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  1. What credentials does he have. Has he played Ranji or anything that he deserves this importance? A special thread for him? Really.
  2. No. There are plenty. Thank god he is not the captain.
  3. We are very thankful for his advise. We do consider him as a role model too and appreciate his help. Let us keep Wasim out of controversies and enjoy your moment in sun.
  4. I enjoy that too but I am happy to see that India has generated a club model for cricket which empowers these players. In bad old days visiting Indian players did not have enough money to eat breakfast also. IPL all the way.
  5. England is the better team. It is hard to win this one. We will celebrate this by letting ravi shastri pick a head coach and the support staff. No one is more stupid then us.
  6. I think Kohli needs to copulate withself.
  7. Kohli is brain dead. If Indian cricket needs to move forward we need to ignore Kohli as a captain. You will see vast improvement.
  8. One thing I do know IPL has definitely created the following. Hate Jeaousy Envy In hindi all three can be described by one word "Jhante Jal gee".
  9. IPL has done wonders for India. We were in the finals recently. We are pretty much on the top in all formats. Fielding has improved. If we did not have the moron Kohli as a captain we could have won Ct. IPL is the best thing since sliced bread. Take your hate somewhere else.
  10. Had a very inflated opinion of myself. Very average cricketer. Better than most on my team but could not advance. Grade: F Overall a failure.
  11. Absolutely fantastic. What a team effort.
  12. Kohli as a captain is redundant with capital R. He was replaced by Rahane and the team did not miss a beat. In IPL he does not stand out. I don't understand why people are going so ga ga over him.
  13. I am so happy for him. It is the team I am concerned about.
  14. It is a team sport. It is India that won the cup not Kohli. He is not bigger then the team. Now with Shastri involved nobody knows what will happen.