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  1. That poster is a troll. No matter how many times he is banned he comes back lol
  2. What? In football managers choose different teams for home and away legs lol. When the heck did this happen
  3. ICF Fantasy Hub 2018 | Triple The Challenge

    This is final ashes standing @zakk wapas second last
  4. They have played under pressure both of them got out to nothing deliveries
  5. Kohli missed a straight delivery. Was getting across way too much
  6. 208 to still too much to chase. Pitch is doing a lot today
  7. This inning is not over unless we can get AB
  8. Day 3 - Prediictions

    360/5 SA Amla 133*
  9. Target India would get to chase in Second innings ?

    Above 500. It will expose how poor our pace bowling attack is
  10. As I said yesterday we let them score 140-150 above par lol
  11. That ball deviated 45 cms. How the hell did he even get bat to that ball
  12. Pandya ahead of Saha. kya chal raha hain ye
  13. We should not lose more than 1 wicket in this session even if we just score 50-60 odd. Just wear them out
  14. ICF Fantasy Hub 2018 | Triple The Challenge

    First update of this series is here Ab maza aayega
  15. If rohit scores a century tomorrow !!!

    Will nick one for a duck in the first over lol
  16. India vs SA 1st Test. Predict the Result.

    Innings and 100 run defeat tomorrow
  17. Will we cross 150?

    Both the innings combined maybe or maybe not
  18. DAY - 2 Predictions

    114 a.o SA 185/2
  19. India to skittle out tomorrow before 100. This team has no spine to survive on a tough wicket
  20. Dhawan gone lol. What a pathetic shot lol
  21. Vijay gone what a stupid shot
  22. 11 or 12 depending on over rate
  23. 286 in first inning - How do you rate our performance today?

    Very poor bowling performance, they should never reached 200 on this pitch
  24. We will probably face 12 years today, probably gonna be 2-3 down by the end of the day
  25. They are already 130-150 above par on this pitch. We will skittle out at around 130-140 on this pitch

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