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  1. Lol in all of history we have never had positive trade balance, so there’s no way you can give a positive twist to this. Import bill will keep rising, but no let’s celebrate when 1$=1000,000Rs When did this idea of weak rupee is good for country start to spread? Let me guess, because it helped China, conveniently overlooking the fact that they have had huge trade surpluses. How dumb can the public be
  2. bhakum20

    Bumrah no. 1 in odi ranking

    I'm just amazed at the intensity with which Bumrah has been bowling with for several months now regardless of the format, mark of a world class bowler. May it long continue
  3. bhakum20

    India world champions U19 2018

    Congrats bachha log! This team doesn’t seem to have any major weaknesses, they’ve been clinical in their victories and avoided any drama.
  4. I thought Arjun started pace bowling early because his dad wanted to become one originally. Yep let him figure out what he’s good at on his own, he doesn’t need to be express if he can do well bowling around 80mph and get some bounce/seam with his height. He might end up being 6’1 if he hasn’t finished growing yet
  5. bhakum20

    I would not play Bumrah in England: Michael Holding

    ^^ Someone really needs to knock some sense in Umesh and show him videos of his performance vs Aus. We cannot afford to let this guy drift away, it will be a massive loss. How about we start a "SAVE UMESH" movement.
  6. Great read. On the one hand you have this kid who came out of nowhere, and on the other hand you have Arjun Tendulkar who possibly has the best training at his disposal and last I heard he was barely breaking 80mph. Maybe it's true that fast bowlers cannot be made. This is not to say at all that Arjun cannot become a skillful bowler, he may very well become one, but my point is purely about speed. Nagarkoti was quick even at age 8! Would be interesting to know whether it's genes, or conditioning at a young age: running a lot etc. He can write a book about it.
  7. bhakum20

    Where are all the experts now, thunders Ravi Shastri

    The 1st point was a blunder, absolutely no other way to look at it. If form is so important, what next, take a gully cricketer with avg. 1000 and throw him on seaming pitches?? Rahane's ability was there for everyone to see in the last test. Agree with him on selecting Ishant instead of Bhuvi, that was a good call. Ishant is no beast but Bhuvi wouldn't have been able to do much on that surface. Maybe they could've selected Jadeja but that's asking for too much foresight.
  8. bhakum20

    Bilateral ODIs are a snooze fest

    SIX is absolutely terrible, I wanna club the guy who came up with this outrageous ‘idea’! 3 would have been just about right. Even 5 games would be too boring
  9. I didn’t watch a single ball of the 1st ODI, and most likely won’t watch any of the 6, wait is it really 6 SIX ??!!, games. At least tri-series have some unpredictability and excitement. Not sure why we don’t see these often Flat pitches have made it even worse and just downright awful to watch, there is absolutely no contest between bat and ball, who the hell enjoys this crap? Does anybody give a damn about these meaningless games??!! An additional test alone would have been infinitely better than this whole crap ODI series
  10. bhakum20

    Hashim Amla’s House in Southafrica

    I thought muslims are supposed to live a modest life and not show off their wealth. But their religion is full of hypocrisy so not surprised to see this.
  11. great stuff from all of them. really enjoyed watching Bumrah's deliveries rise off the length at brisk pace! Reminds me of Srinath Shami is an interesting character, blew hot and cold as expected, but when he did come to the party, he did and how! Maybe that pep talk by Guru Shastri helped They will most likely do very well in England. Key question is how will they perform on Aussie tracks, would need ample practice there to get their lengths right from ball 1.
  12. bhakum20

    What’s a good target ?

    Get 200, put SA to bat and get quick 1-2 wickets today Gold
  13. yup, 200 I feel is a matchwinning score. Even 150 looks tough. Now if only our tail can survive little longer and get few runs...
  14. bhakum20

    Kohli has raised his profile as batsman in this series

    Damn right! I had created a thread before the series start and my money was on Kohli to be the best batsman, he always seems to raise his game against top guys.
  15. He'll be fine. As you said outside Asia pitches will be helpful for him to get that occasional outgoing one. In subcontinent although pitches favor spin the variable bounce can bring lbw/bowled into play with his incoming deliveries. If pitch is completely flat then no bowler is going to do well anyway.

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