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  1. Has anyone seen Split? I am really curious...
  2. hate crimes are everywhere. People think of this country a land of opportunity but what they don't try to imagine how insecure to live in this country. I think everything has a downside.
  3. raiders

    What are you eating now?

    Just finished my aalo naan. Maybe next time I post the photo...
  4. Dhoni is tired I guess. Many good players are out there waiting to get chance.
  5. raiders

    What a great time to be a fan of Indian cricket

    I remember the time when I used to watch text matches for hours without a break. Those were also great times. I am so surprised how things have changed. We also used to play a 10 over cricket with friends and we used talk what if such game of 10 over cricket were played at that time. Well, I am glad that we can now watch the game on our mobile phones .

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