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  1. Jamadagni

    Karthik or Jadhav at number 6 in ODIs?

    Gill should be in for Rayudu.
  2. Would gladly take 3/65 over 0/40. But then Siraj doesn't look like taking even a wicket at this level.
  3. Siraj has also done well in list A cricket. Has a very good average of 22.
  4. Watched Siraj first time today. That was a good over.
  5. Just read the comments. With this kind of iq from our fans, no wonder Dhoni is still in the side.
  6. Jamadagni

    ODIS: Rohit vs Kohli

    What? I was talking about the recent Perth one (2nd test).
  7. It all comes down to Pandya+Chahal or Shami+Jadeja... The latter looks better.
  8. Jamadagni

    ODIS: Rohit vs Kohli

    Kohli's 100 in Perth was the best innings of the series qualitatively and also that was the most difficult pitch to bat on the whole series.
  9. Jamadagni

    Sydney Weather Forecast

    2-1 sounds a closely-fought series whereas 3-1 sounds a more dominant one for India. India should win this match.
  10. Jamadagni

    Dhawan is A+

    Dhawan and Rohit deserve to be in A+ more than Pujara as the former two contribute to BCCI's revenues much more than than latter.
  11. Jamadagni

    Kagiso Rabada names the best bowling attack in the world

    On the contrary, I believe he has potential to be the best fast bowler EVER. He's that good. He will only go up from here.
  12. Jamadagni

    Kohli toss support thread

    Wish he had lost the toss in the biggest match of his captaincy.
  13. Ravi Ashwin and Ravindra Jadeja can only dream of pulling off a performance outside Asia like Khawaja had in Asia recently.
  14. Jamadagni

    Jofra Archer might win England the World Cup

    His father is British and he holds a British passport.
  15. Cook, Elgar, Harris outperformed our openers. Leave out Pathriv and Finch as they were never test openers. Markram proved himself in the very next series against Australia. Finally we are now left with Jennings. So our openers are competing with a failure named Jennings? And the audacity of few posting it's "foolish" to drop them. Wah!

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