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  1. 2 minutes ago, NameGoesHere said:

    I don't think these selections are surprising, neither do I believe that Kohli's being parochial or saving spots for his friends. 


    Kohli believes that he can win by going on the offensive.  'Going on the offensive' is his basic sporting philosophy. 


    To execute on his philosophy he will every time prefer offensive weapons over defensive ones. 


    Hence he will prefer Dhawan over KL Rahul, Rohit Sharma over Rahane.  Bumrah over most others.  Kohli wants Sehwag type players  in his Test team -  batting or bowling.


    You can disagree with Kohli's philosophy (I do).  You can say that ODI batting and bowling isn't the same as Test batting and bowling.  Just because Dhawan, Sharma and Bumrah can dominate ODIs doesn't mean they can be equally offensive in Tests.  Players like Sehwag come once in decades.  You can't take an ODI philosophy to the Test arena.  And so on.


    But I for one, even as I disagree with his thinking, can't fault his execution.


    One glitch : K L Rahul is aggressive batsman.

  2. 1 hour ago, SK_IH said:

    I am hugely impressed with pandya's growth as a bowler but to expect him to keep it tight or take wickets in the middle overs is asking for too muche reason why we lost,spinners' appaling performance in the middle overs was one of major reasons for the defeat

    Spinners lost us the Champions trophy finals. Two of the three pacers bowled good. Only bumrah had an off day.

  3. 52 minutes ago, rkt.india said:

    you need to look at players as a whole career and not at 1-2 tournaments. 1-2 tournaments don't make anyone great.  Regarding WC in Aus, big grounds there helped him. IN CT 2013, pitches were drier than expected. It was a dry summer. What happened this time?

    If I am not wrong Zimbabwe batsman took special liking to Ashwin in one of the match of worldcup 2015. 

    Match against WestIndies did not have flat pitch.

    So, Ashwin did good against Pakistan and excellent against South Africa.

    Besides that the other teams were Ireland and UAE where he did good but cannot be counted to mean anything.

    Overall its amazing how perceptions are made. Ashwin was good in Wc2015 but perception is of being very good. However if one microanalyse one can see the truth.

    Microanalysis of any stat is essential least it leads us to illusion.

  4. 1 hour ago, SK_IH said:

    Bhuvi is supposed to do that but unfortunately he has been inconsistent in that regard.But Bhuvi-Bumrah pair is the best we have got and inclusion of any other seamer like Shami destroys the balance of the side.

    Shami-bumrah-Hardik triad is more balanced than Bhuvi-Bumrah-Hardik.

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