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  1. this is bizarre. RIP back in my days of school cricket, we would play against Pakistan International School boys and there batsmen will come out without any helmet and pads because they weren't afraid of us (indian boys) according to them
  2. PC, Console Games Thread

    Seems there isn't any thread on this, so I decided to open one I would like to say I'm a casual gamer, love adventure and horror games. Recently started Hellblade Senua's Sacrifice, one of kind game. I feel a step in the right direction. No more save points if you die, you die you start from the beginning
  3. Ashwin to play County Cricket

    finally the money loving people in BCCI making the right decision
  4. How good is Shami?

    he's one fine find for us, we need to use him well and only play him important games. He should have rested for the 3rd Test but nothing is above Kohli's arrogance
  5. Jadeja suspended for Pallekele Test

    if that would have hurt Rahul then he's not fit to play in the men's team, I'm sorry but nothing seemed dangerous at all
  6. Jadeja suspended for Pallekele Test

    that wasn't coming fast and he immediately apologized. Stop playing the victim card. We will never move forward if we keep whining about such incidents
  7. Jadeja suspended for Pallekele Test

    deserved the punishment
  8. Sanjay is delusional if he thinks Virat will be doing that. We barely survive on tough bowling wickets. Look at the West Indies OD series, we barely escaped it
  9. should only field at third man
  10. Islam/Muslims discussion thread

    exactly. And I wouldn't say Yuvraj is a great cricketer. He chokes in big games
  11. Ravindra Jadeja strokes controversy, SLC considers action

    Ashwin and Jadeja are HTBs. Epic level HTBs. Put them outside Asia and they fail and are reason behind team india defeats
  12. Ravindra Jadeja strokes controversy, SLC considers action

    this number one and two bowlers cost us the CT final
  13. Ravindra Jadeja strokes controversy, SLC considers action

    Jadeja time is up. He's only a passenger for this team now and if it wasn't for Kohli he wouldn't even be in the squad
  14. Playing XI for the 2nd test match against Sri Lanka

    Yadav for Pandya. Bring more spinners. Pandya is useless in SL conditions
  15. India's international cricket schedule till March 2019

    RIP England, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa tour. Why can't we just play cricket at home. BCCI should make a thing about this and let ICC obey them

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