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  1. Jamadagni

    The Indian pace bowling depth.

    Shaheen is 6'6. He doesn't even need to bowl that quick. But bowlers like Khaleel have to if they have to succeed at this level or else they would go the Hassan ali way despite the initial success.
  2. Jamadagni

    Pak vs NZ 2nd ODI

    This guy Southee is NZ's equivalent of Bhuvaneswar. Just feeding off Boult. His stats since last wc must be as worse as Bhuvi.
  3. Jamadagni

    The Indian pace bowling depth.

    Performance wise, he's been decent but his lack of pace is a worry. Shaheen has been hovering around 140 since his debutast year while Khaleel lost his pace in a week. Mavi from what I saw doesn't seem to have a great cricketing brain. Haven't seen much of Saini, whom everyone rates very highly on here. Hope he does well at least.
  4. Jamadagni

    The Indian pace bowling depth.

    Look at how Shaheen Afridi is performing....as if he has been around for many years... now compare him with Khaleel, who was hyped to moon before his debut.... I hope Saini at least lives upto the hype when he finally gets the chance. Don't have much hopes on Shivam Mavi... seems like another Umesh/Aaron in making.
  5. Jamadagni

    Aussies are heading the Westindies route

    Ashwin is not over smart. He's actually dumb and insecure who tries too hard to sound intelligent. This is something I've noticed with many Tamilians. Lyon is way ahead.
  6. Jamadagni

    Aussies are heading the Westindies route

    On those flat tracks in England, I'd bet on Maxwell to win more games than Dhoni and Rayudu. Remember Maxwell was the best batsman of Australia in WC15. Agree that Lynn and Short are hacks. They do have some good reliable batsmen like Shaun Marsh, who in ODIs, is better than any of our middle order batsman. And there's Khawaja too if they feel the team needs more reliability. Head is also in the mix. Don't think Lynn or short would make the XI in wc19. Australia are using these matches to test out everyone in the absence of Smith and Warner. Rayudu/Jadhav/Dhoni/Pandya vs S Marsh/Khawaja(or Stonis) /Maxwell/Carey Now choose yours.....
  7. Jamadagni

    Aussies are heading the Westindies route

    Their backups for backup pacers are better than our first choice bowlers like Bhuvi, our middle order is worse than theirs, their top order of Warner/Finch/Smith in England would be more or less same as ours....now tell me is India also going the West Indies route?
  8. Argument : Sachin faced superior pace attacks. *Let's assume he did* Verdict: Sachin averaged in 20s against Aus/SA in Aus/SA. *CASE CLOSED*
  9. Jamadagni

    ODIS: Rohit vs Kohli

    It's a skill which Rohit lacks, not that Rohit chose to abstain. We all know how many centuries Rohit scored when he tried to play like Kohli before opening.
  10. Jamadagni

    ODIS: Rohit vs Kohli

    How many more times you keep posting the same lie? I've already posted here analysing all Rohit's centuries, where only 3 of his knocks which you can say he won it for India. In comparison, Kohli had way more. Also India lost more matches when Rohit scored big compared to Kohli, despite the latter scoring more no.of centuries. This clearly proves Kohli is more of a match winner than Rohit in ODIs. In T20Is, its no brainer. Kohli was Man of the Tournament in two WT20s.
  11. Sachin might have faced better attacks in his time, but he never dominated them. More like he would save his wicket against them and target other weaker links. There's a reason why his average against two best teams of his era(SA and Australia) is in 20s in their backyard. If Sachin had done well against Aus/SA in Aus/SA or scored in WC finals..... you could make a case of him being better than Kohli... People on here talk as if Sachin decimated those pace attacks... There's like 15-ppint difference between both players.. Have some shame!
  12. Dhoni needs to score 27 runs or more to keep his 50+ average intact.
  13. Jamadagni

    ODIS: Bhuvi vs Kohli

    His stats in England are pretty underwhelming. Being a (non)swing bowler, I would have thought he'd be averaging the highest in that country. Hope he rectifies his stats over there in wc19 by averaging 100+.
  14. Lolol.. At least his economy rate was okay(by his standards) before, now that's also taken a hit. Dare I say, better than Bradman.
  15. Jamadagni

    ODIS: Rohit vs Kohli

    If there's one that can challenge Kohli, it's Bairstow. Has been phenomenol as opener. Averages 50+ at a strike rate of 110.

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