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  1. It is good to spread responsibility around. Too much power with Kohli does no good.
  2. If you imply by team balance having a player who can neither bat nor bowl then I really don't know about team balance.
  3. That is a very noble agenda if you eliminate the first two names.
  4. You You and some agenda driven folks back Pandya. India needs a proper 5th bowler. Pandya was the safety vent and he had the worst average when he bowled against Pakistan.
  5. 8 crorers for a moron. We would not be facing this problem if Khaleel was playing. This is a good lineup against Australia but not Pakistan. Morons. Don't need no allrounders.
  6. Lot of them wear glasses. If you don't care about looks than glasses are the right way to go.
  7. 4 spinners will be a mistake today. Khaleel needs to play. Son in law does not like pace.
  8. Khota

    KL Rahul's 50-overs conundrum

    Once again the question is being addressed incorrectly. Rahul deserves to play and so does Kartick and Raydu. The grandfather is the one whose spot should be questioned. Dhoni like tendulkar has no shame towards the end of the career. I would get upset when he was young and not given an opportunity. Now he is taking the same privilige away from others. What a leech. Reminds me of the poem Brook by Tennyson "Men may come and men may go I go on for ever."
  9. Khota


    What is my agenda? I have always been supportive of Raydu. I have consistently maintained that Dhoni should be out. It does not help a discourse if you bring regionalism.
  10. Not classy at all but these guys are under threat all the time.
  11. Malik always is a class act. I have no clue why green brothers don't like him.
  12. Congratulations to my brothers from Pakistan.
  13. Khota

    Jaddu vs Pandya

    Batting is the last thing I dream of.

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