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  1. Khota

    Captain Clueless

    I did not see the game but if he cannot keep his temper under control he has no business leading the team. having said that it is too late for a change.
  2. Of course I do. Part timers do nothing for your team in Tests or this format. If you cant score 300 it is on batting. Last time bolwing failed and this time batting. All is not lost though.
  3. And that is the reason why this India A vs india B should be played so that Mayank Agarwal should get a shot. I agree that opener slot is pre determined but those two guys should feel the heat from KL and Aggarwal. Moreover a KL or Agarwal can play down, Jadhav or Raydu cannot play up so all four openers should get an opportunity. I think overall this is a good idea to have such a tournament.
  4. Playing 22 to 25 players means a deep bench. Gill has a great future but just does not have the experience to play at that level right now. I rather give an opportunity to agarwal or someone else than a young player few months before the tournament. I am not a big fan of young palyers before something this important.
  5. I see what you are saying but by and large everyone knows the top 25 players. unfortunately some will be left out but the more important thing is to first team bowling go against the first team batting. This is the only way to identify the top bats and bowlers.
  6. With every swing of the bat you need to transfer all the body weight to the ball in a fluid motion.
  7. A good idea but I thought it out a little bit more. There should be only two teams not three as that dilutes it more. Need to find a way that atleast for few games first team batting should go against first team bowling.
  8. Khota

    PCB takes 'strong notice' of India's army caps

    Why don't they file a lawsuit once again.
  9. Nothing. Nada. Zilch. But he is a tremendous athlete and that cannot be discounted. He will have a spot in the team if he can get more variation in his bowling.
  10. England are the clear favorites. In case you did not know England regularly consults with baseball hitters to have more explosive batting. Need to do analytics to find out what the right combination is.
  11. L,L is the best thing that could have happened to the Indian team.
  12. Someone seriously needs to do analytics like baseball and see if 5th bowler is better or 5,6 or 7.
  13. Pandya does not give 10 overs against better teams.
  14. Then you lose one specialist bowler.

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