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  1. I feel like this thread has some more life in it
  2. I mean he is head and shoulders the best test batsman in the world. just about 61 career average starting as a leg spinner and 75 since 2014. I can see this team going a lot more places than the Sri Lanka or South Africa tour ones but way to early to call atg status yet after 1 and a bit series, one against Pakistan in Australia.
  3. Your favorite team as a neutral fan??

    Gotta be South Africa. Player for player the bets bowling attack (minus test spinner) and one of the best batting line ups as well. For how good they are they do kind of under perform, they still do well but they don't have the kind of money to throw at the cricket team like England, Australia and India do. The sad thing is though the bureaucracy, quotas and budget hold them back so much. So many great players for England, Australia and NZ were South African. Kyle Abbot is one of the best bowlers in the world but he had to sign a colpack deal because he couldn't afford to keep playing sporadic tests. If they had the infrastructure of the big 3 they would be by far the #1 team.
  4. Anti Virat Kohli Club

    Rat is a term of respect. I'll break it down. VI-rat Kohli VI is 6 in Roman numerals He is worth 6 but he is only 1, thus this is refelected in his name. therefore rat is a term of highest respect to Kohli.
  5. Because India made the pitch here here and here and it back fired into their face. Nobody's saying that its a good pitch, just happy that we won in India when we weren't expecting it largely because they comically fell into their own trap. If you asked anyone about the pitch they'd say rank turner. Steve O'Keefe was also due for something like this after having some of the best domestic stats ever in Australia for a spinner but never getting a test.

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