-indias-best-test-bowler-could-fit-into-sa-pace-attack-very-well-fanie-de-villiers/articleshow/62581635.cms Former South African fast bowler Fanie De Villiers has praised Mohammed Shami as India's best Test bowler and added that the Proteas could easily fit him in their highly-competitive pace attack."Shami is a good bowler. He could play for South Africa and fit into their pace attack very well," de Villiers told PTI after Shami took 4-49 in the second innings at Centurion. He has a beautiful out-swinger, runs in hard, bowls at 140s, and most importantly, he consistently bowls that line to first slip. He bowls the line Glenn McGrath did, Shaun Pollock did, Ian Botham did, Dale Steyn does, and so, he is India's best Test bowler."Overall, Shami is the second-highest wicket-taker in the Test series so far after Vernon Philander, with 9 wickets in two Tests. "When you are bowling in South Africa, it is important to have that away-swinging line. Shami has that. Hardik Pandya has that too, but he doesn't have too much pace. Until he gets that pace he will not be a big wicket-taker "He will fit into India's overseas plans very well though, because he bowls that away-swinging line. Bhuvneshwar Kumar also has that, but he didn't play in Centurion," he said. India's team selection has been a point of sharp debate with skipper Virat Kohlieven losing his cool in the post- Centurion press conference when asked about his tendency to change the playing eleven in every match. For the second Test, Kohli had made three changes, with Kumar making way for Ishant Sharma while KL Rahul came in for Shikhar Dhawan. Parthiv Patel was a forced inclusion as Wriddhiman Saha was ruled out of the remainder of the tour with a hamstring injury. Ajinkya Rahane was sidelined again. "I am genuinely surprised that Kumar didn't play. He should be playing all overseas Test matches for India. He is someone who can take the ball away from right-handers and then bring it back into left-handers as well. "That is the future of world cricket on quicker wickets and this has been the past. Jasprit Bumrah bowled well, but he primarily bowls into the right-hander, or bowls into the stumps. Even on flat wickets like Centurion, Kumar can average 4 wickets per match. It was a big mistake not picking him," said de Villiers. "Ishant Sharma bowls into the stumps. Bumrah bowls into the stumps too. In South Africa, you cannot have two pacers bowling into the batsmen on a wicket like this. Bumrah bowled well in patches yes, but is he going to take 8-9 wickets in a Test? How many times has Ishant picked 8-9 wickets in a test. Pretty spot on about Bumrah and Ishant. Like I have been saying Bumrah doesn't bring anything into tests. He just bring the the bowl into the batsman 97% of the time with the same predictable angle. After a few matches batsman would get used to it. And Ishant is well Ishant Sharma . Even this former SAfrican cannot stop taking a dig at him like when was the last time he picked 8-9 wickets.
  2. Ramachandra Guha never makes any sense to me but tbh this is a thoroughly well written article. India has a lot of talent and resources and still we arent dominating on or off the field. We are not even achieving even 10% of our potential. Nepotism, corruption, crazy amount of money and power and it's misuse isn't letting it happen.
  3. Because he is a Sharma and Kohli is captain.
  4. Shubman Gill or P. Shaw --- who is better?

    Cannot speak for others but at no point (seriously not even once) Unmukt Chand looked quality or even decent batsman to me. He looked plain mediocre.
  5. Shubman Gill or P. Shaw --- who is better?

    Shaw is far from an accumulator. May turn out to be a negative for him tbh.
  6. Shami was decent. Your recent criticism of Shami is because he wasnt hitting the speed guns as he should at least be.
  7. AB de Villiers impressed by Indian pacers' skills and pace

    This is a general trend nowadays in tests. Lower order batsmen show a fight. Even SA bowlers let it happen. Our tail hanged around a lot more after a collapse.
  8. 7 deadly sins of Anil Kumble

    People were complaining about team right from the first day of first day They are not complaining only after defeat. kohli prefers defeat over buddy, False. But he prefers buddy irrespective of whether he is serious of winning or not. Nobody wants to lose. he is a dictator, after defeat if he is seen similing then he is inconsiderate if he reacts in press conference then he is a jerk, True. Absolutely true and that's how it should be. He was seen smiling and having fun just few seconds after one of most humiliating defeat in the finals of CAT on the field itself. How is it justifiable? I don't care if he goes back to his room and dances to chikini chameli or drink to death. On field it came across as he didn't care at all. he hates kumble (True) because kumble wanted Indian team to work hard and kohli hates hard work False. He hates Kumble because he wanted his pet Shastri. kohli is looking for excuse to throw pujara, rahane, bhuvi and rahul out of team because as i wrote earlier he would rather lose than have his buddy rohit thrown out of team. As I wrote earlier, he wants his buddies in the team irrespective of whether he wants to lose or win. Nobody wants to lose. He just fcking thinks he can win by selecting buddies too. He is not going by merit.
  9. Yes go back to wk who debuted years ago and are ttf then say we don't have better keeper and batsman than Dhoni. When are we going to explore potentially better options.
  10. It's still same even today. Only educated younger or older generation is aware but they still say it anyway just for pulling legs.
  11. 7 deadly sins of Anil Kumble

    Golden. King Kohli. Money minded loser Kumble. Sir.....
  12. Ghati means someone from mountains(ghats). Kinda like Pahadi. Funny thing is non Maharastrians(mostly from north India) saw Maharashtians use' ghati ' amongst themselves to refer to 'villagers' or someone who lacks manners or who isn't urbanised enough and like they say ignorance is bliss. Assumed it to be a curse word. @Vilander is one of those though a Madrasi(hehe). N.B: Just fyi Maharashtrian means anyone from maharastra including those whose mother tongue is not Marathi. Another miss information where Maharastrians are equated to just Marathis by other state people.
  13. Bunty Sajdeh: The super-agent

    Had Rahul Gandhi been intelligent his speeches would have been better. So let's appreciate Rahul Gandhi's speeches, isn't it? What's the point, bro?
  14. You are a lost case. I was talking of other sensible fools on ICF. Bye.
  15. Most probably another ID of a ICF Kohli fan. He/She cannot say this with his regular one without looking biased so using another ID.
  16. The discussion is not whether Kumble was selected fair or not. Kohli obviously never wanted Kumble. So, unceremonious exit of kumble. Why have all the trash talks? Leaks from dressing room like headmaster kumble. He made Kumble look like the culprit while it was him who even before Kumble's appointment has disliked it and most probably had a lot of prejudice against him. He most probably never tried and yearned for his pet Shastri.Is there anything lately that shows Kohli is a mature individual. Also where are idiots who were sure Mumbai lobby behind Shastri. No fools it was Kohli lobby.
  17. Was there any doubt to be honest? Been saying Kohli was the one responsible for Shastri as coach. Kumble was made 'bali Ka bakra' whom you feed first (1 year contract) and then kill him for the sake of your prayers. But naive Kohli fans could not believe their hero can do this. So blame game was pushed to Mumbai lobby, Sachin etc but of course not Kohli.
  18. Cricket experts are such a sucker for elegance. Elegance == Talent
  19. Open with Karthik 3rd test???

    Where do people get these crazy ideas from? Opening is a very imp position in tests cricket. Stick with specialists most of the times.
  20. Shami is as good as gone now. Thanks for playing a few tests. Bye now.

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