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  1. You are a good representative of the green country.
  2. Thanks for being honest. I respect you sir.
  3. This is an important ceremony. Especially trained soldiers are used and based on Pakistani suggestion the ceremony was toned down a bit. Thre is special place for spectators to sit. Everybody follows a protocl and uniform soldiers only do that. Hasan was provoking people.
  4. Noone laughed it off. This has never happened onthe border ever. Moreover you PCB chairman considers India as the enemy what else can you expect fom the pathetic players.
  5. Some people (Hasan) cannot mind their own damn business. That show is for soldiers to do not morons to taunt.
  6. He was not even looking at the crowds. He was looking at Indian border. If he was 5 years old then it is understandable. This was more like in your face behavior.
  7. Main 1 ghante se jada nahi dekh sakta har roj. Ek bhi match abhi tuk pura nahi dekh saka. Aap sambhaliya us forum ko main bus yaheen pe rahoon ga.
  8. Not only he was allowed to do that he was also cheered on by the spectators. Sickening.
  9. This is not about being sensitive. This is about manners and etiquettes. Show some respect to those jawans. If you dont like them be silent but dont misbehave. Tell that pathetic Hasan Moron Ali that Indian cricket team may have lost but the soldiers he taunted are still 4-0. (48, 65, 71 , 99)
  10. This is not light hearted. You are taunting Indian soldiers and there was no need to look at them and do it. It is best India does not play these barbarians ever.
  11. Aap ka border to hai magar humari taraf kyo dekh rahe ho? Our difference of opinions are so deep that we cannot even agree what are bad manners. hasan had no rightto look at Indian soldiers in the eye and misbehave. Thay are not playing ball with him. If he wants to play with them put on the army uniform and get ready to play with 72 virgins. It is your country and we understand that but do it inside. Do not come to the border ans look at Indian jawans and misbehave. Pathetic.
  12. personally I dont give rats behind but this kind of hate they have for India is borderline ickening. Those desis who still want to play these barbarians need to think twice.
  13. (I Because you still have Dr. Afridi in the jail. If you agree killing him was a great thing(which it was) than why dont you release Dr. Afridi and give him a Nishan-e-Pakistan. You guys have deep problems with no solution in sight. If you are serious about fixing those as a minimum you need to admit you have problems.

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