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  1. Can you delete your misinformed post.
  2. I think I am correct about Rahane. Not bad at all.
  3. Nothing wrong in that. I doubt myself all the time.
  4. I am very thankful for dhoni to suggest a 74 degrees for the chicken. It has come out great.
  5. This is classic brain washing. What makes Harsh Bhogle an expert? This is not an agreement contest. This is about India winning the next WC and not failing like they did in CT. If what you say is correct then by all means have dhoni in the team. In my opinion body physiology is catching up with him and he is a drag on the team. I want the spot to go to a deserving player. I am about fairnness. It is definitely not personal between you and me. I was a dhoni fan too.
  6. This is a cricket forum. What else are we supposed to think?
  7. I am so thankful to dhoni for giving me advise on picking stocks. I am so thankful.
  8. I am glad they are not showing Pakistan. I am glad they are not showing SA. I am glad they are not showing BD. You guys hate India and love the money from India. Hypocrates.
  9. Just when I start giving you some benefit of doubt that you will stop posting dumb stuff you surpass my expectations come up with a completely rubbish post. Team needs players not philosphers. End is near for dhoni.
  10. Rahane is not a bad batsman. He does need guidance but that has to be done by proper batting coach. Tandulkar was the greatest batsman but that does not mean he is the best coach out there.
  11. This is the most valuable advise I have ever received. There is Chanykya then Confucius and now Dhoni. We are blessed.
  12. Did they specify where to take the temperature? If the instantaneous temperature at the thigh is 73/75 the chicken is done. If higher it becomes dry. If lower you have not killed the salmonella.It is balancing act, For me I put a knife in thigh and if juices run clear it is done. This temperature thing is tough to take and not as easy as they say. I am calling bull shiet on this. There is no way for them to know if it was at 73. The only way is if it was overcooked and dry.
  13. Bhuvi-The one who should have got the MoM yesterday

    Unfortunately it is a cultural thing in India. Batsman is considered more valuable than a bowler. In my opinion a pace bowler is the most valuable commodity.
  14. Let me help. dit·to ˈdidō/ noun 1. used in accounts and lists to indicate that an item is repeated (often indicated by a ditto mark under the word or figure to be repeated). 2. a similar thing; a duplicate. Since I used ditto that means I agreed. I told you I spend more time in the school compared to others.

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