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  1. I think during that tour they had the likes of McGrath, Gillespie and Kasprowicz plus had an excellent batting line up. If they do play Bird, then it will be strong signal to India that they have come here to win though I still think they will play Marsh
  2. K Gowtham completes his half century in just 43 balls with 5 sixes
  3. But that would make their batting weak and I don't think Aussies can afford that
  4. 150 For Iyer in just 147 balls with 6 sixes.
  5. Iyer completes his ton but both Pant and Kishan failed
  6. Stumps Day 2: India A - 176/4 Shreyas Iyer : 85 Rishabh Pant : 3
  7. Tactics by Australia to not expose their pace bowling
  8. Yeah I want to see him develop. His bowling has improved a lot since last year and hoping to see the same in his batting.
  9. Pandya at 5 is too high even for his own liking but interested to see how he plays though
  10. Aussies are 436/4 during lunch break. Glen Maxwell has come to bat after Wade was dismissed by Herwadkar. Interesting
  11. Fifty for M Marsh. I am starting to believe that he will play in the first match
  12. 350 comes up for Aussies. They will probably declare after this session
  13. Australia - 327/3 at the end of first day. And yes Dinda bowled an over. Saini is injured
  14. India LOI team in near future focussing on 2019 WC

    Because he did not elaborate. I haven't watched Thampi bowl till now. I am sure he is good prospect seeing many people opinions. Couldn't agree more with your last statement.
  15. Pandya gets handscomb for 45
  16. Shaun Marsh completes his ton. I guess he will retire soon too
  17. India LOI team in near future focussing on 2019 WC

    Neither did you point anything nor ridiculed lol
  18. India LOI team in near future focussing on 2019 WC

    Yeah I agree with you here. I would want a pace bowler with swing in those english conditions though
  19. India LOI team in near future focussing on 2019 WC

    You should first actually learn to read and learn to respect other people opinions lol. I have been watching cricket all my life. You are just an 12 year old keyboard warrior who has no clue about cricket in the first place. First learn about cricket and then quote me
  20. New Zealand vs South Africa - Only Twenty20(Clips Added)

    How is it possible. There are literally 15 different channels dedicated for sports coverage(excluding HDs) and their primary goal is to cover cricket matches.
  21. New Zealand vs South Africa - Only Twenty20(Clips Added)

    That was an excellent spell by Boult. 4-0-8-2 is an exceptional performance when overall RR was 9.25
  22. I cannot understand the logic though. You keep Shardul Thakur as a reserve fast bowler if anyone gets injured but you won't pick him to play a tour game.
  23. India LOI team in near future focussing on 2019 WC

    I wasn't comparing. I was undermining his criteria for selection that a pace bowler with 145kph should automatically be in contention. Pace is not the only criteria maybe cliched but its the cold hard fact. You can bowl 160kph but if you are erratic, he shouldn't be available for selection I have nothing against Thampi. I have never seen him bowl He was in that team when he wasn't erratic and could bowl outswingers at that pace with control and also had an excellent yorker. He wasn't in the team because he could only bowl 150kph+
  24. Saini dismisses Renshaw. Aussies 2 down now

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