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  1. Day5 Predictions

    Australia 300/7 Match Drawn
  2. We need to get Smith out cheaply. He is going to hold key tomorrow. Jadeja is going to run through every left hander
  3. Should start with Jaddu and Ashwin. There is too much ruf outside left hander off stump to give them headaches
  4. If we declare after this over, we can only bowl 8 over today
  5. WTF is Umesh trying to do lol. Atleast try to hit length deliveries
  6. Attempted more difficult shot should have gone for the sweep. Nevertheless great innings by Saha
  7. Wonderful wonderful innings by Pujara. Has put us in commanding position now
  8. Dont want us to bat again. only taking around 120 runs lead will make us bat again
  9. It will be difficult for Jadeja to hit out since there is too much ruf outside off for him
  10. I dont think we are declaring today. We will try to bat as much as possible and if we dont get bowled out today, we will probably to continue to bat tomorrow possibly for an hour and then declare
  11. When batsman stops padding deliveries outside leg. He need to leave those deliveries
  12. Run rate 2.38 today. Too slow. We really need to get that up.
  13. We do really need to get a move on. Aussies look down and out. Need to take advantage of that
  14. What a horrible review lol. Aussies getting desperate on the field
  15. This new ball is swinging due to overcast condition. Need to see new ball through
  16. Pitch has actually started to turn a bit. Last half an hour or so ball turned a fair amount
  17. Great session for us. We just need to bat and bat as long as we can and get a decent lead. to Puji and Saha
  18. Good intent shown by both to score runs today. We need those

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