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  1. Jamadagni


    Cooli wants to stay no.1 ateast in these useless ICC rankings. He knows Smith, Kane have left him in the dust in real rankings. King Kohli... My foot!!
  2. So there it is. We are gonna face England in the semis and I'm actually having a good feeling about that match after yesterday's result. India definitely got the measure of England and believe they won't repeat the same mistakes again.
  3. Not feeling worried about us getting smacked. Not even enthusiastic about the match. This loss will likely kick out Pakistan from entering semis. That's all I want.
  4. Let's look at the possible scenarios. If a England wins today, they are likely to beat NZ and finish 3rd and we end up finishing 2nd(assuming Aus win against SA). Then India vs England will be the semifinal. If England loses today and Pakistan win against BD, India vs Pakistan will be the semifinal. So who we are going to face depends on today's result. We are most likely to face either England or Pakistan in the semis. But I would ideally want us to face NZ.
  5. Ya... Like they won against Netherlands today.
  6. That's not how NRR works. Even if Pak gets all out in 40 overs, it will be taken as full 50-overs.
  7. Do people really believe IPL is fixed? I mean...really?
  8. Jamadagni

    Match 56, MI vs KKR @ Mumbai, 8.00 PM IST , 5th May 2019

    These tamil players are just not right fit for captaincy. Ashwin, Karthik are horrible and despite a good season for Delhi, Iyer is actually worse than those two.
  9. In his stay of 5 minutes, the midget could have got out 4 times.
  10. If only Russell had connected one more in that over.....

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