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  1. bhakum20

    Ranji trophy 2018-19

    Best part of the match was unadkat’s celebrations after taking a wicket. What a beast!
  2. abbas bowling 123kph bouncers lol... these guys should be fined for making a mockery of ‘fast bowling’ and bringing the game into disrepute
  3. bhakum20

    Need for Speed

    Loved mavi’s bowling in U19. Haven’t been able to watch his Ranji exploits
  4. bhakum20

    Need for Speed

    I wish India paid well than what they currently do. I would come back instantly to scout for quick bowlers, that would be a dream job given I’m past 30 now and can’t be a bowler myself.
  5. bhakum20

    Need for Speed

    We’ll all be long dead before we find another one like JB, he’s an outlier. From the prospective ones I guess Avesh Khan looks good, nice rhythmic runup and powerful action, seems well built too. Gets wickets both around offstump as well as bowled/lbw. However without seeing him play in international games, ODI’s for a start, we can’t gauge how good he is. Not sure if he is on selector’s radar.
  6. bhakum20

    Need for Speed

    Very good point about bowling machines and being easy to adjust to high pace these days. Look at how 150-155kph deliveries are smashed for sixes in T20’s if you make the slightest of errors in line/length.
  7. bhakum20

    Need for Speed

    but it requires accuracy to target the batsman in the first place. So pace + accuracy is needed which we last had with srinath, and now our troika.
  8. bhakum20

    Best fast bowler? Rabada vs Md Abbas vs Bumrah

    Lol, abbas is nowhere near these, crap comparison. He’s just a rich man’s Mustafizur it should be rabada, bumrah and cummins. Hazlewood should be there but currently has been a bit off color. However form is temporary, class is permanent. After few more tests Shaheen will be in top 5 as well
  9. bhakum20

    Congrats to all Indian Fans - A superstar is born

    John Wright spotted him in SMA T20 in 2013. Great eye!
  10. bhakum20

    3-day Test

    But if there are fewer wickets to take then you'll be batting in the last innings on day 3. And day 3 isn't always a belter, unless you've stats to prove that. I've seen games getting over on day 3 itself as well.
  11. bhakum20

    3-day Test

    So how do we get more spectators to test cricket? What about the idea of merging ODI and Test's good points that I mentioned above.
  12. Managing a star pace bowler is a brand new problem for the TM. We have had plenty of star batsmen but their workload cannot be compared to a pace bowler’s. They have their job cut out. Although from B. Arun’s PC it seems they know what they’re doing.
  13. We could potentially rest Bumrah and call up some of these guys for ODI’s just to get their feet wet. But Kohli has been terribly conservative in his selection so I doubt that will happen. That’s one thing we should learn from Pak mgmt how they fast tracked Shaheen.
  14. bhakum20

    3-day Test

    5-day tests are too much in this day and age but test cricket is awesome because the bowlers actually have to bowl sides out unlike LOI. So what about 3-day test with only 6 wickets to take per innings? Everything else would stay the same. Fielding side would still be 11 players, 4 innings max and 90 overs per day from morning to sunset. ODI’s are extremely boring and lack any kind of context, so some of its good points can be combined with the 3-day test concept above. It would be a 3-day test with 50 overs per day, and be day/night match with white ball for 3 days. Best part of 3-day test is it starts on Friday and ends on Sunday, so spectators would come hopefully. T20’s can remain as it is for hit n giggle cricket
  15. it’s not easy to bowl out with pacers when it’s the spinners you’ve relied on for years. Pacers had bowled on the stumps last evening but it didn’t work. combination of tired bowlers and some defiant batting. howver this morning bowlers changed their plan to bowl as if they’re bowling to specialist batsmen and it worked. one was a channel ball and the other a good bouncer. its a game of probabilities, bowlers/captain did a good job securing the victory

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