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  1. upriser7

    Non choking Saffer

    ABD played a similar knock against Gujarat in 2016 IPL Qualifier1. Infact ABD's knock was better...RCB were something 40/5 and had to chase 170.. ABD took them home. ABD also did play a very good knock in the 2015 WC SF...not his fault that rain played spoilsport. He also did score 3 50's in the last 4 games of season for RCB, which were virtual knockouts.
  2. upriser7

    Is Dhoni more popular than Sachin ?

    lol no...that was the 2nd international match I have attended in my life and I remember it pretty well http://www.espncricinfo.com/series/12417/scorecard/565820/india-vs-new-zealand-2nd-t20i-new-zealand-tour-of-india-2012 And I don't have any reason to lie just to say something negative about MSD. Even though I love Sachin, I like MSD too. I mentioned about that match to cite how fairweather our Indian fans can be at times. Irrespective of how good you were through out your career, a short slump is enough for fans to turn against the player. Be it Sachin or Dhoni or Kohli, it will happen for everyone. I was shocked that day to see Chennai crowd boo MSD
  3. upriser7

    Is Dhoni more popular than Sachin ?

    As if Dhoni wasn't booed.....I watched India-NZ T20 match in Chennai(around 2012 or 2013). I remember Chepauk crowd booing Dhoni lol...never thought I would see such a day. Dhoni came in when India were in a comfortable position to win the match and then played a very bad knock, India ended up losing by 1 run.
  4. upriser7

    Mumbai Indians Fan Club - 2018

    Rohit has been the biggest disappointment this season. Had just 1 good innings... could have easily qualified if he would have had atleast an average IPL. Way too many close losses
  5. Bumrah despite having few bad games actually has a very impressive economy rate this season...his economy rate this season is less than 7..it's around 6.75 something...which is brilliant considering how he bowls majority of his overs during final 8 overs of the game
  6. upriser7

    KXIP need to sack Ashwin as captain

    He has been doing what Dravid was doing with those RR/DD teams when he was mentoring them...Just way too much unnecessary tinkering
  7. upriser7

    Blatant Umpiring Errors In IPL

    I thought it wasn't a wide while watching the match...didn't see the replay but first impression was that it was a good ball
  8. upriser7

    Match 50 : kings xi vs bambis !!!

    MI's fielding was brilliant...would have probably lost if not for Bumrah and fielding. I absolutely love Krunal, dude can bat, bowl decently and also is a good fielder. He should be replacing Jadeja(if he is still there) in limited overs team.
  9. upriser7

    IPL 2018 is the most competitive IPL ever !!!

    DD despite being out of playoffs, have good future ahead imo. They have now gotten a pretty good Indian core which is extremely important in IPL. They just need to find good foreigners in next ssn auction. Their foreign players have been huge disappointment this season
  10. upriser7

    Mumbai Indians Cheating Tracker

    This thread is literally AIDS
  11. I remember Sachin being injured in that 2003-04 series which Aussies won...he even missed few tests in that series. Also, we should have won that Chennai test but iirc rain played spoilsport
  12. Why are people surprised that Rayudu is playing well? He has been a pretty good player for MI across the years...played valuable innings even in the final when MI won it's first IPL. There is a reason why MI retained him..He didn't perform that good in last season but he has always been pretty decent for MI.
  13. upriser7

    Captaincy Ratings (Indian captains)

    Rohit's captaincy has been fine despite winning only 1 out of 4 matches. His bowling changes and everything were perfect in first match against CSK....but Bumrah probably had his worst match in a long time and we lost it. We were defending something around 140 in 2nd match and we made it till last ball. Rohit's bowling changes, team combinations are usually spot on
  14. That was a brilliant over from Mohit Sharma, even the 4 which Dhoni hit was a pretty good ball. Nice to see some good death bowling under pressure

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