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  1. It settled down pretty much halfway through Indian batting. And it wasn't very difficult to begin with imho. NZ bowlers especially buolt bowled brilliantly.
  2. Who marshalls all-rounders or part timers.
  3. NZ bowled brilliantly. Conditions weren't very difficult. Won't say it was veRy good when India was batting but only 20% difficult. Obviously a batsman of kohli stature won't find it difficult. But to count it as an innings under difficult conditions is a stretch.
  4. Who is captain of Indian team today? Kohli or dhoni? :)
  5. Tom Latham is impressive. Liked him in tests also.
  6. Time for Jadhav to get an over or two. Surprised he isn't tried.
  7. Jadhav is not from Mumbai. Gavaskar does not back Jadhav LOL Ironically you tag #facts while your post being factually incorrect. Godfather is required when someone does bad. Dhoni had in srini . Rahane has in Gavaskar or Manju. Jadhav has none. Also made clear that he has himself to blame other than this.
  8. Let's not vent our anger on Jadhav alone. The poor guy is going to get booted out soon and he has only himself to blame along with misfortune of not having godfather to back him. There is one other guy who is always defended here no matter what. He disturbs batting order alot due to his incapabilities to fit in middle and lower middle order.
  9. Say sorry shaktiman.
  10. If NZ win today Man Of The Match should be awarded to YUM YES DHONGI.
  11. Oneplus 5 best mobile.
  12. How is Rahul not better than DK (a TTF) ? Jadhav can also bowl and get a feeling if he doesn't score this series it's curtain closed for him .
  13. They might as well send bumrah since no 4 position is jinxed for some time now.
  14. So kedar did not play his natural game which is criticised here. Did it work? It's not the way which is not working we are just not giving proper time to anyone at any position in middle order. Dhoni is a liability and all is done to accommodate him and fit him in this lineup.
  15. After Praise From Virat Kohli, A Response From Mohammad Amir https://amp.sports.ndtv.com/cricket/after-praise-from-virat-kohli-a-response-from-mohammad-amir-1764780?akamai-rum=off
  16. Way to miss the point.. They just forward points which "people" think in favour of dowry. I guess no one is reading the last line. And as disappointing as it is, shamefully it's true to an extent. Look around you, aren't there people who look for economic status of girls family.Points 1,3 and 4 are true to an extent because of our sick mentality. Points 2 and 4 are hilarious though.
  17. Why crackers aren't banned completely? Crackers have no significance for Diwali. Diwali is a festival of light not sound or pollution.
  18. ^ ODI is not a silly format. Personally, I enjoy the ODIs most. ODIs test temperament, skills, ability to cope with pressure, agility and quick decision making.Not many have no work to do to other than follow Murali Vijay, Pujara blocking the hell out of everything for a complete day. Purists have a wrong notion of test being the only true cricket while other formats being stupid, silly or damn easy. T20s are only for entertainment though. Not much great about it other than entertainment quotient.
  19. Prithvi Shaw

    Rohit is everyone's favourite. Maybe he has good personality of the field. Dont think he is ICF favourite though.
  20. Prithvi Shaw

    He has future star written all over him.
  21. He is a handy batsman. Better than Axar Patel. If he is picking wickets regularly in domestics giving him a chance in Internationals is fair. But it should come at the right time that is now; when he is in form.
  22. Mark my post : He will succeed more in test matches than LOI. N.B: Obviously doesn't mean won't succeed in LOIs at all.
  23. Mumbai batsmen rarely shine in ICC finals

    Manjrekar was a nothing. Why even discuss about him. Tendulkar was dicey. He faltered a bit in extreme pressure situations but at the same time carried the Indian batting on his shoulder alone at some point of his career. The burden of huge expectations and to come out with grand success may not allow one to believe he was mentally weak. Rahane is not mentally weak. He does seem to be low in confidence at times when he is in bad form.
  24. Mumbai batsmen rarely shine in ICC finals

    Doesn't matter they take the team to finals. You need to be in finals first to play finals.
  25. Mumbai batsmen rarely shine in ICC finals

    Even the most poor Mumbai team manages to win Ranjj trophies. S Gavaskar was hardly mentally weak. Sachin was a bit vulnerable though but he had huge pressure of being the only hope from public for a large chunk of his career. Even around ganguly and Dravid people expected a lot from Sachin alone.

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