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  1. We have 4 fast bowlers and none of them can bowl full and straight?? We just need 1 wicket, this is not the time to test the batsman outside off
  2. Give the ball to Ishant his inswingers should do the trick. Don’t want to overbowl bumrah
  3. I don’t think they bowl short intentionally, they try to bowl good length but because of lack of rhythm try to bang the ball at pace and land it short
  4. Now that’s a Starc Special. So good to watch
  5. Bumrah tried Yorkers but they became fulltosses
  6. We have other bowlers too. Shami was off but Ishant does the job. The only weak point of Bumrah I can see is that in tests he is not able to get his Yorkers right. He’s super smart so I hope he figures it out soon. He bowls Yorkers at will in LOIs, needs to use the same mental process in tests too.
  7. bhakum20

    Why are India so bad at knocking over the tail ?

    One weak point of Bumrah has been that he hasn’t been able to get his Yorkers right in tests. He’s the smartest guy around so I hope he works on it quickly
  8. bhakum20

    Why are India so bad at knocking over the tail ?

    Years of tape ball cricket where they bowl full and quick
  9. Oh my, why is shami wasting deliveries here. He’s bowling at tailenders, why is he bowling so wide
  10. From the graphic it shows they have to pitch it at the edge of good and full length to hit stumps. As I mention that shami bowls a short and wide ball :/
  11. Finally the right length does it. Good breakthrough by umesh followed by bumrah. Strange that bumrah can’t get his Yorker right in tests. In LOIs he’s bang on with them
  12. bhakum20

    Is Umesh really that great strike bowler?

    Very true, it is not easy at all which is why 90% of international bowlers won’t be having the control that the top bowlers have. We can’t expect every bowler to have McGrath or Philander like accuracy.
  13. bhakum20

    Is Umesh really that great strike bowler?

    good length is hitting top of off stump anywhere in the world. If it bounces more, you've to adjust your length and be fuller compared with home pitches. The key is being relentless and surprise ball: you tire the batsman and keep him guessing by bowling a tight line/length, and then suddenly you slip in that fuller ball that swings and gets him lbw/bowled, or that juicy half-volley that the batsman nicks. Umesh has the surprise ball, in fact 90% of his deliveries and full of surprises, but he doesn't have the relentlessness. That's the problem.

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