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  1. Hardik isn't getting dropped in any test. This going to be the likely XI for the first test. I expect Bhuvi to be fit by then but not Bumrah. Dhawan Vijay Pujara Kohli Rahane Karthik Pandya Ashwin Bhuvi Ishant Shami Not bad. Rahul in for Vijay/Dhawan would be even better but....
  2. Jamadagni

    Whats your solution to improve our ODI team???

    1. Make Rahul bat at 3 and Kohli at 4 or at the very least, give a long run to Rahul at 4. 2. Throw out Bhuvi from ODI squad. Bumrah, Shami should be our two fast bowlers with Umesh as backup. 3. Since Dhoni is going nowhere, make him bat at 7 after Karthik at 5 and Pandya at 6. At 7, whenever Dhoni comes out to bat, he is left with no choice but hit out or get out.
  3. Jamadagni

    Congrats to Inglaterra on winning the ODI series!!

    India are winning this!
  4. Dhoni is not even trying to take singles when the RRR is over 10...Seriously?
  5. This is why Umesh is better than Bhuvi in ODIs. The latter can't take wickets in powerplay and middle overs even if a gun was put to his head.
  6. Bhuvi would be useless on any pitch in ODIs. At least Umesh is creating chances.
  7. Jamadagni

    Rate LOI bowling line ups

    Whoever but Bhuvi. Don't mind Chahar either.
  8. Jamadagni

    Rate LOI bowling line ups

    India is missing a strike bowler who can take wickets upfront. Bhuvi shouldn't be anywhere near ODI squad. This guy is useless in his first spell. I have seen even Hardik taking wickets when given the new ball but not Bhuvi in the last two years. We badly need Umesh/Shami in ODIs.
  9. Rankings are highly volatile as teams don't play many games. Australia were ranked 7th before the tri series involving NZ and England early this year and went up as high as 2nd after winning the tournament. Beyond ridiculous that Fakhar moved up from being ranked at 46 to 2 now after one good series. 44 spots... can you believe that!
  10. T20I rankings are a joke.
  11. No KL..... OK enough of this ****.. Good bye Indian cricket. No longer do I have the pain of CT defeat anymore. Who gives a **** about India....
  12. Jamadagni

    India A tour of England-IND A Win tourney!

    They need to give chances to others too. Vihari got his chance and did well. I expect Prithvi coming back in for the next game in place of Mayank/Gill.
  13. Jamadagni

    What Has Happened to Mighty Australia?

    Nothing happened. Imagine India without Kohli, that would be a huge miss for the team while Australia are without 5 of their best players. Mark this post... Australia are sure shot semi finalists for the next year's WC. All other teams are competing for only 3 slots. Warner Finch Smith Marsh Maxwell Stonis Carey Starc Cummins Hazelwood Stanlake Head, M Marsh, Counternile, Agar Tye in the bench. No reason why this team can't win the world cup!
  14. Jamadagni

    Which was our most successful tour to SENA countries?

    Just going by your list, 2007 tour of England has to the most successful.

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