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  1. bhakum20

    What would you like to learn from....

    get a language exchange app like hellotalk, many arabic speaking girls on it
  2. bhakum20

    Ball of the tournament so far

    match winning wicket, if there’s such a thing
  3. bhakum20

    List of Excuses by the Awam

    umpire didn’t warn ameeer STRONGLY enough for him to go around the wicket and get rohit out early on, ala wahab
  4. bhakum20

    Time to accept that Cummins is better than Bumrah

    Hate to say it but ameeer far outclassed bumrah today. It’s always interesting to compare performances against opposition bowlers per match. But he is a quick learner and will analyze what went wrong. His pace was down too. Golden boy will bounce back soon
  5. the harsh thakor virus is spreading
  6. world class batsman my ass lol, looks like a selfish prick who tries to play all kinds of shots so that he can watch it on replay later
  7. bhakum20

    So how to stop Amir on sunday?

    mehmet ameeer isn’t that great really, the batting was poor. yes he gets the odd ball to straighten but so do many other bowlers. He’s a nothing bowler, but I get that he might have a psychological edge over our batsmen due to CT17. Our batsmen should treat him like any other trundler and smash him out of the park when there’s a chance
  8. need starc and cummins to get 6 of them under 100
  9. Bumrah must be pissed his econ went over 5. What a beast in this day and age to have an ER of 4.5
  10. bhakum20

    The Bouncer strikes back

    imagine if cricket was their first choice
  11. bhakum20

    Yogendra Yadav was called Salim as a child

    dharmic faith is ill equipped to fight against abrahamic forces because the faith is too wishy/washy, its basically a fruit salad, a mish mash of conflicting ideas. People don’t know whether to stress on mahabharat/gita which stresses on fighting adharm, or embrace non-violence which has somehow crept in from jainism/buddhism. There’s no single uniting core of the faith. 1000 years of losses should be evidence enough. I dont see this all-encompassing feature of dharmic faith as a strength, it has been a massive weakness. My suggestion is to leave the faith full of conflicting ideas and adopt a practical approach to life i.e. focussing on science/technology, adopting strong work ethic, and having extreme revulsion of any conquerors, especially abrahamics.
  12. bhakum20

    My goals for India

    ^^ Awareness can take generations, even centuries. Basically there are two ways you can instill civic sense, the quick way is you fine the sh*t out of them like Singapore/Gulf countries, or you be like Japan where civic sense comes from within the people. Modi has chosen the second option which will take time. A good place to start is overhauling primary school by really sensitivizing kids to such issues. When they grow up they will not tolerate “chalta hai”.
  13. bhakum20

    My goals for India

    ^^ here’s an idea for you. Start small. How about you create a survey in the local language and go to the tiniest of villages. Ask them about law and order, air quality, education etc. If they’re not satisfied then you can work on them. I’m guessing you have enough funds to help them out. Even Ambani, who’s a trustee of the Nathdwara temple, tried to improve the Nathdwara experience by widening the roads, enhancing cleanliness etc. The people refused. Good luck!

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