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  1. Ashwin bowls a short of length delivery and Kohli "Well bowled Ashwin"
  2. Still trudling at around 133-135k. Ridiculous from our supposed spearhead
  3. Why the heck is Ashwin bowiing on leg stump when bowling is spinning and bouncing
  4. Ashwin will never get a better pitch to bowl on this overseas leg. If he doesn't have any impact in this match, he will never have any in this entire overseas leg
  5. Vijay drops a sitter. A total misjudgement
  6. Pitch looks dry, get ashwin in place of shami
  7. Shami is trundling, don't know why is playing when he is not fit
  8. flat_wicket_bully

    Freedom Series Predictor - 2nd Test - Day 5 Updated !!!

    Batsman-Kohli Bowler-Bumrah Fielder-P Patel
  9. Saha has a niggle, Rahul comes in for Dhawan, Ishant comes in for Bhuvi for extra bounce - Kohli
  10. flat_wicket_bully

    Freedom Series Predictor - 2nd Test - Day 5 Updated !!!

    I will do this after the team is announced for 2nd test.
  11. No two threads were merged I am talking abt Shy9 aka khiladi786 aka i forgot his name now
  12. That poster is a troll. No matter how many times he is banned he comes back lol
  13. What? In football managers choose different teams for home and away legs lol. When the heck did this happen
  14. flat_wicket_bully

    ICF Fantasy Hub 2018 | Triple The Challenge

    This is final ashes standing @zakk wapas second last
  15. They have played under pressure both of them got out to nothing deliveries
  16. Kohli missed a straight delivery. Was getting across way too much

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