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  1. Everyone would choose "poms" over West Indies.
  2. SRH are such an eyesore to watch. I hope they don't make playoffs for the sake of IPL.
  3. I thought the same until they showed up stats. Bhuvi has dismissed him only once in IPL out of 11 innings with Gayle striking at almost 150.
  4. Seems like Kohli will open again despite having too good local opening batsmen in Vohra and Mandeep, and one of them isn't even in the XI. I am hoping against hope that India will win WC2019 under his captaincy.
  5. Lol Shankar comes in ahead of Iyer. Has DD gone nuts?
  6. Is Shami the worst IPL bowler ever? Even worse than Vinay, Ishant and co?
  7. Dhawan didn't use to play this fast in previous seasons of IPL and also in internationals. He has really turned it on in the last 10 months or so.
  8. Two of the most boring teams this season.
  9. Indian ODI 11 for world cup 2019

    I didn't say they were better than us, but I feel that gap between the quality of both teams isn't that as big as rankings say. Rohit/Fakhar - You can bet Rohit failing in crucial matches against big teams. Fakhar, despite all his technical flaws, has better temperament. But still Rohit is better overall. Dhawan/Azhar(or anyone) - Dhawan easily. Kohli/Babar - Kohli. Rahane(or Pandey)/Hafeez - Equal, but if Hafeez is allowed to bowl, he has an edge. Malik/Jadhav - Malik. He has been in great form for the past two years scoring at a very good rate. Dhoni/Sarfraz - Dhoni. Pandya/Faheem - Pandya is the better batsman, and Faheem is the better bowler. But Pandya wins here having more experience in international cricket. Kuldeep/Shadab - Equal. Shadab is a handy batsman though. Chahal/Imad wasim - Chahal. Bhuvi/Amir - Amir Hassan/Bumrah - Equal, but Hassan won the CT for them while Bumrah choked badly in the final. Pakistan's bottom 7 is doing better than us for quite some time. Worrying signs for India in the WC.
  10. Best Fast Bowler in the world

    He won a series in Australia last time around.
  11. Best Fast Bowler in the world

    Rabada has both stats and that fear or x-factor, whatever you call it. Strike rate of 38 in tests is ridiculous.
  12. Best Fast Bowler in the world

    How are people missing Rabada? He is by far the best bowler. Cummins is a lesser version of Rabada.
  13. Indian ODI 11 for world cup 2019

    I'm afraid Pakistan team is shaping up better to win the WC2019 than us. They do have some batting slots to fill up, so do we. But they got arguably the best bowling attack in the world while we have only two wicket-taking bowlers, Bumrah/Kuldeep, who are also yet unproven in big matches.

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