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  1. You never know because last year at same venue WI, HITS 333 ON DAY 5 VS INDIA TO DRAW TEST with Chase hits 137, only difference they not loose 4 w, in 2016 on day 4.pakistan short one spinner. You notices first innings too, their lower order pops up 71 / 5 286 all out I hope Pakistan win because they more deserved.
  2. Un official report coming from BCCI metting India selected 13 players for CT but wait for ICC BCCI earlier announces to pull out of CT its surprise in cricketing world why Pakistan not announce their team, April 25 is the last day for every country to announce their team.If India or Pakistan pull out WI will play champion trophy. ROHIT,DHAWAN,KOHLI,RAHANE,MSD,MANISH PANDEY,JADHAV,UMESH,JADEJA,HARDIK,BHUVI,ASHWIN,MOHAMMAD SHAMI, Two names will be added later on,BCCI not yet announce team officially Resources Regional news paper of Gujarat 5 pm Special edition
  3. Wow
  4. Rare neetu singh movie song before Rickshawala