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  1. This is the only way Kohli can run the team behind the scene. What a great job Shastri is doing. My foot. This team needs adult supervision and there is none.
  2. Khota

    Get Dhonified !!!

    I have come to this thead with disgust.
  3. Khota

    Get Dhonified !!!

    Sad thing is that we don't give a F*&^ about him either. That was with capital F.
  4. Khota

    Get Dhonified !!!

    Dhoni runs under no pressure mean nothing.
  5. Seriously. So much response to such a toxic thread. I doubt the judgement of anyone who compares Ganguly as a bowler to Bhuvi.
  6. He is fine. Show some confidence in him.
  7. Wasim was great enough to survive scrutiny anytime. Waqar was real good too. I personally don't think Imran was of their calibre. We cannot take anything away from Wasim and have to show nothing but respect for him as a bowler.
  8. Wasim yes waqar yes Akhtar Yes saqlain Yes Azhar/razaq - mediocre.
  9. No they do not. Look at last 10 years and take that 30 degree off spinner out and they are a mess.
  10. Imran was a trundler. Wasim was a thinking bowler and Waqar was decent. These cameras and extra scrutiny has really messed them up. India never lost its batting culture and keeps on producing batsman. How did Pakistan lose its bowling culture overnight? They did not, only problem is they cannot cheat. last decade or so their wins were once again result of cheating but that was their bent elbow off spinner.
  11. Because they can. That is a Imperial Cricket Forum with few selective guys making rules.
  12. Kuldeep/Chahal/jadeja - two out of these three.
  13. Agarwal. pandya was redundant in ODI.
  14. There was absolutely no need for Kohli to say this. These are the exact reasons why Kohli will never be a true leader. At this time those two guys need support not this crap Kohli is coming out with. Moron.
  15. Khota

    taken to the cleaners

    Once again people need to realize bowling was not the issue. The top bats failed. Any bowler would have easily gone for that many runs with 5 wkts left.

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