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  1. Sam10

    Excessive frisking in Indian Stadiums

    The search was next to a cavity sear h to be honest. I will send you a photo of that if I can fetch it.
  2. Sam10

    Excessive frisking in Indian Stadiums

    When did Kolkata had so many Frisking? In which match?
  3. Sam10

    Excessive frisking in Indian Stadiums

    Eden Gardens has got a history of being rowdy but their security is much more lenient when compared to Kotla. At Kolkata they allow you to carry coins, pens, binoculars and also they don't give you a full body frisking. They just tap around the pockets of your trousers to see whether someone is carrying something dangerous or not. I think its a complete overdose of frisking and restrictions when it comes to Delhi
  4. Sam10

    Excessive frisking in Indian Stadiums

    But the rule on coins is not uniformly implemented. Some stadiums like in Delhi they ban it while at Kolkata you are allowed to carry. If you are not going implement it properly than what's the use of snatching them away from spectators?
  5. Is the frisking done prior to the entry in a stadium turning too much nowadays? They strip people basically of everything except their mobile phones and wallets these days. I went to Feroz Shah Kotla for DD v KKR match and was frisked basically 5 times before I could take my seat. The search was quiet invasive and rigorous where they patted my entire body and also took my wallet out of my pocket and searched it for coins. My question is, is it that necessary? Morever women entering the stadium were not searched at all while the men were searched meticulously by the police forces. Any views people?

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