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  1. Doctored Wicket

    Smith will not appeal against the ban

    From a fan girl of Kohli
  2. Doctored Wicket

    Smith, Warner banned for 12 months by Cricket Australia

    Probably too harsh but now the bar has been set. Lets see other countries follow the lead for similar indiscretions. Must get ball tempering out of the game. Glad to see Warner go anyway. He is a ratbag.
  3. Doctored Wicket

    Rabada's ban overturned, cleared to play in Cape Town

    Rabada initiated the contact. You can see in the replay he moved his shoulder to make contact. That is not an unintentional act. He has form in this area.
  4. Doctored Wicket

    Last day finish at Adelaide-Who will win?

    The new stadium, when finished, might hold test matches agaInst teams that are high in spectator demand. But the WACA will continue to hold test matches against sides that will not fill a stadium. Am looking forward to its completion because the photos of it look amazing. But I don't think anything one knows how it'll play. I imagine it'll be a drop in wicket. But this next test will be at the WACA as the new stadium is not quite finished.
  5. Doctored Wicket

    Aussie Horse Racing

    5 starts, no wins. About 2K in prize money. Thread has no substance and is a waste of space.
  6. Doctored Wicket

    Last day finish at Adelaide-Who will win?

    I'm a bit late with this post, and haven't been in this forum since the last India/oz matches. I thought England had us. However, as it transpired, that last day was the most anticlimactic Day 5 I've witnessed in my life. I was looking forward to a nail biting finish but, as usual, the Poms fell in a massive heap. Root thinks they are back in the series. They might have a better chance of a win in Melbourne or Sydney, but on a fast Perth track they haven't got a snow flakes chance.
  7. Doctored Wicket

    Channel 9 loses 40 million a year by televising cricket

    What has the BCCI got to do with an Australian domestic broadcaster?
  8. Did a fantastic job carrying the drinks. Much better than his batting during the series.
  9. Doctored Wicket

    Richardson hints at ICC Olympic approval

    What a waste of a gold medal. Mainstream sports have their own world cups. Cricket, soccer, tennis etc do not belong at the Olympics.
  10. Doctored Wicket

    Australia lost 300,000 dollars to...wait for it...rain

    Pfffft. Petty cash.
  11. Kohli has issues. There is something wrong with him mentally. He is very fragile in that regard. Lets hope he gets the support and encouragement he requires. His batting could use some coaching as well.
  12. Doctored Wicket

    Dear Indian Batsmen,don't just win..Beat the F out of them tomorrow!

    That's about his style. But who cares about the media? You think the Indian media isn't biased?

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