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  1. Do people really believe IPL is fixed? I mean...really?
  2. Jamadagni

    Match 56, MI vs KKR @ Mumbai, 8.00 PM IST , 5th May 2019

    These tamil players are just not right fit for captaincy. Ashwin, Karthik are horrible and despite a good season for Delhi, Iyer is actually worse than those two.
  3. In his stay of 5 minutes, the midget could have got out 4 times.
  4. If only Russell had connected one more in that over.....
  5. 76 off 24. 55 off 18. 32 off 12. 8 off 6. KKR win with 4 balls to spare.
  6. Would be *ing hilarious if RCB lose from here.
  7. As good as Shaw is, looks pale in comparison to Gill.
  8. These two should be investigated. Can't be more blatant than this.
  9. Jamadagni

    Ashwin is too smart for his own good !!!

    2/3 matches Kings XI won are flukes. Don't think they will go far with this dumbo as captain. Remember how they couldn't even make playoffs last season despite winning 6/8 in the first half? I see similar thing happening this time too.
  10. He was the best bowler in the last IPL. People do have really short memories.
  11. Two of the best pacers they have in Rabada and Boult.
  12. Typical Dhawan innings.
  13. Colin Ingram is a dangerous player. A better version of Munro.

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