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  1. 2 hours ago, randomGuy said:

    Why so much hate? Kumble was a great player but **** as a coach... Just see the results. Shastri hasn't been bad wrt. results. 

    Kumble was a good coach but too good for players egoes. Shastri is the ego booster that players crave.

  2. 2 hours ago, putrevus said:

    Last game it was not about Ishant or any bowler. When your batsmen don't score 100 runs, bowler tend to do too much and end up with nothing. The same thing is happening to England bowlers too this test. 


    Ishant will never win match on his own but he will keep pluging away until we find bowlers who are consistent Ishant has to be in the team.Guy like Shami we have no clue what he will do from spell to spell forget innings.

    Ishant goes missing for entire match while Shami goes missing for a session or two. Shami over Ishant any day.

  3. 14 hours ago, Cricketics said:

    Shami was the one decent. Bumrah kept asking questions with both the new and semi old ball.


    Yes, Ishant too bowed well today, infact everyone did including Pandya who got rewarded with a fifer but Bumrah up the order was a bright change for us. His awkward angle did trouble England.


    Also Shami kept bowling short while Bumrah is known for bowling short

    deliveries, he in fact used his short deliveries to perfection and did not over do it with the new ball.


    We need to bowl a tad fuller. I wish our bowlers do learn to execute that more often, surpeise short stuff and tad fuller at most times to find an edge. They otherwise have bowled fine line all together this series.


    Batsmen must take this game away from England now. 

    Bumrah's pace did trouble England. Bumrah however was a bit short-ish. Both Shami and bumrah were average with the new ball.


  4. 2 minutes ago, NameGoesHere said:

    I don't think these selections are surprising, neither do I believe that Kohli's being parochial or saving spots for his friends. 


    Kohli believes that he can win by going on the offensive.  'Going on the offensive' is his basic sporting philosophy. 


    To execute on his philosophy he will every time prefer offensive weapons over defensive ones. 


    Hence he will prefer Dhawan over KL Rahul, Rohit Sharma over Rahane.  Bumrah over most others.  Kohli wants Sehwag type players  in his Test team -  batting or bowling.


    You can disagree with Kohli's philosophy (I do).  You can say that ODI batting and bowling isn't the same as Test batting and bowling.  Just because Dhawan, Sharma and Bumrah can dominate ODIs doesn't mean they can be equally offensive in Tests.  Players like Sehwag come once in decades.  You can't take an ODI philosophy to the Test arena.  And so on.


    But I for one, even as I disagree with his thinking, can't fault his execution.


    One glitch : K L Rahul is aggressive batsman.

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