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  1. cricbuz

    I hate bowlers !!!

  2. Still drizzling here.we have 2 rainy season one in june and other in oct and nov
  3. cricbuz

    Kumble-Kohli communication had stopped six months ago

    The more i read this the more i get frustrated.i thought kohli will be like what ponting/steve to australia.but no he want all his chadi buddies in team india.PR superstar.
  4. They are budding cricketers need more experience
  5. cricbuz

    Is beating Pakistan a big thing anymore?

    Off field pak captain and mickey were super chilled.i thought they were ready to beat us.but on field esp when they bat they are so lifeless.boring match yes.did i enjoy the win yes
  6. cricbuz

    ICC CT | India vs Pakistan, 4th June, Edgbaston.

    Why no maukka ad this time?
  7. cricbuz

    Learn the basics, do not get run out like MS Dhoni

    "Do you think i am unfit,looking at my running"-dhoni 2016

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