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  1. bhakum20

    My goals for India

    ^^ Awareness can take generations, even centuries. Basically there are two ways you can instill civic sense, the quick way is you fine the sh*t out of them like Singapore/Gulf countries, or you be like Japan where civic sense comes from within the people. Modi has chosen the second option which will take time. A good place to start is overhauling primary school by really sensitivizing kids to such issues. When they grow up they will not tolerate “chalta hai”.
  2. bhakum20

    My goals for India

    ^^ here’s an idea for you. Start small. How about you create a survey in the local language and go to the tiniest of villages. Ask them about law and order, air quality, education etc. If they’re not satisfied then you can work on them. I’m guessing you have enough funds to help them out. Even Ambani, who’s a trustee of the Nathdwara temple, tried to improve the Nathdwara experience by widening the roads, enhancing cleanliness etc. The people refused. Good luck!
  3. bhakum20

    My goals for India

    my close family still lives there, I’ve lived there for some time, I know how/what majority thinks. majority of the population barely make rs.15k/month to be worried about air quality and what not lol. These are very western/developed countries’ things to be worried about. Better how? By using developed countries’ metrics? I’m sure you’ve read about how people refused to use toilets inside their homes. They don’t see it as ‘better’. I’ll say it again, the standards there are different. What you’re trying to do is to ‘civilize’ the population according to your own standards, something that the brits tried to do before.
  4. bhakum20

    My goals for India

    it’s only a problem to you or people living outside india, not the 90% of the people actually living in india. india is a free country, a democracy, not a dictatorship. if majority of them are happy with the current standards of cleanliness etc, whatever their standards may be, then who are foreigners to complain? For those who seek more ‘developed’ standards, they just emigrate. They don’t waste their time trying to change billion people’s views on standards. Its not that the standards are lower in india, they’re just different. It will develop - whatever that means - at its own pace. And these things you mention I don’t think require radical ideas. They should be quite simple to implement, but that’s not the will or priority of the people/government
  5. it’s commendable how he still has the hunger since his u19 days. Unfortunately he doesn’t have that x-factor to make it big at the top. Apart from slower ball, I don’t see any strengths he can work on....
  6. bhakum20

    My goals for India

    I really doubt majority of resident indians have such aspirations. These are the goals of NRIs/foreigners of indian origin not resident indians. If you go to religious sites and you comment how filthy they are, they will say oh not at all this land is blessed by god it’s not unclean! I mean how can you even argue with such people :/
  7. ^^ Cant put Zak in the same class as others. He had famously said that Indians are not made for fast bowling. To be fair to him, I had the same view about 10 years back. However I’m absolutely disgusted at bhogle and even karthik(can’t believe he played intl cricket with such a mindset) disputing the right arm fast tag. Many fast medium bowlers in the past were classed as fast purely due to perception ala Wasim. I’m 100% certain if there were no speed guns today, Bumrah would be perceived to be 150+ and would be classified as express pace, because he is so difficult to pick and gets so much lift at brisk pace
  8. bhakum20

    Ranji trophy 2018-19

    Best part of the match was unadkat’s celebrations after taking a wicket. What a beast!
  9. bhakum20

    Need for Speed

    Loved mavi’s bowling in U19. Haven’t been able to watch his Ranji exploits
  10. bhakum20

    Need for Speed

    I wish India paid well than what they currently do. I would come back instantly to scout for quick bowlers, that would be a dream job given I’m past 30 now and can’t be a bowler myself.
  11. bhakum20

    Need for Speed

    We’ll all be long dead before we find another one like JB, he’s an outlier. From the prospective ones I guess Avesh Khan looks good, nice rhythmic runup and powerful action, seems well built too. Gets wickets both around offstump as well as bowled/lbw. However without seeing him play in international games, ODI’s for a start, we can’t gauge how good he is. Not sure if he is on selector’s radar.
  12. bhakum20

    Need for Speed

    Very good point about bowling machines and being easy to adjust to high pace these days. Look at how 150-155kph deliveries are smashed for sixes in T20’s if you make the slightest of errors in line/length.
  13. bhakum20

    Need for Speed

    but it requires accuracy to target the batsman in the first place. So pace + accuracy is needed which we last had with srinath, and now our troika.
  14. bhakum20

    Best fast bowler? Rabada vs Md Abbas vs Bumrah

    Lol, abbas is nowhere near these, crap comparison. He’s just a rich man’s Mustafizur it should be rabada, bumrah and cummins. Hazlewood should be there but currently has been a bit off color. However form is temporary, class is permanent. After few more tests Shaheen will be in top 5 as well
  15. bhakum20

    Congrats to all Indian Fans - A superstar is born

    John Wright spotted him in SMA T20 in 2013. Great eye!

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