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  1. Some of you guys were saying yesterday.... Hardik c Kock b Lungi.......you've got your wish
  2. He will roar all right. He will scare them off the field.
  3. Justice for Rahul Campaign (JFRC)

    You are basically choosing Dhawan over Vijay on the basis of Dhawan having scored 18 more runs....and did that 18 great runs help India much? Nope. And the sample size of ONE test is horrendously small. Anyone can have a bad test. Vijay, however, has previously shown that he can play well, and has good scores against SA, what has Dhawab done? Also, Dhawan is more of the guy who tries to give us a quick start, while Vijay on the oter hand, plays more of a "stay in there and score slowly" role. But no, you would rather choose Dhawan over Vijay since Dhawan scored 18 more runs in 1 test and not take into account their roles, past records, history of success against opposition, or basically anything else. However, I cannot agree with this judgement. Now, personally, I dislike both Vijay AND Dhawan and want Rahul and Pujara to open instead.
  4. Seeing all the bash Kohli, praise Kohli, good captaincy, bad captaincy comments on here, decided to make a thread about who the best captain in the current international scene is. There are different polls for Test, ODI & T20 captains. Should be interesting to see where Kohli stands. Personally, I'd go with Smith in ODIs & Tests. He seems to be calm, collected and seems to make mostly logically decisions both on-field and off-field. In T20s, I might be in the minority here, but I'd go with Kane Williamson. He might not be the best captain ever, but he seems to know his team very well and knows how to utilize them efficiently. Wht about you guys?
  5. New player here. Bat - Kohli Bowl - Bhuvi Field - Saha
  6. Apparently it was established in 2009. Can't say I've heard of it before either tho. EDIT: Also, it seems the first ODI was played in 2014 between NZ & WI.
  7. Pak 159/7 39 overs Shadab Khan and Hasan Ali at the crease. Pak has been bamboozled by Kiwi bowlers
  8. ICF Fantasy Hub 2018 | Triple The Challenge

    I'm Joe Hardy. Second from first
  9. South Africa announce their 15 member squad.

    Don't count your chickens before they hatch. Kaptaan Kohli might get new "innovative" and "brilliant" ideas like getting Rohit or Hahane to open.
  10. ICF Fantasy Hub 2018 | Triple The Challenge

    Hmm... interesting.... I'm in.

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