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  1. India's best chance to win a test series in Australia

    Yes. My planet is called "reality". You should visit sometime
  2. BJP's vision for India

    If i'm honest with you, i don't know if the BJP is serious about ANY of those 3 points. But they're the only party that keeps it on the agenda. So that's where my vote goes.
  3. Congress party's vision for India

    No, i don't want the same kind of regime. BJP pro-hindu authoritarianism isn't the same as secular pro-minority authoritarianism. You said you'd prefer a corrupt congress government. Same thing. Vote is all that matters, joh kehna hai kehlo.
  4. India's best chance to win a test series in Australia

    1. Nobody watches test cricket. 2. Winning in australia doesn't mean anything. their cricket runs on indian money, they're a feeder league for the IPL, and their cricket team is inferior. Go watch some videos of sachin tendulkar.
  5. Congress party's vision for India

    These are insightful comments. It also corresponds with some of the pro-congress sentiment i have observed on this forum, on social media and in real life. People don't care about congress being corrupt, they'll vote for congress even if they are corrupt. The 'doomsday' scenario we often hear from the anti-BJP crowd - one featuring riots, religious conflicts, damaging of institutions - actually happened during the congress party's history. Generations of indians are completely brain-washed, or they just don't care. Many young Indians probably don't remember Indira gandhi's reign of terror, because that whole period is never presented objectively by pro congress secularist historians. These are all reasons for why India should NOT be a democracy.
  6. Congress party's vision for India

    So if haven't got any clue about the congress party's vision, can we discuss their political strategy? Can they win the chamar vote? My observation, and i could be wrong here, is that the BJP offers chamars the same deal but without the history of betrayal. Congress having to co-opt Ambedkar and "defending" the constitution - a phony cause because the constitution isn't under attack - is proof of this. Will this fear-mongering be effective? It seems like the only people that the congress can count on, are muslims.
  7. Delhi Daredevils depression - is there a cure?

    Haan par woh toh uska natural game hai na. If it comes off tab hum taali bajaatein hain.
  8. Delhi Daredevils depression - is there a cure?

    Form toh accha tha season start hone se pehle. Thoda bahut bharosa toh rakhna hi hai, let's see what he does in upcoming games.
  9. BJP's vision for India

    Bhai agle baar jab mai vaishno devi jaaunga toh mere saath chaliyo. Thar rent pe lenge, aadha raasta main chalaunga, aadha tu. Raaste mein ganne ka juice bhi piyenge.
  10. BJP's vision for India

    The debate around Ram janambhoomi has officially ended, and everything you mentioned was discussed throughout the 90s. Now we're in 2018, and the only thing we're waiting for is the date. These are negative points? lol.
  11. Delhi Daredevils depression - is there a cure?

    No cure, season's over. You have to wonder if they could have played better with Rabada in the lineup. Bowling looks incredibly weak.
  12. Congress party's vision for India

    Still dwelling on what india was. They truly are bereft of ideas
  13. BJP's vision for India

    The official soundtrack for this thread:
  14. BJP's vision for India

    I'd say that's more the RSS vision than BJPs. They are two different entities. RSS is a separate body, with a clearly defined ideology close to what you mentioned. BJP is just a political machine; there are many different opinions within the organization, and they don't care for ideology as much as they care about winning elections.

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