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  1. Competition

    chal bhaag yahan se cheater
  2. Chal bhaag yahan se cheating karke jeeta
  3. Hum jeet gaye First team to win 3 IPLs
  4. kon bana raha thread kal ke match ka
  5. Even more lazy than the last one. that was clearly dhoni catch lol
  6. There is tennis ball kind of bounce on this wicket even 150 will be difficult to chase. Punjab shouldn't try to be over aggressive
  7. Lazy keeping. easy catch dropped
  8. Sab tere thread ki wajah se
  9. Chalo top 2 hamara fix ho gaya
  10. Yup he is injured. Remember he walked off while batting 2 matches ago
  11. Lol no of matches will go upto 94 not 84. And it will be impossible to host that many matches within a period of 45-50 days.
  12. Match Thread

    Everyone is going for runs. Might as well try Jaddu now lol. Nothing to lose
  13. Stokes played the innings of the tournament for me. What a superb match winning knock
  14. Poor over by thampi. Should have gone with yorkers but bowled 4 slowers balls in a row.