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  1. I'm also joining. Virat is an utterly clueless captain both on-field and with his selections. He is utterly pathetic and nt fit for captaincy. Rohit being LOI captain and Rhane/Pujara bing Test captain would be much better IMO.
  2. Kaptaan Kohli does.
  3. Hong Kong
  4. Glad you think our Number 2 is sweet. You're welcome to take it from the toilet whenever you want.
  5. Roy becomes first person to get out for Obstructing the field in T20Is
  6. Not a blind hater, I actually acknowledge and admire his achievements as a captain in LOI cricket. However, I hate the fact that he is still hanging on to the Indian team and denying opportunities to youngsters, when he is quite clearly past it. I understand that Kohli is a tactically poor captain who is in need of help from Dhoni, however, I wish they would have him travel with them as a mentor in that case, not taking up the spot of a player. The same is applicable to Yuvi and Karthik as well. I'm pretty sure I'm in the minority here, but I would like to see Rohit Sharma take over captaincy from Kohli in T20 cricket. Can't be worse than Kohli, and if he does well, then give him ODI captaincy as well.
  7. It's because you thought like genius Goenka. Goenka knew Dhoni was a useless player, however, he had huge brand value. You are using him the same way. (brand value = votes)
  8. Hope SA don't choke and crush India. Go Saffers!
  9. Then more power to ya. But don't tell me you're so naive not to know that a good percentage of your votes is coming from chamchas.
  10. Dhoni should be out of selection pool like Sachin next time.
  11. I want to see Rohit become ODI &T20 captain. Can't be worse than Kohli.
  12. And in Sachin's 100th 100 match.
  13. Now even if game continues, Bangladesh should just bowl wides till rain comes back so as to not complete 20 overs.
  14. SF - India vs Australia South Africa vs England F - Australia vs England Winners - Australia Is that a prediction or a hope/wish?