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  1. Sachin's SR in ODI is 86.24. While Dhoni who mostly played in a much better era for scoring is just barely ahead 87.85
  2. Sachin's SR - AVG combo was unmatched to his peers in an era where high SR were not as common as today which is marvellous.
  3. Kerberos

    After Party Shastri

    Kumble was a good coach but too good for players egoes. Shastri is the ego booster that players crave.
  4. Kerberos

    After Party Shastri

    Seriously, this forum hates Shastri. Much of it is irrational. Shastri did give PC after lords defeat even if late. He did not go missing as most uninformed posters or haters here are claiming and liking such posts.
  5. Kerberos

    Butler, you are a STAR!

    Thank for the jinx.
  6. Kerberos

    Bumrah set up English collapse today

    Goes for nature's call.
  7. India wants to grind the England bowlers.
  8. Scoring fast won't be easy. We would neither score runs and will lose all wickets in a few overs time.
  9. Kohli out. Plz send Pant to score quickly.
  10. Kerberos

    Bumrah set up English collapse today

    Ishant goes missing for entire match while Shami goes missing for a session or two. Shami over Ishant any day.
  11. Kerberos

    Dinesh Kartik has been disappointing

    Pant looked much better keeper than Karthik. Karthik is a failure and will fail in ODIs too.
  12. Kerberos

    Bumrah set up English collapse today

    Bumrah's pace did trouble England. Bumrah however was a bit short-ish. Both Shami and bumrah were average with the new ball. Pandya>Ishant>Bumrah>Shami
  13. Kerberos

    Pant has passed first test with flying colors

    Pant comes across confident but not over confident unlike Pandya. Confidence plus great hand eye coordination plus brute force.Pant will learn fast unlike Pandya who is taking his own sweet time.
  14. Kerberos

    IPL match 38: Kings XI Punjab vs Rajasthan Royals

    Yeah! He should throw his wicket away.

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