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  1. Frustrated

    Aussies are heading the Westindies route

    Err. What happened? You had it bookmarked for later use.
  2. Monster gone after playing another monstrous inning. LOL. !!
  3. At this rate, padosis might chase the target by tea tomorrow. And create history. Good positive batting so far.
  4. Either of rayudu or karthik should be kicked out of the ODI team ASAP and shubman should be the replacement. Better if we get rid of both NPAs (rayudu and karthik),. But that's is too much to ask. LOL
  5. Worst thing is that there wont be any changes to the ODI squad even if we get whitewashed 0-3 to this A team. COZ WC is only 5 months away.
  6. But he is playing ODIs like Tests. 1 off 15 LOL.
  7. I am yet to understand why the hell did Dhoni retire from test cricket.
  8. Now we can easily expect few padosi posters (who were hiding earlier) to return and have a cup of coffee here. Including this one
  9. It's not even Umpire's call. It was HITTING Leg Stump. Then how is it marginal call ?
  10. Happy to see Mental Cum Physical Midget 'Chahal' being discarded from the squad.
  11. Chokers are choking as usual. From 229/3 to 244/6 Good thing for them is it's a dead rubber.
  12. Great feeling to win a test series in any of the SENA countries. But no need to say sorry to the coach. It was a bit of a depleted Aussie batting line up. We would not hv won the series if Smith and Warner had played. Being at the right time and right place matters.
  13. Finally !! NZ won Good fightback by the minnows, led by Thissara.
  14. 10th wicket Partnership is now 40 runs , and all of them being scored by one man. LOL

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