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  1. making Virat the captain for all formats sends a message that failure will be rewarded.
  2. Khota

    Bumrah as Captain?

    Break him slowly for T20. Three formats three captains.
  3. I prefer the management style of women over the testrosome driven style of men. At times I feel they make better decision makers.
  4. Khota

    Importance of all rounders

    Let me make a counter argument: India lost the WC because of lack of specialist not all rounders. 45 mnts had nothing to do with Indian loss. Problem was deeper. I am fan of Karthik and Pant but one of them should ahve been wkt kpr. That would freed up two spots for specialist batsman and that would have won the game for India. India just need 30 more runs which could have been had with two specialist bats.
  5. Khota

    COA must go

    COA loves the power and limelight.
  6. These are men of character. I hope they do what is the right thing for Indian cricket.
  7. Khota

    goodbye guys

    That is not the right response.
  8. Khota

    Why didn’t Tendulkar retire after WC2011?

    So Sachin did not play for his personal record/gain?
  9. Khota

    goodbye guys

    We are all of Indian decent. If we have difference of opinion we need to sort it out but you leaving is not the right thing.
  10. Khota

    goodbye guys

    You dont have to leave. If there is some injustice you feel compalint to the mods and hopefully they will see your point. Varied opinions make this place better. I like you.
  11. Whatever floats your boat. I hate old mans cricket. I like the new exciting brand. I am the microwave geneartion cannot stand a gas burner.I want it now.
  12. Khota

    Why didn’t Tendulkar retire after WC2011?

    Becuase fans are to be blamed for that. Hero worship is in the culture. Shart answer he was selfish.
  13. Wasting five days of my life for no result is not my cup of tea. Or cup of coffee. Or glass of wine. Or a bottle of beer. Whatever.

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