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  1. That felt good! Especially with them being 124-1! Thought it was going to be the same old story.
  2. Gavaskar spitting nothing but the truth! Indian batsman batted on the same damn pitch and toughed it out, it's your turn SA!
  3. If India don't win this, think it will be worse than the 450 on this ground last time around.
  4. We can't lost this from here guys, we'll end up with at least 220 to bowl at and that's more than enough!
  5. Hmm... let's hope we can eek out another 50 or so runs here.
  6. Let's not blame him , there's test batsman with 45+ averages who have struggled with these pitches.
  7. Guys, worst case scenario what do you think we can defend? We'd have a good shot at defending 170 on this shithole of a track, surely?

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