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  1. flat_wicket_bully

    Prediction: We Are Going To Put Up A Hell Of A Fight Today

    If we can somehow get ourselves to chase around 250, there is still a minor chance if our batters dont throw their wickets away like in the first innings. But what are the odds of that happening
  2. I have seen Karthik drop some absolute dollies too. Should have tried Pant, we need to invest in new talent
  3. Why the hell is first slip standing so wide. I dont think anyone in the team understands the basics of slip catching
  4. There should be no justification for why Ashwin bowled two full tosses to Elgar when he was under the pump. Pressure that was builded due to those previous deliveries was completely released because of it
  5. Problem with Ashwin is that he tries to bowl too many off his variations instead of concentrating on his stock ball. It is that stock ball which has troubled Elgar the most
  6. Fielding is so rubbish rn, giving runs freely when we need to save them
  7. Ashwin is bowling well now. Just need a bit of luck going for him
  8. AB looking dangerous already. Anything above 200 will be difficult to chase
  9. Ashwin is going to be key in this innings again. I don't believe our pacers are going to extract anything out of this wicket
  10. Rabada is getting this 72 over ball to move away. Awesome display of fast bowling
  11. Kohli saying aur nahi dalega choutha over lol. Watch rabada bowl two more overs lol
  12. flat_wicket_bully

    Philander run-out - Poll

    Only to a fielder who threw the ball to Pandya, Keeper arent credited for runout when they take the bells off, similar case here
  13. That inside edge saved Kohli or he was dead in front
  14. Why the hell are rahul and vijay pushing at deliveries outside off
  15. Rahul will have face one over before lunch
  16. Saha would have gone for that catch wtf is happening
  17. I dont think this players put effort in developing actual cricketing skills like slip catching
  18. This dumbasses cant hold a catch for saving their lives and then expect to compete in an overseas tour
  19. Pujara not in the first slips. What the hell is this nonsense of changing slips catchers every match. Does our team management have any knowledge abt slip catching
  20. AB was playing very subduedly after tea. Probably the reason for his downfall
  21. 4 short deliveries in that over. This is painstakingly bad
  22. Ashwin bowls a short of length delivery and Kohli "Well bowled Ashwin"

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