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  1. Kerberos

    I'd hate to be Australia.

    Australians don't care t20s.
  2. Kerberos

    Why didn’t Tendulkar retire after WC2011?

    He did retire after 2011 world cup in no time and he was good in WC2011. It's been since WC2015 where Dhoni was ordinary and still counting years.
  3. Audience was nuts in Wimbledon finals. Showed zero respect to Djokovic.
  4. Hard not to be Federer fan !
  5. Kerberos

    What if Dhoni was not run out

    This time story would be told since he wasn't going to pull it off. This wasn't an IPL match.
  6. Kerberos

    This is more depressing than India's loss

    No. Both the teams were equal in the finals and hence tie twice which is so rare in cricket.
  7. Kerberos

    F | NZ vs Eng | London | July 14 @ 5.30 AM EST

    Latham is a quality batsman. Asked to bat in middle order and is decent.
  8. Kerberos

    F | NZ vs Eng | London | July 14 @ 5.30 AM EST

    India almost lost to Afghanistan. Complete domination in a long tournament is rare.
  9. Kerberos

    F | NZ vs Eng | London | July 14 @ 5.30 AM EST

    NewZealand middle order is better than Indian. Williamson, Taylor, Latham, Neesham and Colin aren't hacks and 3 of them are solid batsmen.
  10. Kerberos

    F | NZ vs Eng | London | July 14 @ 5.30 AM EST

    Flat or helpful wickets England has a team to beat this world cup. Deservedly winners if so.
  11. Kerberos

    Anti Virat Kohli Club:AVKC Reborn

    IPL vs Internationals : Quality is evident. IPL is trash.
  12. Kerberos

    Where is our next superstar?

    Yes and 3 of them were also responsible for WC2011. The players that Dhoni groomed like Rohit and Kohli are still struggling to win anything of note apart from that champions trophy 2013.
  13. Kerberos

    Who will be your 4, 5, 6 & 7 moving forward?

    Vihari doesn't have ODI game.Glad to be proven wrong but don't see it happening.

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