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  1. Siraj should have been picked in place of either Umesh or Shardul. SHardul will never be good enough at this level.
  2. I hope we never see Pujara in the Indian team again.
  3. All the coaches are just stooges who contribute nothing to the team.
  4. Can we atleast bowl a couple of maidens.
  5. Shami is too old to play 3 test matches on the trot.
  6. The indian slip fielders seem to keeping each other warm by standing so close. Unfortunately this Indian team doesnt have a coach to even try to correct it.
  7. It looks like its the bowlers turn to lose the game this time.
  8. Shami 19 runs in 3 overs.
  9. Shami making sure their is absolutely no pressure on England.
  10. Its so frustrating to watch Shami, gives too many boundary balls.
  11. Deepak Chahar would have been handy in these conditions.
  12. Perfect bowling conditions right now.
  13. SandeepMotta

    Pick your 11 for test 3(No explanation/Discussion)

    Rahul Dhawan Pujara Kohli Rahane Pant Pandya/Nair Ashwin Ishant Bumrah Shami

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