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  1. There is a reason why lyon gets more bounce than your spinners, same as why our pace bowlers get more bounce. Pitch is still holding up well and looks like it will for 5 days. I doubt it will deteriorate too much. However we do not have a jadeja or kuldeep. We could easily get knocked over for 200. Or we "may" bat well. Either are possible. Early session is gonna be very interesting tommorow. Match is still very much in the balance
  2. Haha jk. Meh he did his job. Pity the rest of our batsmen cant do theirs
  3. Oh good. Its finally official. Despite it being common knowledge for about 2 years
  4. Onya davey. Just goes to show that you can have a poor series but just keep trying and eventually it will come good again.
  5. Im predicting mentions of bears in one form or another
  6. Hardly trustworthy source. But thats what they are saying Edit: i meant foxsports fyi
  7. They are allowed to be arrogant if they want. But the aussies are rarely pushovers in big series
  8. SRT100 going for the smackdown option in his own thread
  9. Playing for an innings win instead of a no possible way to lose declaration was clearly the wrong decision. But nobody really expected the aussies to be so damn stubborn either. So flip of a coin as to whether it was the wrong decision in hindsight. My gut says... maybe
  10. I agree with some of that. Our up an coming batsmen are an issue as to whether or not this bold prediction is true at all. We have so many up and coming fast bowlers its not funny. Losing any or even all of those 4 can technically be replaced with other very talented up and coming pace options. Wade wont be there for much longer and i believe probably whiteman will replace him. Khawaja and s.marsh wont last much longer and there is a bit of a question mark on those places as to who will fill them. Our next gen of spinners is also questionable, but is something we have a little more time to fill the void. We will definitely be competitive in the near to distant future. But dominant is drawing a long bow. Has alot to do with replacements of some quite obvious holes. The resolve seems to be there however, so that is a good sign
  11. I voted nz. To be honest im rather conflicted with that. I don't particularly like them given the local rivalry so to speak. But i think they have done extremely well over the last few years to become a legitimate challenge to play. So they get my neutral vote
  12. I agree. And i agree. he is fantastic to watch when he is playing well. Too many people seem to think aussies hate him. We just hate how he is acting. But then the old "pot calling the kettle black" argument comes into play and we also can't really disagree there. This slump wont last forever. He will be back to his best soon enough. Personally i just hope it lasts for one more game
  13. That didn't work well this match. Not an attack. But rahane didn't really do a good job. Who else would be an option. For the record i think kohli being dropped is a 0% chance and a silly one too. But i understand what you mean by saying that