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  1. I have no respect for Bhogle. As a matter of fact I have quit reading him as he is as useless as they come. These players are professionals. If they are asked to sit out for a test and it messes their confidence then they are in the wrong profession. Why dont we give them a tenue so that they can be their for life. I have seen the best players benched if they bad few minutes. Bhogle is clueless.
  2. Team for 3rd test

    Dhawan is being compared with Vijay. he outscore Vijay. he deserves to be in before Vijay. remember : 16+16 > 1 +13
  3. Team for 3rd test

    But that logic is not applicable for dhawan.
  4. Your posts have nothing but pearls of wisdom. The mighty one. just remember I can forget more about cricket then you will ever learn
  5. Which part of this you fail to understand. he outscored Vijay in the first test.
  6. Vijay/Rahul not putting runs was India lost the series. Supporting a utter failure is futile.
  7. Let us blame Kumble for that. Can he get credit for series win?
  8. Getting rid of Kumble was the dumbest thing BCCI ever did. The greatest cricket player of India and the best spin bowler in the world treated with so little respect is shameful. Solution: Three formats three captains and two coaches.
  9. Everyone shares the blame but for India to do well outside openers have to put run on the board. My words may be harsh but I was letting the haters of Dhawan know that him out of team is not the answer.
  10. The problem was consitently the opening. If openers score 50 we are good to go. I think Dhawan and rahane opening gives us the best shot. Vijay was vastly overrated.
  11. Team for 3rd test

    Except for Pandya rest look fine. If we cannot score with Dhawan, rahane, Rohit, Kohli and karthick we just need to tip out hats to SA. In that case they are the better team.
  12. Team for 3rd test

    suggestion muft ka hai. koi baat nahin. On a serious note it was a toss up between and Umesh and Ishant. I went with Umesh because he was well rested. I am comfortable with Ishant also but everyone will complain I picked him because he is from Delhi. I would pick him because he is the top bowler for India.
  13. How to coach a #1 team

    Kumble should never have been fired. There should be two coaches and reward the one who performs. #FireShastriNow
  14. How to coach a #1 team

    Every rupee paid to Shastri is a rupee wasted. this man is useless.
  15. Frog does taste like chicken. Anyway let us not deflect and keep this topic to the injustice done to Dhawan. There is a separate thread for Parthiv/Saha.

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