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  1. 34% for India. That is some strong liquor. With Dhoni, Yuvraj and Rohit in the team it is not happening. My prediction: Winner of Australia /England match.
  2. Yuvraj I agree but Karthick is performing. He will outperform many batsman in England if given the opportunity.
  3. More like 130's. I have challenged all my Pakistani friends to produce I clip where 6 consecutive bowls from the two W's were in 90's. Crickets.
  4. Sreesanth was one of the most underappreciated bowler India had. He was quick, smart and had the right energy level. Indian selectors were fool to let a talent like this waste away. He was underappreciated and not fully utilized. I agree with the poster above that for me the lowest part of Bhaajis career was hitting Sreesanth. That was so wrong. Bottom line he was faster than all the Indian bowlers in that brief era.
  5. You are clueless if you think that Pakistan shares secular views.
  6. There should be an asterix** behind all Pakistani bowlers before 2000. They cheated.
  7. I like Agarkar. Behind the cameras he has become good.
  8. India should maximize IPL. This COA nonsense needs to end.
  9. I could care less. As long as they dont get a single paisa from India I dont care.
  10. Instead of going around and around using circular logic let me state it clearly: India will not be able to defend CT.
  11. If Murali had a medical condition he could have played paraolympics. If you are allowed a bend you can spin the bowl more. Go try it. It is unfair. This birth defect they talk about is biggest load of crap I ever heard. I asked my SL friend to show me one picture of Murali as a kid with this twisted arm or proof he had this problem at birth . They never did. He cheated.
  12. Just on a side note as much as I like Ashwin he does not look physically fit. That kind of physique in 2017 and you get to play a limited over game. Seriously. I am done. We can bump this thread when tournament starts. I hope I am wrong.
  13. Let me repeat if Rohit, Dhoni and Yuvraj play in the same game India will not do well. They are that bad currently.
  14. You are correct. They are underperforming. You can give leeway to Kohli as his ceiling is higher but unfortunately IPL is revealing a pattern that Kohli is going thru a slump. Kohli gets a apass but otheres should not. For limited format Harbhajan can tighten the screws better than anyone else.