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  1. I have often pondered this question. Both mega countries with cheap labour, access to resources and favourable trading agreements. Yet, China has joined us as a First World country whilst india is still developing. Why is this? On face value, India are more strategically placed between the East and West, have access to colonial trading partners and have plenty of nautical shipping routes. However India still lags behind China. Interested in the reasons why...
  2. Unlucky friend, I admire the gracious way the Pakistanis have taken defeat. A lot of posters should learn from this
  3. Problem with Australia is that crowd sizes decrease in the cold. I noticed the yellow and black team in the local Australia football competition even had to use tarpaulins to spread across empty seats
  4. Pixel

    Pick one for ODI's: Amla or Kohli

    Why not? Amla has beaten all Kohli's records Wrong friend, Amla well enshrined in the greatest ODI Team of all time. Amla, Gilchrist, Ponting, Sachin, Richards, ABV, Bevan, Afridi, Warne, Wasim, Waqar with Brett Lee carrying the drinks
  5. ICC are brain dead scheduling the tournament at the beginning of June. Sould be late July/August
  6. Pixel

    England Vs New Zealand

    England will be torn apart by Australia on the weekend. Absolute frontrunners with a weak unberbelly who nearly lost to Chittagong. No way should they be tournament favourites
  7. Pixel

    Pick one for ODI's: Amla or Kohli

    Amla ahead on the run tally in the CT. I would take Amla anyday. Great Thread OP you legend
  8. Pixel

    Glenn Maxwell: Victim of Aussie politics

    Maxwell is a fixed member of the side. He bats below Head as he can hit ouy late whereas Head can build an innings. Bigger question is why did Sehwag have such a meltdown post IPL about Maxwell. What a childish selfish flog Sehwag is, so preoccupied with his own job that he throws his Captain under the bus
  9. Wouldn't get past the Second, Third or Fourth Aust ODI side
  10. Of those players in the OP, only Virat and maybe Rohit would make the current Australian ODI Team
  11. Pixel

    Jadeja is the best fielder?

    Steven Smith is the best by far. Smith > Daylight > Warner > Daylight > More Daylight
  12. I asked whether an uncapped player should be selected, which is the premise of the Thread. Please read carefully before posting next time
  13. Not running away, just trying to stick with the premise of the Thread. Of been a victim of flogs ruining and derailing my Threads so don't want to do the same. Would you rather an untried kid play the IPL or are you happy with Ishant's selection
  14. To be honest, Ishant shouldn't be playing full stop. Would much rather see a young kid be given a chance rather than a washed up player
  15. Ishant Sharma was originally unsold (lol) and could yet play a final. I don't see your point
  16. Pixel


    Carlton salary cap in the 1990's
  17. Pixel

    I was playing with a fractured wrist - M Vijay

    Fingers crossed old fig-wrist Vijay is fighting fit for the next series. I'd like to see him finally perform away from home
  18. Pixel

    "He's done it!"

    I was mashed on by the usual Indian Pencil clique
  19. Pixel

    "He's done it!"

    Just brought up 10,000 runs. Leave your congratulations below floggos
  20. The IPL has sold it's soul for corporate dollars. Domestic comps like the PSL, BBL and CSL promote more organic talent which becomes a breeding ground for the national team. I like the premise of the OP and although it won't happen, would improve the integrity of the competition
  21. Pixel

    I was playing with a fractured wrist - M Vijay

    A flat track bully if ever there was one. Unlike our Younis Khan who tore those ill behaved Aussies a new one recently
  22. Pixel

    "He's done it!"

    @Binga @BrettLeeFan59 @Rangana No.1 @Muloghonto I'm still awaiting your praises
  23. Pixel

    Malcolm Turnbull sack watch

    Australia have seen their fair share of PM's over the past few years. The recent polls suggest Malcolm could have his neck on the chopping block. Any takers for how long Malcolm will last?
  24. Pixel

    Malcolm Turnbull sack watch

    Agree. She couldn't be worse than the last ranga President Lol Australia had

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