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  1. 58m six in international cricket! Embarrassing.
  2. In a way, Dhoni is also one of the reasons why KL Rahul isn't getting many chances in limited overs. Had India won that chase against West Indies in Florida, that would have been the highest chase ever in T20s and would still be talked today by everyone and more importantly, would have been in the minds of selectors before they even decided to drop him. Seems like everyone has forgotten that innings. Dhoni is screwing India(Rahul) in every possible way.
  3. So, we've got an explosive opener with an average of 20 striking at 110, the best no.4 in the world today, the beastly Manish Pandey who has a strike rate of less than 120 and the best finisher ever who always finishes off the innings explosively by striking at 120. As a result, poor KL Rahul, averaging 50 with a strike rate of 150, can't get into the XI. Our bench strength is so strong that it can even beat the main XI. Wonder how we even reached the SF and finals of the last two WT20s with this team. Oh yeah, Yuvraj was there right. Bring him back please.
  4. MITHALI RAJ !!! (again)

    Make sure you have got it all right before you criticize someone, or else you would look stupid. Kohli wasn't the first captain to lose to Pakistan in ICC tournaments. India had already lost 2 games against Pakistan Champions Trophy prior to the 2017 CT. It's in World Cups where we have dominated Pakistan. Most Indian fans, including on this forum, wanted to bowl first if won the toss in the CT final. I thought Kohli and management would not be as stupid as most of us and would elect to bat first as that's how India had defeated Pakistan in all WC matches barring one in 2003(due to Sachin's special). But Kohli proved he was dumb and can't even think a little out of the box; add to that, the less we talk about his captaincy during the innings, the better.
  5. All hopes on Gabbar. Yuvi looks very tentative as always.
  6. We should have wickets in hand at the 40th over mark no matter even if we need 100-120. We should be in the game.
  7. Just need to get a 50 partnership to ease some nerves. Not over yet. We've still got Dhawan. But no matter how much I try, I can't be able to have faith in Yuvraj.
  8. I always said we should have batted first. Even on our worst day, we could have scored 280-300 batting first and that would have been enough for these limited Pakistan batsmen. Right from the toss, we were horrible with our planning.
  9. Why why why. You were executing yorkers perfectly.
  10. That over ensured Pakistan reach 330 with another over left. Absolute trash from Bumrah.
  11. If only Bhuvi and Bumrah had bowled like this earlier and not given Jadhav extra over, we could have restricted them to around 315.
  12. The problem is they have 3 fast bowlers if ball starts to reverse and a barrage of spinners if the pitch starts to offer some spin. They got all based covered in their bowling. I'm afraid it is going to be a difficult chase. All depends on Kohli.

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