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  1. bhakum20

    Mohammad Abbas...

    Munaf was such a talent. Before Umesh came onto the scene I thought Munaf was destined to greatness but it was so sad how he lost focus. But he was an accurate bowler though and did get seam movement every now and then even on flat tracks in Windies IIRC. As for this Abbas, I’m still not convinced about his bowling. He seems to be having beginner’s luck ala Ajantha Mendis(I know spinner but still). No matter how accurate you are, dibbly-dobbly bowlers have never dominated over long periods of time. Lack of bounce is a big minus point. We will have to see him after 5 years how great he is, and that too if he exists at that time and hasn’t fallen into the typical Pakistani hole of substance abuse, women abuse, cheating, fixing etc.
  2. bhakum20

    Mohammad Abbas...

    Some epithets for Abbas: Rich man's Vinay Kumar Poor man's Philander
  3. bhakum20

    Mohammad Abbas...

    Looks like Vinay Kumar Rebooted.
  4. bhakum20

    What an impressive performance from Umesh Yadav

    9 lbw/bowled out of 10 wickets. that is truly magnificent! if he were bowling in the bottle-top era he would've become ATG
  5. maybe the 5 foot tall selector babus have some complex or jealousy against tall sportsmen and don't select them :/
  6. these are basics that even a 10 year old knows about. There's nothing to think so deeply about. It's a sport for god's sake not some science experiment. It's just that selection is politicized and people have their views about choosing experienced players or favorite players, regardless of how talented they are or what's required to actually get the job done.
  7. if siraj was selected at least could've watched him, now there's nothing at all.
  8. bhakum20

    1st Test , Australia tour of UAE at Dubai, Oct 7-11

    Still 40 odd overs to survive, only 5 wickets left, congrats poyyzz
  9. bhakum20

    1st Test , Australia tour of UAE at Dubai, Oct 7-11

    How tall is Abbas ?
  10. Yes they matter more. Ranking system needs to be changed, away wins need to be given more points as simple as that. then no one will have any false notions of being number one team when they get repeatedly thrashed away. It's a unique sport where home conditions are different from away conditions and if a team wins away that should to be appreciated even more. Ranking system needs to reflect that.
  11. so no siraj, alright time for me to abuse kohli on twitter, first need to create account. And thakur who??
  12. Asia cup was actually better than expected, made for some good viewing even though I didn’t care about it initially. WI series is as expected
  13. bhakum20

    Ind's answer to Starc-Cummins-Hazlewood

    Just looking at stats is so depressing for foreign bowlers in aus. Even the great steyn averaged almost 29. Our bowler’s averages look like batting averages. Purely statistically I’m not keeping my hopes high for this series, will be interesting to see how effective bumrah will be. He is interesting because he isn’t very tall but does manage to get some lift off the length ala Marshall. All the great aus bowlers have been at least 6’2 to get steep bounce: McGrath, Gillespie, Clark, Hazlewood etc. So honestly apart from Bumrah and maybe Sharma, you can choose any 2 other wildcards and I doubt they can make much difference. However like others have said we should pick tall bowlers for the other two spots and not shami who’s more of a skiddy bowler so his chances of succeeding there are less. Finally, it’s clear that the team management hasn’t planned for the AUS tour and groomed uncapped tall bowlers beforehand.
  14. Im in awe of Kohli the batsman and don’t voice my opinion too much on team selection since it’s very subjective and sometimes political, but if he doesn’t select siraj for next test I’m gonna abuse him on Twitter.
  15. yes and we all came from africa, any more history lessons to give? talk about the current form. anyway why did i waste my 2 mins arguing with a 10year old.

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