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  1. Competition

    Khud hi bana le SL fl main tera lkc pakka hain
  2. Excellent thread Highest Level Played: Inter school as such but played lot of gully cricket too lol. Mostly played as an AR Batting: Mostly a defensive batsman like Dravid. Can stay at wicket for long period of time. Unfortunately don't have any power game lol Bowling: Medium pace bowler who could seam a bit. Fast Leg spinner while playing gully cricket lol Fielding: Very good ground fielder. Catching well least said is better lol. Mostly fielded in the third man, mid on, mid off position. Has a powerful arm which has inflicted run out consistently from such positions @zakk @OpeningBatsmangully cricketers apne bare main bhi kuch batao
  3. You can read some parts of email here
  4. yadav not playing today according to ganguly since he has talked to him
  5. kidhar hain match thread
  6. I think both will tee off now but rain needs to stay away
  7. Maiden over by lakmal
  8. We are batting first
  9. yes shami and ashwin not playing. good choice
  10. we are batting first
  11. Competition

    chal bhaag yahan se cheater