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  1. Fool

    Debate on Perth pitch

    Was nothing really wrong with the pitch. But the rating wasn't surprising given the guidelines that are followed. Seems harsh. And probably is to some extent. I thought it was a very entertaining game to watch. Unfortunately we now come to what has been the worst Aus pitch for decades. They have one of the old WACA curators. And he has been trying. But I'd expect a green top that becomes easier as the game goes on. They are doing an overhaul of the MCG drop ins at the end of the season to be similar to those now used in Adelaide and Perth
  2. I dont believe it was just those 3. Just as i didnt believe boof didnt know. And if he didnt know, thats worse because players aren't communicating with the coach. Either way he had to go. I dont know the truth. Not many people do. Im willing to wait before calling for more peoples heads. But the fact that they did such a stupid thing that had literally 0% chance of not being noticed kind of makes me think not many others would be involved. If they asked anyone in the team with a brain. Someone would have said. "Hey guys. There are shitloads of cameras pointing all directions. They will see it" I dont really think the punishments are a cover up. Its more of a media circus caused by the devastated and angry masses. Overreaction maybe. But i dont care. This is unacceptable and if a harsh punishment stops it ever happening again then it is an appropriate punishment. We deserve to be a laughing stock over this. And we will be for a long time. CA know this and im 100% certain they are taking it very very seriously.
  3. Thanks for your useful insight.
  4. We all want the same thing. Australians more than anyone else. The fact CA gave out such bans speaks more about the aussie public outrage than any other countries thoughts on this matter. Im not defending his actions and i support the punishments wholeheartedly. I didnt say anything about his tears other than its obvious he realises now what a ******* idiot he has been. I think you will find that they are mostly being advised to **** their mouths. But we have still recieved more info from anyone in a similar position after the initial fallout. Demanding complete transparency right now is just moronic. Would never happen in any pro sport in any country in the world
  5. Anyone who watches that and doesn't believe he has realised the consequences of his poor actions. Isnt human
  6. Fool

    Is this the end of Cameron Bancroft

    Bancroft may get forgiven. Smith probably will. Warner may never play for australia again
  7. I dont forgive him. I agree with the bans. All of them. But i want boof fired aswell. Still was a bloody tough presser to watch. Hes got a lot of work to do to get forgiveness from us aussies.
  8. I am not shocked tbh. I thought the pune pitch vs us was fkn weird. Hopefully this is an isolated incident.
  9. Im gonna guess england? Wont be us we cant play atm. Would be a massive choke if ind lose this
  10. Ill try and stay awake to watch the whole thing. Allrounders > everyone
  11. Luckily your playing australia. And an unfocused one it seems
  12. Must be more indian fans watching in aus then aussies in order to show us such pain
  13. Fox showing the replay of our loss in the 2015 wc to nz in the rain delay... Bit mean
  14. I think we will all get too see a lot more of him over the next few years. He seems to have the right mindset for cricket. He adapts. But he isnt much of a spinner hahah
  15. Wade talking crap should be edited to "wade is crap - enough said" very few aussies will argue. Appreciate the update. Question of curiosity? What was agar's bowling like today? Shame about kohli not making the ton. But personally i dont want too see him hitting tons against us. I know nobody here will feel the same for the obvious reason. Basically the same as indian fans not wanting smith to do well against india. But we can all appreciate a good innings, sounds like its worth recording the replay to watch it

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