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  1. 6 minutes ago, Adi_91 said:

    With a belly even in his playing days, he was playing. So he is not all wrong on his views.

    What views lol. He just said that nehra deserves his place in the team because of his performance in T20s in last 2 years lol. I cant seem to remember any match he won in last 2 years. He also said that T20s should be taken into consideration for picking a team for 2019 WC 

  2. Zverev is a big no no in slams. Unless he starts improving his performances in slams, I will not consider him contender in any of the slams in future.


    Shapovalov into third round. If he can keep his form, he has a great chance of reaching the finals from his half. Only Cilic seems to be a contender from that half (even he is playing his first tournament since Wimbledon)

  3. 21 hours ago, I6MTW said:

    Willl fed go deep? Based on his first round performance, it raises doubts.

    I guess we will know abt this today vs Youzhny. Fed said he was rusty due to lack of practice. If his back holds up only Nadal can stop him (even then chances of Fed are much higher than him)

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