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  1. Does he deserve to comeback into the National team?
  2. Dhoni: when will the torture end???

    Dhoni not even retiring the t20i shows all he worried about is his brand and nothing else.
  3. Can Shreyas Iyer do well at International level?

    Forget his batting, should be no where near the Indian team just based on his fielding.
  4. Sad that such a guy is a moderator.
  5. R. Sridhar must be the biggest free loader ever.
  6. Wow and you are a moderator??
  7. Only Iyer is crap. Should never be picked above Pandey.
  8. Dropped by Iyer. This guy should be no where near the Indian team. Absolutely useless.
  9. Lucky boundary to Dhoni, last match too their were couple of edges to boundary.
  10. Dhoni is extremely lucky. Rest of the batsmen seem to fail around him and he can tuk tuk away which suits his perfectly. One has to wonder is Iyer would have played such a shot if Dhoni was rotating the strike instead of being 0 of 7 at that stage.
  11. Kohli likes his attitude so wont be dropped and he seems to have a serious bias against South Indians so i dont see Shankar getting a chance.
  12. Iyer is just not good enough at this level. All he does is step away.
  13. Iyer cant play anything short.
  14. Its a win win situation for Dhoni.

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