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  1. But is he as good as Monty Panesar ?? We were stupid to let him go to England.
  2. thegreatone


    Pretty sure they got away with till 2000 and would have kept getting away with it if it weren't for those meddling kids. Maybe they should turn to performance enhancing drugs ??? But match fixing is disgusting. Especially in a new competition you want to market to the world. That episode of Rajasthan royals and Chennai super kings im still disgusted about that. Don't get me started on Bob Wooler.
  3. thegreatone

    I was playing with a fractured wrist - M Vijay

    Wrists are very important. Hopefully he will eat some pho and strengthens those wrists up.
  4. thegreatone


    Wow huge response to you thread. Have any other team cheated ?? so i can compare them and see who did it more and often please.
  5. thegreatone

    Freedom For Flogs - AFL Discussion Thread

    Good cos I tried to find a decent quick but alas Pakistani and indians are devoid of top tier grade a quicks....
  6. thegreatone

    Freedom For Flogs - AFL Discussion Thread

    Got tagged so this must be the thread to be in hai
  7. thegreatone

    Why is Pakistan always hanging onto someone's coat tails?

    I think we need to find a Shane Warne or even a Brett Lee, kidnap them and steal some DNA so we can stop wasting our money on useless posturing with nukes and clone them. Don't care how we return them but we need secure our future.
  8. thegreatone

    Afghanistani player Shahzad charged for doping violation

    Disgusting disgusting
  9. That's a bit harsh mate. It's an interesting question

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