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  1. Rate Kohli's Captaincy !!!

    If he has to run to dhoni to tie his shoe laces then maybe someone who can make decision will be better. Nothing special about him. 3 formats 3 captains.
  2. I could care less about Ashes but between the two it is a easy decision for me. Aussie. Empire is only good at playing games but not sports.
  3. Afridi cannot function at a good T20 either. He has deep flaws in his game. My life is not dependent on people agreeing with me or not. I have an opinion and I express it without being abusive unlike others.
  4. Will Pakistan ever be a force in test cricket again

    I am working on his contract.
  5. Playing T20 requires better timing and hand eye coordination than a slow test match. There is no glory in playing 30 dot balls before scoring a single.
  6. Your reading comprehension is atrocious. Pujara cannot come into T20 if you read my statement properly. If jumping to conclusion was an olympic sport you will bring India its first gold medal.
  7. IPL is all I will watch. I have watched enough tests that I hate it passionately. I do understand the difference. He outplayed all other batsman yesterday. Both Dhawan and rahane are good. It is the coaches job to maximize their potential. Sadly that will not happen with the cancer Shastri at the top. I disagree with you on the technique part. His temprament is the issue not his technique. He is solid.
  8. Will Pakistan ever be a force in test cricket again

    You did not. I just wanted to be fair. I also dont agree with fellow posters who write of Pakistan either. I think India has done really despite some morons at the top.
  9. He scored more than others. Tell me why do you have problem with that?
  10. I am not confused at all. Proof is in the pudding and in this match he has outperformed all other regular batsman except for Pujara. You got it all wrong. This is strictly my opinion that it is easy to move to test from T20 but not vice versa.
  11. I know what you are saying but he has the technique but sometimes lacks application. Blaming Dhawan and not pointing fingers at other 3 who threw their wickets is not fair. Vijay is a very limited player but applies himself very hard. Dhawan does not. When everyone else has failed to single out Dhawan is being dishonest. Once again he is a top class batsman and he may need patience but to call him out and not others is not fair.
  12. Will Pakistan ever be a force in test cricket again

    India is no 1 and your sentence comes off negatively.
  13. NFL is different but baseball is pretty much close to T20. Only thing is it is much more difficult to hit in baseball. Test cricket is a different animal.
  14. I am very concerned that you are concerned about things you should not be concerned about.

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