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  1. I googled it. After the first paragraph of the wiki page i have an answer.... Yes! Afl is better than kabaddi
  2. I dont know. I chose to respond to this before googling kabaddi. I like anything competitive. It really doesn't matter what it is.* being able to bet on it is even better. *not all competitive things are worth watching
  3. Start following the afl. It really is an interesting game
  4. Hahahaha. Yeah well that does make perfect sense.
  5. I'm feeling underappreciated here. Miss warner gets 12 upvotes to my two :( Thanks @Miss Warner and @philcric for noticing that i exist too
  6. Google search virat kohli, change time filter to past hour/past 24 hours and it appears easy enough
  7. Personally i didnt think it was that bad after just watching the press conference.
  8. Yes my congrats as well. Im dissapointed in how we finished up the series. But that is more to do with our shortcomings, poor focus and lack of commitment with the bat. Your mob played seriousley well after that first match and fought your way back to a very well deserved victory. Looking forward to another emotionally charged series in 18 months. This was a cracker of a series and i expect the next one will be too.
  9. Yeah what pollack said. Sorry i was sleeping
  10. Dont disagree with that. Alot of negativity from some of your fans suggesting it's over. It is far from over. Still anyone's series from here
  11. There is a reason why lyon gets more bounce than your spinners, same as why our pace bowlers get more bounce. Pitch is still holding up well and looks like it will for 5 days. I doubt it will deteriorate too much. However we do not have a jadeja or kuldeep. We could easily get knocked over for 200. Or we "may" bat well. Either are possible. Early session is gonna be very interesting tommorow. Match is still very much in the balance
  12. Haha jk. Meh he did his job. Pity the rest of our batsmen cant do theirs
  13. Oh good. Its finally official. Despite it being common knowledge for about 2 years
  14. Onya davey. Just goes to show that you can have a poor series but just keep trying and eventually it will come good again.