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  1. There are a lot of absolutely pathetic franchises in international sport that embarrass their fans. Some of the most pathetic teams I have seen are the New York Knicks, Sunderland FC, Kulkutta Knight Riders and Central Coast Marinas. All these organisations are pathetic belong belief. However none of these have stooped to the lows of norf Melbourne. Under Brad Scott they have been consistently mediocre failing to be relevant in an increasingly competitive competition. Their on field performance is bad sinking to 0-4 but their off field is worse. They have no money and routinely rattle tins to survive. Pimp themselves out to tassie like a $2 hooker. The most pathetic thing about this organisation is their supporter base. 5 out of the 6 of them are complete *wits with only Jimmy being bareable Is there a bigger disgrace to world sport than these pretenders?
  2. Binga

    Aussie Horse Racing

    Australian horse racingis the third most corrupt sporting organisation in the world behind FIFA and the BCCI. Races are regularly thrown for money and the best horses often play dead in lesser races. i have a friend in the industry who has often tipped me into great winners and have it on good authority that there is a horse at Bendigo tomorrow in race 1 that is a certainty. The tip came from the competing trainer who has two horses in the race with one the favourite which will lose to the outsider the horse is called silent Sunday and is currently $6.50 however it will start the favourite once the stable backs it

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