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  1. I'd say the closest option to Jadhav would be Rana, won't happen tho since he hasn't played a single odi yet. So the next best option would be Krunal Pandya, much better batsman than axar and can bowl a few overs too.
  2. And Shankar who regularly shows his 3D uselessness
  3. I support , but just wondering who exactly told Hardik they were gonna lose this
  4. Unstable Joe

    Match 56, MI vs KKR @ Mumbai, 8.00 PM IST , 5th May 2019

    So Raina 2.0?
  5. Unstable Joe

    Match 55 , CSK vs PKXI @ Chandigarh, 4.00 PM , 5 may 2019

    Was there any way for KXIP to overtake SRH's nrr?
  6. Parthiv has been pretty good this season though
  7. Should send in Pandya and Pollard

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