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  1. Khota

    Chahal raises his Bat after hitting a 4

    That Kohli laugh afer the loss in CT final was most disgraceful part of Indian cricket. Kohli needs to be reminded that there are certain must win games. Moron.
  2. Do you think the shameless grandpa is going to drop himself? I am fan of specialist and I firmly believe with DK there is no drop off. His keeping is as impressive as anyone in IPL and he deserves it. Can you imagine what it is doing to his confidence by not letting him play. That six he hit was every bit as good as laxman's inning and Sandhus delivery in WC. Dhonis sixes were meaningless.
  3. Out of 7 bats India can pick 5 and they can dominate. With current form Rahul will be fine. Kohli needs to quit dicking around with his order. Managed correctly there are plenty of bwlers. I rather go with 3 spinners and two pacers. No need to feed them pace. And all bowlers should be frontline strike bowlers. No utility part time stuff. & Raina was not the problem. Top 7 bats are about the same. Rahane would have been fine too.
  4. Semis is a big deal. But he is not in the finals. Dhoni is gauranteed a spot in all the finals till eternity.
  5. Knowing you I think deep down you want to lose that bet.
  6. I want to tell Kohli directly to STFU. How should I do that?
  7. Once again I dont want to come across bitter but Federer era is not the same era of a decade back. Tennis is not a popular sport and has less competition. It is easy to dominate in a sport like Tennis. Football is very popular and it is hard to stay at the top.
  8. Tennis has a way to self correct. Federer lost. Cricket does not self correct. Dhoni is still playing.
  9. Gautam you are my favorite player. Now shut up.
  10. Here is my summary. (1) Top 5 bats for India are the best in the world. Raina/Rahane and couple others could be the part of a rotation. (2) Bowling is fine as there are 4 strike bowlers. Any proper bowler could do the job. (3) Pandya is neither a batsman or a bowler. He consistently conceded the most runs. That slot should go to a strike bowler. (4) DK should replace Dhoni like yesterday. (5) There should be a separate coach for this format. Shastri is not going to do it. (6) Kohli needs to be relieved of captaincy. 3 formats 3 captains. Every captain will give opportunity to a different player and that will find a hidden gem. (7) None of this will happen and we will have a captain laughing like a bufoon after losing to Pakistan.
  11. Khota

    Time for Dhoni to go?

    If your top half goes for almost nothing you are in trouble to begin with.
  12. They really lost. No conspiracy.
  13. Is Shastri your bitch or your Queen?
  14. Kohli cannot be the captain of all three formats. Shastri has no place in the team as a coach and Kohli has multiple conflics of interests.

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