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  1. Khota

    9 Reasons why India won’t go far this world cup

    India has a very high chance of making semi finals and a decent chance to finals.
  2. Khota

    Team India arrives in Eng

    I have never seen such an undeserving person at such an important position.
  3. I could be wrong but I think it would be our opening pair.
  4. He was good but enough is enough. Getting back to your original question I would say Lara.
  5. Khota

    Cricinfo are pathetic

    Let them list Bumrah as slow spinner. Who cares?
  6. Khota

    3 changes in Pak world cup squad.

    I think this is a positive move. Get rid of dead weight.
  7. Ofcourse we will support them to win it all, but they should be called out when they make stupid decisions. No one is above criticism.
  8. Khota

    England gloating thread

    I rather take strong bowling + fielding and decent batting over strong batting + fielding and decent bowling. The only variable I can't factor is the easy pitch.
  9. It is the worst adversity a parent can face, losing their child. There are no words to express my grief.
  10. Khota

    England gloating thread

    I still think England and Australia have the best chance followed by India.
  11. Khota

    Himalaya Men

    The sad thing is that there is no scientific proof that this sh&t works. Endorsing things with no proof of efficacy is wrong. Only thing that ever worked for me is Benzyol Peroxide.
  12. Shankar has not proven that he can play as a batsman at that stage.
  13. As of now Australia looks better than India.
  14. Raydu has done well compared to others. Raina has really gone down. As far as Shankars bowling is concerned his poor 5 overs could be the game difference.
  15. I disagree about Raidu. Raina is old. Shankar the jury is still out. I think he is the weakest link in the team. Would be OK if he was a spinning option but time will tell. There is no way he gets more than 5 overs against a team like England/Aus etc.

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