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  1. Jamadagni

    Feel sorry for Nair

    Unfair yes, but for the benefit of the team. Nair is a mediocre bat, who got exposed against pace at home itself. He shouldn't have been in the squad in the first place along with Shradul. Now imagine Siraj getting selected for the last two tests and playing in this test ahead of Shradul, who was in the squad for the whole tour. Would you have still felt sorry for mediocre Thakur?
  2. Pandey is on fire... 68*(53)
  3. No. Two drops in the first test. Even it that, one was a half chance. Don't think he got any lives in the last match and this one.
  4. Jamadagni

    Didn't think I would ever say this but......

    Brilliant commentator. The best Asian commentator by miles.
  5. Pant should be in the team just for his keeping.
  6. Bumrah isn't getting his length right. Bowling too short.
  7. Jamadagni

    3000 test runs for Rahane

    Rahane helped us win the only two overseas wins we've had in the last 4 years. His innings in the third test in SA is criminally underrated, especially since it was his first match on that tour. Now we might win this as well. Goes to show how important his contributions are to this team.
  8. Rahane has this ability of playing the ball so late. No reason why he can't average in high 40s this series.
  9. Jamadagni

    All is not lost .

    They also didn't have the services of Woakes and Toby Ronaldo Jones. Their drops were even costlier. Their batting is still better than ours. Doesn't matter if we don't post 350+ totals.
  10. What an innings from Kohli. Genius that he knew when to get out as well.
  11. Hardik isn't getting dropped in any test. This going to be the likely XI for the first test. I expect Bhuvi to be fit by then but not Bumrah. Dhawan Vijay Pujara Kohli Rahane Karthik Pandya Ashwin Bhuvi Ishant Shami Not bad. Rahul in for Vijay/Dhawan would be even better but....
  12. Jamadagni

    Whats your solution to improve our ODI team???

    1. Make Rahul bat at 3 and Kohli at 4 or at the very least, give a long run to Rahul at 4. 2. Throw out Bhuvi from ODI squad. Bumrah, Shami should be our two fast bowlers with Umesh as backup. 3. Since Dhoni is going nowhere, make him bat at 7 after Karthik at 5 and Pandya at 6. At 7, whenever Dhoni comes out to bat, he is left with no choice but hit out or get out.
  13. Jamadagni

    Congrats to Inglaterra on winning the ODI series!!

    India are winning this!
  14. Dhoni is not even trying to take singles when the RRR is over 10...Seriously?

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