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  1. Akram ,McGrath , In currently bumrah
  2. kohli

    Ranji trophy 2018-19

    What is ur view on roosh kalaria ( fast bowler from gujrat) & akshdeep nath ( up captain)
  3. kohli

    Ranji trophy 2018-19

    Jadeja 150 again
  4. Kohli,dhwan,bumrah & kuldeep can win all 5 match by single-handed
  5. kohli

    Is Bhuvi Kumar India's Jade Dernbach in LoIs?

    Bhuvi is the first average cricketer in world who getting royal treatment.
  6. Everyone likes best batsman,mean kohli,sachin has 100 percent fan base nobody against,but batsman like rohit,dada ,dhoni,dravid has (50-75) percent true fan and also (20-30) percent fan don't like them.in this case rohit,dhoni fans look like hardcore fan because they fight against anti ( rohit,dhoni) fans ,but in sachin ,kohli case (0 against) that way we feel kohli don't have hardcore fan.
  7. Kohli always care indian team,he don't give any importance to ipl.rest kohli,Sharna,dhwan,chahal,kuldeep,& hardik from haif ipl match.
  8. I think our cricket expert didn't watch ipl.panday in t20.
  9. Dhwan is useless in t20,better give opening postion to rahul. Rohit Rahul Iyer Pant Dk Krunal Sundar Bhuvi Kuldeep Bumrah Chahal
  10. I Will not surprise if rahul sit on bench
  11. kohli

    Probable World Cup Squad Of 15 as of now

    Rohit Dhwan Kohli Raydu Dhoni Jadhav Hardik Bhuvi Kuldeep Jadeja Bumrah Rahul (backup opner) Pant,(wk & middle order batsman,) Chahal Khalil/ umesh
  12. kohli

    Rishab Pant will be dropped next match

    If jadhav Will bowl 10 over ,hetmayer Will hit him more than 100
  13. kohli

    Rishab Pant will be dropped next match

    Chahal honeymoon period is going over.flop in eng,average in asia and now

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