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  1. bhakum20

    Your cricket bucket list

    Watched some Ind-Pak match in Sharjah(all I remember we lost by a big margin chasing) and final of desert storm series which was also Sachins Bday Wish to go for Ind-Aus tests end of this year
  2. bhakum20

    James Anderson, 10 years on

    His out swingers are Steynesque, good to watch
  3. Truly Kingworthy performance from Kohli, amazing given how the other guys performed. I don't normally like watching batting but this was a treat to watch, top class stuff!
  4. bhakum20

    Test Cricket is Best Cricket

    Well too bad we are an extremely tiny minority so let’s enjoy it while it lasts.
  5. good start umesh...cmon 1st over wicket
  6. yadav copied ishant's ponytail
  7. The only thing he is consistent in is inconsistency :P But yeah he’ll relish bowling with the big fat seam
  8. Asking for a ban....
  9. Oh man, rooting for this guy has been so painful. I get so scared every time he comes in to bowl, you just automatically start praying that he doesn’t bowl down the leg side. Most unpredictable bowler of all time, rivaling the great Ajit Agarkar. I’ve no idea how he’ll do in this series, I just wish he rips the eng boys apart.
  10. bhakum20

    Fakhar Zaman 200 coming?

    wtf I just found about this series. Why is pak playing tier 3 countries all the time nowadays?
  11. bhakum20

    Bumrah will win us the series.

    First bumrah needs to get fit, otherwise it'll be tragic. Bounce + Seam will make him deadly, assuming the pitches aren't absolute roads. To me, bumrah is in the mcgrath/asif mould. Quick, accurate and gets just enough seam. Watch few of his wickets against SA in tests and he managed to get some nicks beautifully off accurate 140k+ bowling with little bit of seam. Got an awesome bowled as well. Mcgrath/Asif really owned in Eng, I've no doubt Bumrah can do as good if not better.
  12. Great stuff! Respect to the girl
  13. bhakum20

    Vedic farming - India's next green revolution!!

    it's an article, not a paper reviewed by experts in that field. Article only analyzes the sounds of Om etc. using scientific terminology, it does not present evidence of trials that show effectiveness of vedic chants. If you were only claiming that such chants improve focus for meditation then fair enough. Same thing can be said of classical music or trance music.

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