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  1. ICC should also investigate Pak Vs Ireland test match ,. Coz Ireland threw away an easy victory.
  2. Yep. You should be worried about the Nagin Dance.
  3. Frustrated

    Bhuvi in ODIs

    Hopefully, this was his last game in ODIs. Same applies to Shardul.
  4. Kedar Jadhav is probably the only batsman who could rotate his entire body while trying to smash yet the ball does not clear the inner field...
  5. Dhawan rested for the entire england test tour.
  6. Frustrated

    Can Afghanistan beat India in the Asia Cup 2018?

    Does not look impossible. Although the chances are low. It seems the UAE wickets heavily favour the team batting first. As the game progress, the pitch becomes slow and the ball does not come to the bat properly. Today, Rashid and Mujeeb looked unplayable. Yesterday Pakistani batsmen struggled a bit to get 120 odd runs quickly. They took nearly 25 overs. Luckily, there is no kohli this time around. So, we might win a few tosses and bat first. LOL.
  7. Mathoos can't even run properly, he reminds of Inzi Alu Haq. Lankans are now back to their minnow era. Can't beat bangla nor Afghans.
  8. Lankans are in deep water. It seems. Real shame if they get eliminated like this.
  9. Lankans hv dropped 3 catches in first 10 overs of both the matches. I wonder if Arjuna Ranatunga is their fielding coach. ??
  10. Frustrated

    Asia Cup squad announced, Rohit to lead.... Khaleel Selected

    His views and opinions are as mediocre as his own batting.
  11. Frustrated

    Asia Cup squad announced, Rohit to lead.... Khaleel Selected

    The Dubai wicket has absolutely nothing in it for the spinners. If we go ahead with 2 spinners against Pakistan, we r gonna get hammered. Interesting to see what line up Rohit picks.
  12. 3 catches dropped by SL so far. And shoddy ground fielding. Big Luck for the Bangla bros.

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