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  1. India vs Australia: 2-1 Aussies will win on the seam friendly wicket in Dharmshala. Bangalore test will be a draw. Best Batsmen- Kohli and Smith Best Bowlers- Ashwin and Starc
  2. Rroyce

    Will Indian cricket die if BCCI withdraws from ICC?

    The war between ICC and BCCI will not help anyone. Nobody likes to watch IPL with just Indian first class players. Also, with declining revenues from India, the game can't survive. Having said that, if someone can come out of the rut and rebuild, it's BCCI. That should be BCCI's stand when everything else fails in the negotiations
  3. Rroyce

    Mohammad Amir's stats - hype vs reality

    Poor guy had a lot of catches dropped off his bowling.

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