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  1. Luckily your playing australia. And an unfocused one it seems
  2. Must be more indian fans watching in aus then aussies in order to show us such pain
  3. Fox showing the replay of our loss in the 2015 wc to nz in the rain delay... Bit mean
  4. I think we will all get too see a lot more of him over the next few years. He seems to have the right mindset for cricket. He adapts. But he isnt much of a spinner hahah
  5. Wade talking crap should be edited to "wade is crap - enough said" very few aussies will argue. Appreciate the update. Question of curiosity? What was agar's bowling like today? Shame about kohli not making the ton. But personally i dont want too see him hitting tons against us. I know nobody here will feel the same for the obvious reason. Basically the same as indian fans not wanting smith to do well against india. But we can all appreciate a good innings, sounds like its worth recording the replay to watch it
  6. Late day at work. Any chance any of you good blokes would be nice enough to give me some bullet points of things ive missed/whats happened. Ill give you upvotes for your contribution to fool's knowledge. Also i will really appreciate it because its a lil bit of effort given to help a fellow cricket lover out
  7. Mmm dunno definitely a race between him and ricciardo. One of the few tracks that favour the red bull and danny does like this track.
  8. Holy crap that was a really strange and stupid start in the f1
  9. George bradley hogg. A very much loved aussie.
  10. Just wow. I think i would have preferred wade bowling in his pads
  11. Our own fault for bowling faulkner
  12. Is it just me or was that one of the most frustrating irrelevant 50's? Like he didnt care about anything that was happening in the game. All about him
  13. He did fight hard for it
  14. Fantastic innings pandya. Shame he fell short of the ton. I was enjoying that

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