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  1. Dhawan , vijay and rahul, all are **** in bouncy /swinging conditions. If you replace one donkey with another, the result won't change.
  2. If we can't defend 240 on this pitch with 5 fast bowlers, then we should stop touring SA from now on, and simply forfeit the matches.
  3. Frustrated

    Someone is going to get injured on this pitch

    Dude,. I m also a hahane hater, like you. Really enjoy reading your posts on hahane, who is overrated on this forum (like Shami is). . Keep it up.
  4. Even tailenders are smashing toothless Shami all over. Shameful. He should never play in any format.
  5. Shami was complaining in the post match conference that Kohli did not give him enough overs in the 2nd test. Hope he has the answer now.
  6. it was plumb. and we didnot appeal loudly. There is review left too. WTF
  7. Shami should be permanently kicked out of the team. Guy is totally inconsistent/unrealible/whatever you call him. Even on helpful pitches, he bowls wayward , concedes a boundry every over. It's only a matter of time that he becomes our next Munaf Patel. He is definitely overrated here on ICF.
  8. When India dished out rank turners to SAF in 2015, the ICC immediately started calling their shots and started labeling most pitches as Poor. Now, when SAF serves green mambas to us, the ICC is keeping quiet. Therefore, Ganguly had to make the comment. Had ICC termed the SAF pitches in this series as Poor, Ganguly defintely would not have bothered to speak out. Ganguly is indirectly pointing towards the double standard of the ICC.
  9. When SAF achieves no 1 spot by winning on bouncy green mambas at home, it's alright for you. When India achieves the same on rank turners, why do you hv a problem.? Moreover, the ' rank turner ' thing is exaggerated. No rank Turner was served when NZ, Eng, SL and BD toured India. Even during Australia tour of India, only Pune wicket was a rank Turner.
  10. Frustrated

    Can Pujara get a century

    Here we go again. Pujara gets his well deserved hundred.
  11. Vijay is more experienced at test level, as compared to Rahul and Dhawan. Plus, he plays only one format ie test. unlike the other 2 openers. So, Vijay should get most of the blame and not the others ,for his failure in tests outside subcontinent.
  12. Frustrated

    3rd Test : Pitch

    Of course he will. So will your dp.
  13. Bradman Azam consistently scoring single digit scores throughout the series. Amazing consistency indeed.
  14. Yes, it was Dhoni in that match. But still, Kohli was the Vice Captain. Isn't it.

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